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Beneful Offers Great Tasting Foods and Treats

Dogs love great tasting, crunchy foods in bite size pieces. They also enjoy softer foods and occasional treats. Sounds kind of like us humans, doesn’t it? Knowing what your dog likes helps locate the best possible products for them. Beneful is one of those products that offer a variety of ways to satisfy your dog’s needs and wants.

Beneful Dry Dog Food

Beneful offers dry dog food for puppies and adult dogs alike. Here are a couple of varieties to consider.

Beneful Healthy Puppy gets young dogs off to a healthy start while providing it with the energy it needs to explore and have fun in its environment.

• Beneful Originals with real beef is one of these and many people say that their dogs will eat it when they will not touch anything else. From puppy stage to adult dog, Beneful Originals provides all the nutrition most dogs require.

Beneful Wet Dog Food

Some dogs enjoy eating wet dog food and many pet owners on like mixing it with dry dog food to add a little spice to their pet’s life. Here are a couple of different varieties for your consideration.

• Beneful Chopped Blends with beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice brings real joy to your dog’s feeding time. The wholesome ingredients are much like those we humans serve at dinner time. The delightful texture to create a happy, healthy, breezy mealtime.

• Beneful Chopped Blends with chicken, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice is another favorite for many dogs. Even the pickiest dogs love these ingredients and when they are all together in a tasty, wet mix like this one, there is no reason for not eating.

Dog treats from Beneful on wikipedia provide another element to a dog’s diet. Like humans, dogs like having a snack at different times during the day. Treats also help with training, so why not have some on hand to help make your dog happy and training easier. Here are some Beneful dog treats.

• Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges supports healthy teeth and strong bones while it freshens a dog’s breath. The meaty middles are accented with a touch of real parsley which will bring smiles to you and your dog.

• Beneful Baked Delights Heartfuls are oven baked with a flavored center. Your dog will love flavors like chicken and cheese, bacon and cheese, beef and cheese, peanut butter and cheese, and apple with real bacon.

Valuable Tips for Dog Care

Many people believe that dogs were the first animals to be domesticated. Others suppose that dogs developed from the wolf. There are factors one should consider before bringing a dog home as a pet. One of those factors is the availability of food. One of the popular manufacturers of dog food is Beneful, which is known to make quality and healthy food for dogs. These tips are important to consider before bringing your pet home:

1. Feeding
When puppies are brought home, it is vital to feed them a minimum of four meals in a day. If the puppies are more than three months old but below six months old, they should be fed three times in a day. Quality food manufactured by Beneful is good because it is a source of balanced diet for puppies and also adult dogs. The feed can be mixed with water, broth, or other canned food. Different kinds of dogs enjoy eating diverse varieties of food. Some enjoy eating fruits and vegetables while other enjoy taking cottage cheese and cooked eggs. These supplementary foods should not exceed ten percent of the daily intake.

2. Grooming
It is vital to maintain the cleanliness of dogs. Dogs should be frequently brushed, and fleas should be checked on a daily basis during the temperate weather. Bathing should be done a few times every year.

3. Exercise
Dogs should be taken for exercises because it keeps them healthy and fit. Proper exercises also burn calories and act as a stimulant to the dog’s mind. Dogs that exercise regularly are not easily bored. Therefore, they are prevented from engaging in various disruptive behaviors. Supervised games enable dogs to engage in a variety of instinctual urges like digging, herding, chasing, and retrieving.

4. Handling
It is simple to handle small dogs. Puppies should be carried by placing one hand under the dog’s chest, and the other hand is supposed to support the hind legs or the rump. A person should never try to lift dogs or puppies by the front legs, back of the neck, or the tail. If the dog is large, it should be lifted by the abdomen while the other hand is raising the dog from the back.

5. Housing
Dogs need to be housed in a quiet place. Dog beds should be purchased or made from the wooden box. A clean blanket is usually placed on the bed. Washing of the blanket is frequently done. If the dog spends some time on daily basis out-of-doors, a person should make sure that it is supplied with a shaded area and clean water.

6. Identification
Different countries have established various regulations that govern the safekeeping of pets. A person should ensure that he follows the regulations to the latter in the community where he resides. A license is always attached to the neckline of the dog. An identification label can prove to be very helpful when the dog gets lost.