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Lincolnshire Management Inc. under TJ Maloney

Frank Wright and Steven Kumble are the founders of Lincolnshire Management Inc. It has the Headquarters in New York and a branch in Chicago and runs a business of purchasing and investing in middle-market business ventures from various niches. For the past 33 years, it has acquired more than 85 enterprises dealing with manufacturing, service provision, and, distribution. The main business of Lincolnshire Management is to buy private companies, recapitalize, management buyouts, corporate divestitures, and growth equity for private and public enterprises.

TJ Maloney has been the CEO since 1998 as the third CEO of Lincolnshire Management Inc. The venture has recorded important milestones under his management. The companies acquired during TJ Maloney’s tenure include; PADI, Credential services, Prince Sports, Amports, Bankruptcy Management Solutions, Wabash, Transcraft Corporation, Holley-MSD, and Riddell Sports amongst others: this is because he has held the CEO’s position for over 20 years. Currently, Lincolnshire management has private equity investment amounting to $1.7 billion. The investment professionals of Lincolnshire Management Inc. create investment opportunities through broad networking and sharing contacts.

TJ Maloney allowed for a flexible response to unique challenges facing middle-market companies. They, therefore, have creative approaches to each problem. Thus, eliminating huddles in providing relevant resources leading to the financial success of a business.

The professionals in the Lincolnshire Management have hands-on expertise in various fields. Through them, the company can offer professional solutions to all the companies they acquire or want to be their partner, which builds confidence in the businesses they approach.

In 2019, the company has revamped its managerial team. MatthewNacier had earlier left the company but has rejoined Lincolnshire Management after his several interactions and consulting with various middle-market companies on marketing strategies. Matthew worked at Iconic holdings as US Investment Director. From August 2019, Nicolas Vega Llona will join as Senior Associate of deal execution and diligence team. Georg Stolt-Neilsen and Yashna Ginodia will join as analysts on the same team. Yashna is a recent graduate from New York University. She has experience in Due diligence at Noonmark Capital. Georg recently graduated from Georgetown University. He worked as a Summer Analyst at Anthon B. Nilsen.

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Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group… :

Sheldon Lavin is a name that you might have heard while reading business news. The OSI Group, which he oversees is another name you’ve probably seen toss around. Before it was called the OSI Group, it was a successful company called, “Otto & Sons.” That company started as a Chicago butcher shop and grew into the supplier of meat for McDonald’s when they began their initial mid-western expansion efforts. To this day, OSI still supplies meat to McDonald’s. Perhaps you’ve noticed that McDonald’s is a little more green these days? It’s all because of the influence of OSI.

Sheldon Lavin has striven to make his own company as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Clearly, the meat supplier of McDonald’s will have an influence on their efforts! The meat industry takes a lot of bad heat, but we’ve all got to eat right? Industrialized food, in general, takes a lot of bad heat. It’s a great big world full of great big countries that have to be supplied with meat. Since it’s a necessary part of the industry, His amazing works to break that stereotypical image of a meat supplier.

So what does Sheldon Lavin do to put his money where his mouth his? He simply invests in cutting edge technology and design. What happens is that the production process becomes much quicker, more efficient, and also it requires less space. Sheldon understands meat production can be tough on natural resources so he tries to make the whole process as efficient as possible. He and the OSI Group have won awards from within the industry as well. Sheldon’s is a renowned philosopher that really has a huge impact when applied. Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group have worked hard to make sure that meat production is available, prosperous, and as eco-friendly as possible while it’s occurring. It’s a step in the right direction. It would be a world-wide revolution if the rest of the market followed suit.

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Serge Belamant: Inventor of the First Blockchain Debit Card

As one of the technologies currently on the rise, blockchain has provided a promising future that goes beyond the tech community. This is largely due to its potential to help the everyday consumer, providing a way to secure one’s belongings or house that is truly encrypted. Blockchain is able to protect by developing layers upon layers of encrypted data, making it possible for you to browse the internet without worrying about being watched over by hackers. Though it was initially developed to help increase directness in financial services, blockchain has recently become a promising technology that is even being considered as a way to secure homes and other physical locks. When thinking of blockchain, it’s hard not to mention Serge Belamant.

Though he might not be as well-known as other inventors (such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg), it’s only a matter of time until Serge Belamant is part of the cultural zeitgeist. As the patent holder of blockchain, he was essential to developing the technology, pioneering the usage of smart cards as a backbone for encryption. These smart cards would typically take on the form of using transactions with differing variables such as pins and account numbers to continually “change the identity” of someone completing a transaction. Using multiple, changing variables ensured that one could complete transactions without leaving themselves open to having their data be compromised. This drive towards creating a type of truly encrypted security didn’t just come out of nowhere.

With extensive experience with companies such as IBM and Net1 Technologies, Serge Belamant has always been interested in continuing to push the buttons of his environment. Serge Belamant’s achievements don’t end at blockchain, though. In the past 2 years, he has been creating new security technologies at Zilch Technology Limited, a company he founded with his son. Through this company, he develops new technologies to be used in financial services, specifically focusing on how encryption can be utilized in making the cryptocurrency market even more reliable. Though the future is always open for Serge Belamant, it’s clear that he will continue pushing forward and making the world a continually inspiring nd safe place for others!

Felipe Montoro Jens: Chief Executive Extraordinaire

Felipe Montoro Jens, known in Brazil for his extensive experience in infrastructure is an expert consultant with a background in Public Private Partnerships which afforded him an opportunity to network with a variety of businesses to improve their relations with the Brazilian government.Companies like Enel Group S.P.A, Luciano Nitri Guidolin,and Paulo Oliveiro De Melo helped Jen to develop a proven strategy in project development and structured finance, spear heading his career to become recognized for his expertise in infrastructure.

A graduate of Oregon University in 1998, Felipe Montoro Jens went on to earn a Bachelor degree in Spanish and History, and later his Masters degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. Jens perused undergraduate studies at Fundao Getilo Vargas and American Garvin School were he earned an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Additionally, Jens holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Thunderbird School of Global Management with a minor in Finance. Visit his website to learn more.

Jens has worked in Large Multinational Enterprises for the last 25 years, developing concrete intelligence to work with major corporations known for their high professional demand, and high growth potentials. His background can be traced back to major companies such as Braskem, Atvos, OR, FOZ, and Antonio Energia to name a few. Jen’s range of expertise with these professional companies were in the categories of Chief Investment Officer, Group Assets and Investments, and Board Member/Chairman.

Over the duration of his career Jens has promoted projects, raising over $1.5 billion on long-term projects, developed and coordinated portfolio infrastructure investments in Brazil, managed a new company, and developed teams to conduct risk management and cash flow analysis. Felipe Montoro Jens earned the name of “Chief Executive Extraordinare” by perfecting a business strategy that compliments his skills in negotiation and corporate finance. With a keen focus on small details, Felipe Montor Jens is a next-up Chief Executive to watch.


Omeed Malik: Financial Whiz and Expert

Based on his knowledge and experience, Omead Malik, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Farvahar Partners, is considered to be an expert on asset management, business consulting and other aspects of the financial industry.

Fox News consider him an expert as they interviewed him about what is happening in the private and public financial marketplace
Charlie Gasparino, one of the Fox News interviewers, ended up talking with Malik about the “shadow marker.” The shadow market is a market where companies in this market trade in pre-IPO securities They make enough money from this market to enter the public marketplace. Malik disagreed with Gasparinoa about whether this type of market is really in the shadow or not. He believes that PE firms, hedge funds, and VC firms do participate in this market publicly and openly.

With his expertise, Omeed Malik knew what to do after the President Obama’s 2012 Jobs Act came into effect. What this act partly did was quadruple the number of shareholders that a private company could have. The number of shareholders went to two thousand after originally being five hundred. Malilkknew that this would mean that private companies would have access to billions of dollars and hedge fund could take advantage of this largesse.

One thing that Maliks knows from his experience is about to how to be compliant with America’s SEC (Securities and Exchange Committee) He knows that if a company wants to be an institutional provider of non-public liquidity, it has to be a registered broker or dealer. Malik’s company is registered it can operate in any American market.

Where does Malk’s expertise come from? He grew up in New Jersey with a Pakistani father and an Iranian father. His parents taught to understand and respect his cultural background. He did well in school and went on to get a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy from Colgate University. He got a law degree from Emory University School of Law and eventually went to a law firm where he specialized in corporate law. He used this experience in corporate law to get involved in the hedge fund industry.

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Isabel Dos Santos Explains How Empowering Women Would Unleash Africa’s Potential

While Isabel dos Santos was born in Eastern Europe and spent her youth in the United Kingdom she is Angolan. After completing her studies at King’s College, London, she made her way back to Angola in order to establish her professional career. She has since become one of Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs, male or female. She has an estimated worth of $3.6 billion and has found success in multiple industries. Her greatest success was establishing and leading a telecommunications company, Unitel. This company provides communication services to people across Angola. She has also been in management positions in other industries such as finance, entertainment, construction, and energy.

Isabel dos Santos invests in companies in Angola and also in Portugal, the nation that historically had a huge impact on Angola. Isabel dos Santos has faced many challenges as a powerful woman working in Angola. While it’s true pretty much throughout the world, in Angola women have a really hard time when it comes to working for a living. Women are expected to stay at home, take care of kids and their husband, and otherwise be disengaged. Isabel dos says that women don’t have to stand for this treatment. This sexist attitude is also holding back not just Angola but all of Africa in what it could become. About half the population doesn’t get to contribute to growing the economy never mind creating new businesses.

She has long aimed to change this dynamic. She has spoken around the world about how to help Africa’s economies including before the United Nations and the European Parliament. She shares how women are the key to growing Africa’s agricultural industry and other opportunities. She tells women that they do have opportunities to create businesses and be self-reliant. Additionally, she says that technology and education can transform Africa into a prosperous continent. Investment in telecommunications would mean that far more people would have internet access. This would lead to the creation of new job and best business opportunities. Couple this with educating people about technology and you have a continent of mostly poor people that would finally have a way to thrive.

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Mark Holyoake: A Record Holder, Athlete, and Business Owner. What’s His Secret?

You may already be familiar with the international record Mark Holyoake has set in the world of gymnastics. In the late 2000s, he completed 65 rotations in one minute to become a record holder on the pommel apparatus. During this time, Holyoake was also in the Commonwealth Games. It was a busy year for Mark, and many have commented that perhaps it was all of his training that kept him going and winning awards. At one point, Holyoake was working out well over 20 hours per week. His dedication to the sport shows in his skill and achievements.

Mark Holyoake’s interest in gymnastics started at an early age. In fact, he was not even a teenager when he began learning the ropes. About the time he turned 10, he became involved in competitions. Mark Holyoake was not one to shy away from any event. He trained on the floor, rings, and bars. While still in school, Mark had to learn how to juggle education and competition at the same time. It is a talent that he has taken into his college life and adulthood.

With good grades and his athleticism, Mark Holyoake was accepted into Auckland University. Even at college, his drive was fierce. He graduated with a degree in exercise combined with sports science. Hard to believe, but while in college he made time to join outside clubs where he could grow his gymnastic abilities, and it was at these clubs and events that young people started to notice him and use him as an example of what hard work and focus could achieve.

Mark Holyoake parlayed his love of sport and competition with ability to motivate. After graduating, he went to work as a personal trainer. It was a job where he could inspire people and help them be the best they could be. Mark shined in the profession and quickly moved on from that position into working in the CrossFit arena. He and another partner opened Carbon Method, a CrossFit style gym.

Mark Holyoake can now say he is an entrepreneur. He has worn many hats in his young life, from being a major athlete, coach, and now a business owner. No doubt, his clients will enjoy the benefits of his well-diversified background.

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The Dedication of Sharon Prince in Promoting the Common Good

Sharon Prince is the founder and Chairperson of Grace Farms Foundations. She established the privately operating firm in 2009 with the aim of enhancing lives. She aims to better the lives of people through five main initiatives, arts, community, faith, nature, and justice. The place is an excellent platform for the peace and grace of all people.

Sharon Prince shares her foundation with individuals and charity organizations who are helping in promoting the common good for all people. The Farm has consistently earned many awards due to the enormous contribution and positive changes in people’s lives. Environmental sustainability, architecture, and communal good are some of the incredible contributions that he has played major roles in since it was founded.

Through Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince has been able to play a significant role in the fight to eliminate human trafficking, hostility against women and children exploitation both locally and internationally. She is also working on creating a universal media campaign in ending modern slavery. Sharon Prince is also a committed member of a charity organization that focuses on bringing back together children who are victims of exploitations to their families.

When growing up, Sharon Prince went through a difficult time as she experiences lack of common good in the different states she lived in. She has, therefore dedicated her whole life in serving other people with great faith in God and openness. She believes that God will always be with her as she operates the Farm, where there is an excellent platform to unite all humanity. She makes sure that all her activities go hand in hand with what is good in the eyes of the Lord.

Sharon Prince always believes in the reliability of God in helping her to get through various challenges. She acknowledges every person who has positively crossed her paths and encouraged her in making broad and courageous decisions all through her life.

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Isabel dos Santos on Empowering Youthful African Women to Contribute to the Continent’s Economy

Forbes Magazine declared Isabel dos Santos as Africa’s richest woman. She garnered her wealth from business investments in sectors such as finance, media, energy, and telecommunications in Africa and foreign countries. Isabel is currently worth over $2 billion. Although she’s successful, the businesswoman admits to facing challenges in male-dominated sectors. Therefore, she has been empowering African women to pursue their education and advance their career in executive level jobs. She understands that by mentoring them, the women will catalyze their personal development to their families and the communities they hail from. Eventually, the energy will be felt in Africa’s economy. Isabel Dos Santos also encourages other African entrepreneurs to motivate these women by taking part in her mentorship programs.

In fighting the stigmatization of women in male-dominated industries, Isabel dos Santos believes that change is appended on technology. Considering the continent’s entrepreneurial spirit, the successful entrepreneur notes how disappointing it is that women can barely gain access to better jobs in the continent. As such, they can’t realize their economic potential. Dos Santos is empowering them by helping to advocate for their education. She also makes sure that they receive c-level executive jobs like their male counterparts. Isabel holds that creating employment opportunities for women and training young girls enables them to gain access to financial stability. As she, she believes that they will influence the global economy.

To be able to educate these women on the value of attaining an education and eventually a lasting career, Isabel Dos Santos chairs mentorship sessions in learning institutions. She gives speeches and highly engages in various debates regarding the same. She also insists on discussing the power of using technology in advancing business and career. Dos Santos implores women to invest in their education and commit to their visions. The entrepreneur also emphasizes the need for patience in growing a business. She adds that at times, it’s essential to focus on earning an education before delving into the entrepreneurial world. The most valuable thing is to understand the subgoal of the business idea prior to venturing into the docket.

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Businessman Vijay Eswaran Explains The Problem With Tariffs

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman who has an estimated net worth of $500 million. He founded QI Group of Companies in 1998 which is a conglomerate that sells products and services through a network of independent distributors. His company has about $750 million in annual revenues and it active throughout most of Southeast Asia, India, and North Africa. He was born in Penang on October 7th, 1960 with his father being in the nonprofit industry and his mother a school teacher.

It was when he was attending Southern Illinois University to earn his MBA that he became engrossed in selling products and services through a distributed network of independent distributors. When he returned to Malaysia upon graduation he was recruited by Cosway Group who wanted to start doing business in that country using the multilevel marketing way of doing business.

Vijay Eswaran has spoken out against Trump’s tariffs on China. He says that while Donald Trump has said that it is China that is bearing the brunt of the tariffs that really isn’t actually what is happening. It’s actually hurting American companies and American consumers because they are the ones that pay for the tariffs, not China or Chinese companies.

It is importers that pay tariffs, not the country that is exporting products. This means that it is Apple, for example, that has to pay a 25 percent tariff when their iPhones produced in China are imported into America. They pass this cost onto consumers which can result in a massive slowdown in consumer spending leading to a recession. This is the reason that putting tariffs in place was dropped around the world decades ago because any country doing so hurts their own economy and citizens.

Vijay Eswaran says that this especially hurts small businesses who have to deal with importing costs that are dramatically escalating.