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Jose Auriemo Neto Brings Success to JHSF

Early Life

Jose Auriemo Neto started showing leadership traits at an early age, and these were demonstrated when he attended a conference in Japan, whose main agenda was ensuring that the young people live together peacefully. When he was 17 years old, Jose Auriemo Neto joined a university in San Paulo, where he started his engineering studies. At this time, Jose was also working as a parking boy in his father’s real estate company, JHSF. He developed a great interest in the company’s activities to an extent where he discontinued his studies and joined the company full time. Achievements

At less than 30 years of age, Jose Auriemo took the leadership reigns of JHSF. He had already acquired a lot of experience from his father. He had a number of achievements while at JHSF.

In 1997, he formed a company known as Parkbem that was responsible for coordinating parking activities. The company turned out to be a great success, and it earned him the responsibility of overseeing the development of the Shopping Santa Cruz.

In 2000, he took a high risk and decided to build a mall in Brazil. Many people thought he would not succeed, but he remained consistent and built it to completion. It was named The Parque Cidade Jardim mall, and it brought a substantial amount of money to the company.

In 2009, he signed a partnership contract, which introduced the company to retail business, and they opened their first outlet for luxury goods in the Cidade Jardim Shopping mall. The outlet was a wakeup call to the Brazil people in regards to fashion.

In 2012, he also led the company into another partnership, which led to the opening of the Red Valentino stores in Brazil. Other projects that he is engaging in include: Ponta Negra Shopping center, Bela Vista, Metro Tucuruvi among others.


The Business of Fashion- BoF is a company that recognizes the critical players in the Fashion industry. Yearly, a list of 500 names of people in the fashion industry is created resulting to what is known as the BoF 500. Jose Auriemo was part of the 2018 list, and he joined the class of the famous people in fashion. He has also gained recognition from the English Publication, who organized a Gala dinner in his honor.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, CEO of Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been the president of the Bradesco Bank in Brazil for nine years. This is one of the largest bank equity in the country and is also the second private bank in Brazil. In 2015 Trabuco was named Entrepreneur of the Year in finance by Isto E Dinheiro Magazine. He is now the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Banco Bradesco. Read this article about Trabuco at Estadao.

Trabuco joined the group of the 100 most Influential Brazilians in 2009. His work has been so influential that he was named one of the best CEOs by the American Forbes magazine which loos at business people from all around the world. Visit to know more about Trabuco.

Trabuco attended the Facility of Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters of Sao Paulo and has his Masters’ degree in soci0-psychology from the Fundacao School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo. While he was in school he was working as a clerk at the Banco Bradesco at the age of 17. He did well and eventually go promoted to marking director. At this time the bank became one of the most modern banks in the country. He spent 8 years in marketing and then became the head of the Bradesco Vida a Previdencia which focuses on dealing with private pensions. From this position he went on to become the president of the bank and oversees all operations and departments.

In addition to being in charge of one of the biggest banks in Brazil, Trabuco has received several awards for his service. In 2006 he was named Business Sector Leader, Business Personality of Insurance, and Insurance Person of the Year. In 2007 he was also named Insurance Person of the Year. In 2009 he won the Don Quioxote trophy. From here the awards kept coming and he became known around the world for his leadership skills and his knowledge of the banking industry.


Mike Baur: Ideal Tips for Entrepreneurs and Startups.

The road to self-actualization is never a bed of roses; there is a price to pay. The most successful investors will always admit that in their career journey, they had to risk their valued resources and devote their efforts to attain their goals. Nevertheless, there are successful people who have a broad heart to share their tips with others despite the cost. Mike Baur is one of such hearty successful people who will never faint from lifting other people up in their quest to start and run their own businesses.


Background Information


Mike Baur is an entrepreneur born in Swiss and also a co-founder of a Swiss Start Factory in the Swiss in which is a manager as well as a partner. He has 20 years of experience of working in the bank before quitting to quench his thirst for investing in startups with Meister Max. His interest in startup grew after he contested for pioneering start-up at St.Gallen University where he was a member of the jury. He became an assistant to the managing director of CTI after the partnership between CTI and his Startup factory. He has led Swiss Startup through many partnerships which have consequently accelerated the group a great deal.


The Swiss Startup Factory


The idea of the Swiss company was an aftermath of Mike Baur’s involvement in assisting a number entrepreneur to execute their ideas. He then so a pending need of having a way of bringing together both established and starting businesses to create a platform for assisting others to grow through experience.


Providing Investment Tips In Business


In providing tips, Mike Baur uses the approach of a model known as the canvas. Every idea must be tested in the market as it could be pleasing to you but not by the customers you intend to attract. Getting market feedback is therefore central to preventing wastage of time among other precious resources. The Swiss entrepreneur believes in waking up early enough and programming well the activities of the day, but being very flexible as startup’s clients may have diverse needs every day.


The Overview


Moreover, this passionate investor believes that every step in the startup Industry is learning a lesson outside a classroom as it sieves out mistakes to abandon and tips to carry forward. Mike Baur advises entrepreneurs that in order to attain their aspirations, they have to devote their hearts and zealously work while following their heart’s desires.


Banco Bodesco Searches For New CEO

After 25 years of faithful service Lazaro de Mello Brandao, the eldest serving bank chairmen on Earth, is stepping down from his post at Banco Bradesco SA. Banco Bradesco is Brazil’s second largest market valued bank, Brandao started working there when he was 16 as a clerk. Now the company that has only had two chairmen in its successful tenure will be searching for a third.

Brandao served as chairman from 1981 to 1991, and will be replaced by acting CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Trabuco will serve in both chairman and CEO until a new CEO is chosen in March. For the time being Bradesco SA will be caught up in a succession race, as prospects for new CEO’s are weighed and measured. Although Brandao is stepping down as chairmen, a decision that he made himself according to recent interviews, he will still manage some of Bradesco’s holding companies.

During Brandao’s tenure he created a management culture of internal promotion. Starting as a low-level clerk himself, he realized the importance of promoting within. Instead of outside talent that had to be read in to the inner workings of the company, successors would be individuals that had served for years. In his absence, Bradesco will be utilizing that formula to choose Trabuco’s replacement. The next CEO will come from the current ranking executives serving Bradesco. Currently there are seven and each is more than qualified for the open position. Here are some of the candidates:

Alexandre da Silva Gluther: 57, serves as chief risk officer. He took part in Bradesco’s purchase of HSBC holdings, the largest acquisition to date costing $5.2 billion dollars.

Domingos Figueiredo: 58, serves in the treasury and lending departments. He was also a key figure in the HSBC acquisition. He has been a part of the company since 1981.

Mauricio Machado de Minas: 58, serves in the IT department. Responsible for a digital-only version of Bradesco.

Marcelo de Araujo Noronha: 52, responsible for Bradesco’s corporate and investment banking.

Josue Augusto Pancini: 57, responsible for the bank’s branch network as well as its high-end divisions.

Octavio de Lazari: 54, leads the insurance section, produces a third of the bank’s results.


Last year Banco Bradesco changed the maximum age for its CEO’s to 68 allotting Trabuco time to make his decision. Like Brandao, Trabuco began working for Bradesco as a clerk. Starting at age 17 it took 15 years for Trabuco to gain a management position as a director of marketing. In 1992 he became CEO of one of Bradesco’s privately owned companies. In 1998 he became managing director of Banco Bradesco and climbed the ladder to CEO from there. In 2009 his 40 years of service to the bank finally paid off and he became the 4th CEO Bradeso has ever had following the death of the 3rd. Now the graduate of Sciences and Letters from Sao Paulo de Marilia with a postgraduate degree in Socio-Psychology gets to choose the 5th.

The succession is part of a strategy for the bank. To ensure Banco Bradescos survival and continuity many believe that refreshing the bank’s board is key. New leadership ushers in innovations, and the choice of CEO will ultimately take the bank in a new direction. Many favor Mauricio de Minas as his experience in IT bode well for future endeavors. As technology advances and more things become digital, having someone at the helm who understand that world may be vital. Whatever the choice, Bradesco plans to stick around for quite some time. Their choice will reflect that.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:

The Easiness Of Healthy Choices With Logan Stout

If success is measured in the amount of money earned, Logan Stout would not care to be successful. But if it is measured by the number of people that one has helped, Stout is very successful. The creator of famous nutritional company called IDLife works to promote healthy choices.

After starting his business, some of the first customers to take part in his company did so due to his communication skills. Stout spends his free time as a minister, and he travels around the country to give motivational speeches. This has enabled him to speak with thousands of people who are all looking to improve their habits.

Stout also allocates a lot of his time to “Dallas Patriots”, a baseball team he founded. Currently, this team is one of the biggest ones of its sort. Here, Stout works with children who share the passion for the sport, and he helps give them encouragement that they might be lacking elsewhere.

IDLife however, is the main objective of this successful entrepreneur. The key component that differentiates the supplement company, from the majority of other generic brands, is its custom-made programs. People can only purchase products products after completing a certified assessment. This ensures that their particular body type, goals, pre-existing conditions, and more, are taken into account. Then, the company will custom-make every single supplement that they need. No unnecessary products will be included in the bundle as is often case with other companies.

To further innovate his business, Stout has also partnered up with a company called “Garmin”. The purpose of the joint venture comes form creative products that Garmin manufactures. These include activity trackers that one can use to achieve their health goals. As IDLife works within the same market, having a chance to sell some revolutionizing gadgets will help them grab more market share and impact more people.

Logan Stout started his career in construction. After working a job that he did not enjoy, he switched to the supplement industry. He has been thriving ever since starting his company IDLife, which now serves millions of people and helps them achieve healthier lives.


Livio Bisterzo: Introducing The Newest Healthy Snack

Livio Bisterzo is an Italian entrepreneur who is currently living in Los Angeles, California. He was born in Italy but soon moved to the United Kingdom is 1999, where he studied. He attended the University of the Arts in London, and started his business venture in 2003 by establishing an events business. His ventures built up his portfolio, and in just a few years, magazines have been covering his success. He was even nominated to be a part of 1000 most influential people in London.

Livio Bisterzo continues to invest in different business, including a high end men’s grooming skincare line and a Danish beverage business. He decided to move into the United States in 2016 and started anew. Livio Bisterzo founded Green Park Holdings, which aims to provide quality and healthy snacks to the American market. The first brand that his new company introduced was HIPPEAS, an organic chickpea puff snack that would soon be available on grocery shelves across the country.

HIPPEAS is a light and crunchy snack that was made from 100% organic food materials. The company boasts of its health benefits, and it comes into six different flavors: Far out Fajita, Pepper Power, Happenin’ Hickory, Maple Haze, Vegan White Cheddar, and Sriracha Sunshine. Livio Bisterzo, the company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, is very positive that HIPPEAS would become the new craze in the market, with plans of introducing it to other countries as well.

Livio Bisterzo, they would integrate the “taste good” and “do good” philosophies into their products. Aside from being a delicious snack, HIPPEAS is actually helping people in Africa by partnering with Farm Africa, a charity that aims to put an end in the malnutrition problem in Eastern Africa. For every HIPPEAS product that will be sold, a portion of its sales would go to the charity, and the money that will be raised would be used to support farmers growing chickpeas.

Livio Bisterzo states that people who are going to buy their product will definitely feel great after knowing that they helped someone on the other side of the globe, aside from taking a bite of this new, tasty, revolutionary snack.

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