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Find An Affordable Solution With Wen By Chaz

Busy professionals understand how important it is for healthy hair in a short time. They have a busy routine that calls for a reliable hair care solution that will encourage the vitality of their hair under the elements and throughout the course of the day. In fact, a rich aroma can refresh you after a hard day. Wen by Chaz Dean ( is available for all hair care types including men and women. Their hair is nourished and brought back to a natural state. Take your confidence back with your hair and live an active lifestyle able to withstand the elements of the humidity and dry cold.
Wen by Chaz can be ordered online on Amazon or through one of their friendly team of professionals. Most forms of payment are accepted and you can have your order shipped to your door in under a week. More importantly, Wen by Chaz meets the demands of most budgets. High end celebrities, mothers, students, and kids can use Wen by Chaz. Thousands of people across the globe have benefited from the all natural ingredients including exotic extracts. Never use to much because each portion for your hair care type is clearly listed on the bottle.

One young lady decided to use it for the first time and give her account to the Bustle readers. She chose their all-in-one conditioner and decided to use it for a week after she washed her hair. She noticed far less breakage with her thin hair and it had more volume when she finished drying it with the blow dryer. She noticed healthier shiner hair after that week. She now recommends Wen by Chaz to all the Bustle readers for a reliable and affordable hair care solution. You’re invited to visit their official YouTube channel for more details and product information right away.

Bright Lips And Bold Lashes Rock Coachella Music Festival

Each spring Coachella is packed with music lovers and celebrities alike who come together to dance, drink, and sport the newest trends for the upcoming season. This year many celebrities rocked the pastel matte lip and bold lashes while leaving their eyes downplayed with simple eyeliner and nude shadow. Some dusted gold along their cheeks to stay within the trend of highlighting but for the most part Coachella goers kept their lips bright and their lashes heavy. With the simplistic pallet for spring make-up having clear skin is a must and many celebrities have been turning to Asian skin care products for new ways to eliminate blemishes and wrinkles.
Wendy Huang, an Australian beauty blogger, has created a name for herself among online beauty gurus with her own spin on western and Asian beauty. What started as a hobby has now grown into her own little empire with millions of views on Youtube and hordes of fans she lovingly calls her “family” on every one of her videos. Her blog The Wonderful World of Wengie is now Australia’s number one Asian beauty channel and her Youtube channel has over a million subscribers. Her charismatic and goofy charm has kept her fans engaged in her videos where she shares make-up tips, reviews western and Asian beauty products, gives life advice, and tests out each product before giving it a full review.
Growing up Wendy saw little to no representation in both Australian and American media and because of her features she was left to figure out how to apply make-up on her own. This didn’t defer her love of beauty and skin care, in fact it even pushed her to make her blog to help other women of Asian decent explore the world of beauty. She offers honest reviews and samples each product from face masks to lip stain for her viewers and shares where to purchase the products. Now Wendy travels the world to meet other beauty gurus and shares her experiences through her second channel The Life of Wengie which she saves for advice, personal experiences, and travel vlogs.


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The World’s Outstanding You Tubers

The world’s ever changing trends are always giving rise to new heroes and icons. The digital era is not any different either. It has given rise to its crop of stars and celebrities. The internet is perhaps the greatest frontier of the digital world. With the many different functions of the internet available, many people have created self-employment from these functions. For some, they were out to make money while for others, it was for fun and fortunately, the world was kind to them.
YouTube is one of the many ways people are making money. By opening a YouTube channel and attracting followers, individuals can direct traffic to a particular cause of choice, which could be either for business or charity. Some of the world’s most prolific You Tubers include Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. The 26-year-old Felix goes by the online alias PewDiePie. His YouTube channel has attracted over 6.65 billion total views with 32 million total subscribers. Felix is a video game commentator who has cut a niche in the field. His videos show him playing video games, with a box at the top of the screen showing his reactions to the game’s progress. His YouTube success is attributed to the special attention he pays to his fans.
The majority of the big shots in the top list of You Tubers are in the video game field. However, there are a bunch of You Tubers who have made it to the top following a different path.
Wendy Huang is a beauty blogger who is famous for the Wonderful World of Wengie. The Wonderful World of Wengie on YouTube is the fifth most followed beauty channel in Australia. Wendy’s channel has attracted over 29 million views, and currently enjoys a following of over 615,000 subscribers. Through the channel, Huang shares her knowledge of beauty and fashion. She intimates that her knowledge of beauty and fashion is gathered from various sources, mainly online, since when growing up her mother was not into either.
The Wonderful World of Wengie is not the only channel Huang has managed. Before venturing into it, she was working for a digital marketing agency. In the course of her work, she started and managed various blogs and Facebook pages as well as YouTube channels for various clients. She followed her own advice of managing these resources for her business, leading to the success of the Wonderful World of Wengie.