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James Dondero Is A Dallas-Based Businessman Who Supports Multiple Nonprofits In The City


James Dondero is a business leader from Dallas, Texas who continues to improve the city through his compassion and generosity. He donates large sums of money to various nonprofits in Dallas and has also donated his time as well.

Jim Dondero has supported the George W. Bush Presidential Center at Southern Methodist University and has also donated money to the Dallas Zoo. He donated $10 million to help the Bush Center put together its free Engage Series lectures, which enabled Christopher Scalia to give a speech there.

He helped to create the Highland Dallas Foundation, which is continuing to work with the chief executive officer of the Dallas Foundation. He has also continued to donate money various organizations including the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the Family Place, and the Dallas Symphony. Instead of donating money to make a name for himself, James Dondero has always quietly worked behind the scenes. He recently commented that his company is a part of the larger community in Dallas and that it is just doing its best to make its city a better place to live.

James Dondero studied at the University of Virginia and earned a degree in accounting and a degree in finance while there. He went to work with JP Morgan after leaving the university and stayed with the company for just a bit under a decade before moving on to serve with American Express. Refer to This Article for more information.

While serving with the company, he learned more about fixed income funds. Dondero eventually worked his way up in the company and became its chief investment officer during the latter part of the 1980s. About a decade and a half later, he teamed up with Mark Okada to create Highland Capital Management. The company now manages over $17 billion in assets and has officers in many global locations. Get More Information Here.


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SudhirChoudhrie Loves British Culture and Classic Cars

SudhirChoudhrie, born and raised in India, has nevertheless engendered a life-long love of the United Kingdom, its culture and people. That’s just one of the reasons the international business man opted to become a British citizen in 2010. Evidence of his appreciation for British culture is SudhirChoudhrie’s recent editorial in the Huffington Post UK. He writes of his joy with attending the famous Goodwood Revival. The latter is a world-famous auto show and motor sporting event that features displays of vintage automobiles from an era that Mr. Choudhrie calls a “better managed time.” Sudhir Choudhrie said he marvels in the crowds of people that flock to Goodwood dressed in period dress.

That includes men in tweed jackets and trilby hats. Women don furs and fabulous frocks. For Mr. Choudhrie, it’s like stepping into a time machine so that one can enjoy the special flavor and period of a bygone era of British culture and history. It’s the vintage automobiles that he loves the most, however. For decades, SudhirChoudhrie has been an avid collector of classic automobiles. His cars range from a 1938 model to those custom built in the early years of the 20th Century. He said his love for cars was sparked when he was a boy. He collected tiny toy cars, such as the Matchbox and Dinky brands.

As an adult, SudhirChoudhrie developed a passion for searching out rusted heaps and spending years and thousands of dollars restoring them. His first project was a vintage 1938 Mercedes convertible. It was little more than a frame, fabric and scrap metal serving as a home for stray cats when he found it. After years of painstaking work and a worldwide search for rare parts, the Mercedes was returned to pristine condition. The joy of the project and the end result was a thrill for Mr. Choudhrie. His next project was an ancient Rolls Royce. Like the 1938 Mercedes, it was a junkyard relic that would require years of patient, dedicated work to return it from the dead. Nevertheless, the project was completed. Now the Rolls Royce, worth about $250,000, holds a place of honor among his huge collection.

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Iskandar Safa philanthropic efforts as the CEO of Privinvest


A page from Corporate Executives lists the career of CEO and co-founder of Privinvest Iskandar Safa. The businessman was born in Lebanon and aside from owning ship company Privinvest, he works in the hospitality, real estate, and media industries. Iskandar Safa obtained his MBA from INSEAD located in France and also has a civil engineering degree from the American University of Beirut.

The career of Iskandar Safa started when he worked overseeing a construction site in the US before forming Privinvest alongside his brother Akram. Privinvest grew as a company supplying companies with ships and other vessels from their shipyard in France. The brand has grown in popularity supplying countries throughout Europe with ships, yachts, and other marine vessels. Iskandar Safa continues to expand Privinvest since their start in 2015. Visit This Page for related information.

The medium post recaps how the co-founder and CEO of Privinvest Group offered to donate marble to help fix the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Many billionaires stood behind Iskandar Safa in donating money and supplies to the cause. The fire rippled through the church on April 19 of this year. According to the details, Iskandar Safa offered to donate a lifetime supply of marble from France to help in rebuilding the cathedral.

The businessman has a huge space near the Mediterranean sea that consists of 150 acres that can date back to ancient Rome. The marble can be very useful in rebuilding the church because much of the interior consisted of marble. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Marble dates back to ancient history as it was used for religious offerings and to make sarcophagi. The post from Medium explains that Privinvest owner Iskandar Safa has a rich history of giving back to the community. He has built churches in Lebanon and the Dominican Republic. The post describes that the individual is devoted to France and his religion.


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Lincolnshire Management CEO TJ Maloney Makes Four New Hires

Lincolnshire Management is a financial company that invests in privately-held businesses. They take controlling interests in mid-sized firms in multiple industries. Founded in New York City in 1986, this company has invested in over 85 companies since that time. They manage over $1.7 billion in assets with their largest fund being Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV worth $835 million.

TJ Maloney is the chairman of chief executive officer of this company, positions he has held since 1993. Before joining Lincolnshire Management he had experience in the area of mergers and acquisitions. He also had experience in securities law. He has also been a guest lecturer, lecturing at university’s across the United States including Columbia University.

In June 2019, TJ Maloney announced that he had hired four new employees at Lincolnshire Management. Two of these new hires are financial analysts, Georg Stolt-Nielsen, and Yashna Ginodia. The other two were hired as senior associates, Nicolas Vega Llona and Matthew Nacier.

TJ Maloney was already well acquainted with Matthew Nacier. Matthew had been an intern at Lincolnshire Management while studying at Boston College. He was hired full time in 2014 as a financial analyst. He also worked for Iconic Holdings where he was instrumental in developing their crypto index fund.

Nicolas Vega Llona graduated from the Graduate Business School of Columbia University. He worked at Grupo Alese where he invested in companies in the agricultural, automotive, and construction industries. He joined the execution and diligence team.

Yashna Ginodia is a graduate of the Leonard N. Stern School of Business. TJ Maloney was impressed with her work at Noonmark Capital, another financial firm based in New York City.

Georg Stolt-Nielsen has a degree in economics he earned at Georgetown University. His previous experience is at Anthon B. Nilsen. This is a private equity firm based in Norway. He is also on the execution and diligence team.

TJ Maloney welcomed all four of these individuals to the Lincolnshire Management family. He was looking forward to working with young and passionate investors.

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Iskandar Safa’s Great Engineering Accomplishments

Iskandar Safa was born in 1955 in Lebanon and lives today as the CEO of Privinvest Group. His success can be seen as an example of how using your experiences and education to elevate yourself career-wise is possible. He began his path to success by earning a degree in civil engineering at the American University in Beirut.

Iskandar Safa then decided to attend Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires or INSEAD. This school is considered to be one of the best business schools in the world. After attaining what he felt was an adequate education, he began to work by managing the construction of a military airport from 1978 to 1981. Safa began to build up the perfect experience that he needed to elevate his credentials. Read This Article for related information.

Iskandar Safa brilliance and hard work was recognized and he became the president of Triacorp International in 1986. He later stepped down and soon moved on to becoming even more of his own boss.

Iskandar Safa also purchased Construction Mécaniques de Normandie (CMN). This was a shipyard that was based around the busy area of Cherbourg France. This company was in need of a business leader who knew about the industry enough to help it thrive because it was not in a good state when he bought it.

Within two years ,the problems were fixed. He also used his skills and confidence to team up with his brother to establish Privinvest. This company handles everything that Iskandar Safa was a master at; shipbuilding, Mega yachts, and massive commercial vessels. Iskandar Safa now works as a dominant hand in the industry and constantly works to improve Engineering and industry based decisions. View Additional Info Here.

This great business mind can teach aspiring individuals about creating a path that accommodates their particular talents. He also showcases possibilities that family and associates can make for each other with teamwork and thorough understanding.

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Isabel dos Santos and Her Passion

Isabel dos Santos is a woman on a mission and she will go anywhere it takes to get it across and to make things happen. Her views on the future for Africa becoming more in touch with technology has made an impact on many people in the business world, as well as, the new generation of men and women starting up in different fields of business. Dos Santos entrepreneurial spirit is what got her to where she is now and her passion for helping others achieve their goals is what she pushes among people whenever, where ever she speaks. It also shows in her actions.


Isabel dos Santos has made many forum appearances to present her ideas and beliefs about how Africa can grow through technology. In this day in age, even here in our country, we can’t do too much without technology. And a lot of businesses depend on technology for all sorts of dealings across the globe. So with all of Africa’s resources, why not invest in bringing Africa into the fold (Affiliatedork).


She feels that through education, Africa could take part in modern business dealings even more. Isabel dos Santos is living proof of what a good education could help anyone succeed. She has attended and graduated from schools in England and attended King’s College, where she studied electrical engineering and received a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Science. (See Crunchbase reviews on Dos Santos´ academic background).


As head of Unitel telecommunications in Angola and a very successful entrepreneur, Isabel dos Santos has brought many opportunities to Africa, for both, men and women, through the help of technology. She believes that if a woman or anyone has been educated, trained, or meet the same qualifications for any position, Isabel dos Santos says that  they both should be paid the same wages and given the same opportunities. Her beliefs on equality are as strong as they are about education because, you can’t expect to be on the same level as a person who was educated or trained to do a job when you have no idea of what the job is. All you can do is start from the bottom and work your way up and that is why she is a strong advocate for education and why it very important for Africa.

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Isabel dos Santos Has Strong Opinions About Topics Such As Technology And Philanthropy:

Distinguished Angolan businesswoman Isabel dos Santos recently had some poignant things to say about the topics of business and economics. She also spoke about her consistent commitment to philanthropy. She has worked hard over the years through her business and investment endeavors to earn her current reputation as one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the world. This dedication to excellence has brought her to the impressive status of the wealthiest woman in Africa. She has investments in both her home country of Angola as well as around the world in markets such as Portugal. Isabel dos Santos is also currently the Chair of the Board of Directors with the Angolan telecommunications operation known as Unitel. Her guidance of the firm has been instrumental in helping to reshape the face of the telecommunications market in Angola and she has become a staunch advocate for the economic development of Africa at-large.

The ability to excel in many different areas of business has come to characterize the career of Isabel dos Santos. This includes work in areas such as the aforementioned telecommunications sector as well as involvement in energy, retail, the media, and the finance industry. She has held many different board positions over her career and has brought her unique perspective to these different experiences. This ability to vary her areas of expertise has helped to set Isabel dos Santos out as a businesswoman of true distinction and it has led to her amassing an impressive fortune. She is committed to using this fortune as a force for good in the world.

Technology is something that Isabel dos Santos sees as essential. This is something that has played a large role in her own career and she is also a strong believer in the ability for technology to transform the way that business is conducted in Africa. Due to this, she has become a strong advocate for the technological empowerment of the people in Africa. Empowerment is a big focus of the charitable and philanthropic work of Isabel. She has done much over her career to bring better situations to her homeland of Angola and the continent of Africa overall.

A nova vida de Isabel dos Santos na Unitel

A Brief History of Privinvest And Its Co-Founder Iskandar Safa


Privinvest co-founder and CEO Iskandar “Sandy” Safa was born in Beirut, Lebanon 64 years ago. During the late 1950s, there was the threat of a civil war between Lebanon’s Muslim and Maronite Christian populations. The pro-Western policies of then-President Camille Chamoun created the threat of war with other Arab states. The US Marines had been deployed to Lebanon to guard against any attack. This turmoil prompted the Safa’s to send young Iskandar to school in France.

Iskandar Safa’s Early Life

As an athlete, Iskandar’s sport was the discus. Iskandar Safa became Lebanon’s champion in the discus. In 1978 Iskandar Safa graduated the American University of Beirut having earned a degree in Civil Engineering. In 1975 the aforementioned tensions between vying religious groups erupted in a civil war.

When the fighting ended in 1990 Iskandar Safa was numbered among those who had been wounded by the fighting. View More Information Here.

What Drives Iskandar Safa

The drive to win that made Iskandar a champion at discus extends to every aspect of his life. His determination to succeed in business is about more than amassing a personal fortune. Iskandar Safa is also motivated by a desire to create jobs and better the human condition.

The Founding of Privinvest

The shipbuilding firm Privinvest was co-founded by Iskandar Safa and his brother Akram. With yards in the Middle East, France, Germany, and other nations Privinvest employs 2,500 people building vessels for a variety of applications. The company builds vessels ranging from pleasure craft to warships. The engineering of Privinvest built vessels has resulted in the firm producing over 2,000 crafts and selling surface vessels and submarines to 40 of the world’s navies.

Privinvest Subsidiaries

Privinvest’s catalog of services includes coastal security. The Privinvest subsidiary PISB manufactures integrated security and protection systems. PISB surveillance systems enable nations to keep their shorelines and territorial waters safe. Isherwood’s offers management and logistic support software for every application from commercial fishing to military. The repair and updating of vessels are handled by the subsidiary Lindenau. In total, the Privinvest Group consists of six subsidiaries. Read This Article for additional information.

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Iskandar Safa: CEO of Privinvest and Philanthropist


Iskandar Safa is the Chief Executive Officer of Privinvest, a highly ranked shipbuilder in the Middle East and in France and Germany. Having co-founded this company with Akram Safa, his brother, Iskandar has served both national defense buyers and civilians worldwide by providing them ship designs that are innovative and equipped with advanced engineering and technologies.

Privinvest is recognized for building superior commercial and naval ships, as well as large luxury yachts. With over 2,500 core employees, Privinvest has delivered more than 2,000 ships and services to over 40 NATO countries’ navies and the navies of their allies, as well as to many private customers. In its superior naval ships, Privinvest has developed advanced technology for governmental security and commercial use.

For instance, this shipbuilder provides systems with the capabilities of protecting territorial and coastline waters with superior vessels that have what is called “high-speed WP18 tactical striking” capabilities. Iskandar Safa also focuses on marine renewable energies. These accomplishments are indicative of his drive to succeed and perfect whatever he does. See This Page for additional information.

Born in 1955 during civil strife in his country of Lebanon, Iskandar “Sandy” Safa was sent to school in France when he was a boy. In 1978, he attended Beirut’s American University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, following the paths of the male members of his mother’s family. From his father, who became one of Lebanon’s political leaders after the country gained independence from France, Iskandar inherited a sense of public service. Consequently, after fighting in a civil war in his country, he became determined to lead in his future endeavors.

Iskandar Safa’s first job was a position with his family’s civil engineering company in Saudi Arabia. After earning an MBA, Iskandar Safa and his brother Akram went into international trade. In 1991, they purchased a failing shipyard in France and turned it into a thriving business. In 2007, the brothers formed Abu Dhabi Mar in collaboration with Al-Ain International. Four years later, they became the sole owners of Abu Dhabi Mar, thus positioning their company, Privinvest, among the leaders in the privately-owned shipbuilding groups of both Europe and the Middle East.

His personal drive has led Safa to much success in job-creating enterprises and in his desire to contribute positively to the world through philanthropy. Generously, Iskandar Safa has had churches built in Lebanon and southern France. He has also had churches constructed in his country of residence, the Dominican Republic. Among many charitable causes to which he gives, Safa sponsors Lebanon’s Special Olympics. Go Here for related Information.








Carsten Thiel Talks About His Career


Nowadays, Carsten Thiel is one of the leading experts in the biotech industry but he didn’t start out as a big success. So how has he managed to work his way up the corporate ladder so quickly? He recently sat down for a conversation to discuss how he got to where he is today. He was born in Berlin and proved to excel in his classes which led to him enrolling at the University of Bristol to study organic chemistry.

After receiving his bachelor of science degree, Carsten Thiel matriculated at the Max Planck Institute for biophysical chemistry where he went on to earn his Phd in molecular biology. After the completion of his academic career, he took a position working for Hoffman-LaRoche as one of their global business leaders and marketing strategists.

In this position, Carsten was responsible for helping to promote a new weight loss drug called Xenical and ensuring that it sold well. Upon being handed this big assignment, he soon discovered the marketing campaign was making promises it couldn’t possibly hope to keep. Fortunately, however, he found a way to preserve the reputation of the drug without compromising the potential success of selling it.

As a result, sales climbed through the roof and he eventually became one of their most valuable assets until he left to pursue other opportunities. He worked for the company for over seven years and developed a positive reputation amongst his coworkers and colleagues.

He was then put in charge of marketing a drug called Vectibix for patients suffering from colorectal cancer. He discovered a variable which could cause millions of consumers to potentially lose a lot of money but fortunately he was able to rectify the situation before it hit shelves.

Carsten Thiel’s integrity will serve as a shining example for future generations.


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