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Jason Halpern: Real Estate Pioneer

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

If you are in the real estate industry and do not yet know the name, Jason Halpern, you should. Halpern, who comes from a family that has been involved in real estate for generations, is the Founder and Managing Partner of JMH Development. After establishing JMH Development, he led the charge in acquiring and developing many properties and landmarks (including ones of historical significance). Halpern also ensured that JMH Development is closely involved with a variety of charities such as Relief Society of Tigray. Not only has Jason Halpern led his company to success in the past, he is still making waves in the industry.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

In 2014, JMH and Madden Real Estate Ventures announced that the companies will open a Miami-based 235-room hotel in early 2015. There is no doubt that this new building not only brought Jason Halpern success but also brought the city of Miami a large quantity of tax dollars and business revenue. The deal that led to this construction came into being through Halpern’s undying determination to succeed while helping the areas where he does his business.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern

When Jason Halpern is not striking real-estate deals, he contributes a portion of his personal time to charity. Halpern often spends this time at the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center. With Halpern’s help, the hospital treats those who need neurosurgery and open-heart surgeries. Based on his track record, Jason Halpern will continue to succeed in the real-estate industry while helping people along the way. It would be wise to keep an eye on this innovative mind.

JHSF and its Chief Jos AuriemoNeto Introduce an Innovative Business Model to Brazilian Real Estate Industry

JHSF, a major real estate development firm specialized in high-end solutions to the Brazilians, and its Chief Executive Officer, Jos AuriemoNeto introduced a new concept of comprehensive and affluent business model for the Brazilian real estate industry. The real estate development firm is known for providing exceptional quality services both in residential and commercial sectors and offers shopping complexes and malls, villas and apartments, hotels and restaurants, and an executive airport, which is serving for international business needs. In the recent years, the firm is looking asset building solutions and focusing on to provide rent out solutions than selling out.

JHSF is founded in the year 1972, and it grew in the market by following the basic principles of any industry such as quality, innovation, daring, pioneering, and capability. The firm has a presence across the major cities in Brazil such as Salvador, São Paulo, Manaus, and more. JHSF also has an international presence in Uruguay and U.S. With decades of experience in real estate industry, the firm and its management know the requirement of each economy and work on solutions that suit the specific needs of the locality and country. JHSF is very focused on sustainable solutions, and it holds AQUA certification for providing High Environmental Quality in the end to end process of the project development.

Jos AuriemoNeto played crucial roles in the fast-paced growth of the firm and shaping its innovative solutions. In 1998, he worked tirelessly for the company to plan and execute the development of the first shopping destination from the JHSF named the Shopping Santa Cruz. During his period, Neto played a significant role in changing the firm’s focus to retail sector considering the growth prospects of Brazilian retail industry as a whole.It can be seen that since he was appointed as the CEO of the firm, JHSF went through a phase of rampant development both in retail and commercial sectors. Neto made the company joining hands with international brands such as Valentino, Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes. He completed his education from Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado and joined JHSF in the year 1993. In 1997, Neto founded a parking lot management firm called Parkbem.

Duda Melzer’s Helping of the World Around Him

Duda Melzer is a Brazilian family based business owner and entrepreneur. After being Vice President of his family’s business RBS Group, a Brazilian-based media company, Duda has now taken over as CEO. He’s also started a venture capital company called e.Bricks, which has been a source of funding for many new digital media startups. Duda also invests in other areas such as art and culture. According to Clicrbs, he has a vested interest in the largest wine producing company in Latin America, as well as a contemporary art show in his hometown of Porto Alegre. Duda’s efforts have spanned the globe, as he’s not only involved in Brazilian business but American business as well. His work for RBS Group and another media company by the name of “Box Top” are included on his resume as well.

It’s no wonder Duda Melzer has accomplished so much in such a short period of time. He graduated college in Brazil with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He then moved on to earn an MBA from Harvard University’s prestigious program. In a report by Acaert, having a specialty niche of communications and family run enterprise coursework prepared him for his great success in the business world. He’s also connected with mentors at Harvard and stays in touch with them as well as taking continuing education courses as well.

While one may only think of Duda Melzer as being in a boardroom, he’s a fan of sports and family activities as well. He makes time to do charity work on behalf of his family’s 35-year-old foundation. This group helps protect children and at-risk teens. The foundation also works with government to raise awareness and combat these issues. The group makes their information publicly available on the RBS Group website. Duda’s communication skills and business intelligence not only help his businesses but the world around him as well.

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