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A Recap of Smita Shah’s Interview

The story of Smita Shah is one that inspires young women that they can become whatever they want to. She graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering.


Twenty years ago, when Smita began a tech company known as Spaan Tech located in Chicago, she had fears of the unknown. She was afraid to fail. However, she didn’t lay back. Her initial plan was simple; she wanted a company where people would come together, utilize their talents, and work on projects that would create some societal difference.


Smita’s passion for science and technology dates back from her school days. There, she was a great mathematician. She was unusually different. Unlike other girls, she always competed with boys, and being different from other girls became a norm for her.


When her company began, Smita would efficiently work in the same room with those that she employed. She says that she still does that. Most people, including her employees, got surprised as to how she knew engineering-related work. However, Smita never hesitated. She remained focused and engaged in her work.


The CEO of Spaan Tech says that America struggles to find people that can engage in science and technology, yet the nation still needs better people. She further states that women need to brace out fear and get involved.


She encourages women to join in towards the betterment of the nation of America. She adds that it’s encouraging since young women are now aware of their presumed fear of sciences and engineering, and are ready to break the barriers.


Smita adds that, since women make up 47% of the entire population in America, she believes that they can fight at the top. They can take up math and sciences and excel in them.


A lot of Indian women engineers have successfully established and engaged in engineering and technology-related firms around Chicago. There’s a notion in America that associates engineering women with the Indian race, Smita being one of them. She conversely says that, for Indians, it is normal for women to do math and science and outshine.


The CEO further says that by holding on to the notion that math and science are areas that aren’t necessary for their lives, women are missing out. These specialties are our building blocks. Math, science, and technology are a great profession, and that women need to believe in their abilities. They need to perceive it so that they can be it. Learn more:


She further says that through experience, it’s hard to start a business, to engage people, to find great talents and projects. Moreover, decision-making isn’t as easy. However, her courage, passion, and optimism made her surpass them all.


Smita encourages women that science and engineering are great careers for them. They can always strike a balance between work and family like she still has. She adds that it is essential to have a great life, and this field can help women attain precisely that.


Women should help other women to excel. They should mentor one another always. She says that she is already mentoring her young daughter to become outspoken and excel in life. We should learn ever to take the challenge.


Spaan Tech which focuses on building roads, bridges and integrating innovative technology companies into the public system composes of multi-talented and well-able women. Smita, as the CEO of America, recently received an award of recognition for bringing change into America.


Starting her company at 24years and while still naïve, she overcame her fears. She encouraged herself that if one thing fails, she can always try another. In the process of trying to place an impact in the society through Spaan Tech company, she step-by-step began to realize success, continues to motivate her.

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Richard Liu and Working With Integrity

Richard Liu knows that if you build something by yourself then it may have some drawbacks.

Doing so would take more time.

It could also take up additional resources in terms of traveling expenses to go and see the physical location of your real estate investment or the different other opportunities in certain cases as Richard Liu knows.

Thankfully, technology has advanced, thanks in part, to Richard Liu.

But keep in mind that if you do not invest the time and the effort that is required to safeguard funds, then the money that you are about to invest won’t be as safe as you want it to be. Investment may seem like something that gives you all the comfort and time in the world to enjoy your wealth, but it is a full time job on its own especially when you are doing it for the first time or all by yourself.

Another tip that you could make use of in this aspect is to reach out to investment firms or experts like Richard Liu that would help you make viable financial decisions and help you in the required research process.

But then, you need to make sure that you are only trusting people who are reliable and who work with your investment philosophy, which leads us towards our next point.

Richard Liu and Partnering with the Wrong People

Besides saving yourself from joining hands with shady real estate or other entities, make sure that you are also staying away from any investment firms or experts that do not share approach over investments.

For instance, if you are focused on investments that are environmentally responsible and your investment experts are opposed to that idea, then it creates a problem with the fundamentals that you follow as separate entities.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Discusses Expansion Goals at World Economic Forum

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. He is the founder and chief executive officer of the retail company JD. At the World Economic Forum, Richard Liu talked about his business. When talking about his business, Richard discussed his intention to expand the company’s shipping routes. He plans on offering shipping to major cities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Richard hopes to establish shipping routes to cities such as Washington DC and London. Along with discussing the shipping route expansion, Richard also discussed how his company JD got started.

During his career, Richard Liu Qiangdong has founded three businesses. His first business was a restaurant that he founded while still attending college. This restaurant was a moderately successful business that he eventually shut down. The second business he started was a magneto optics retail shop. While it was successful during its first year of operation, it was forced to shut down due to a SARS outbreak. As an entrepreneur in the retail industry, Richard Liu realized that offering ecommerce was critical to long term success. As a result, he founded JD which emphasized ecommerce and innovation to meet consumer needs. JD became his most successful business as it has emerged as the largest retail company in China.

Before starting up businesses, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked in the technology sector. He learned computer programming while he was in college. This allowed him to develop the skills necessary to get good employment opportunities. For a number of years, he was working in the computer programming field for various companies. This would lead to him attaining a position as a technology executive at the company Japan Life. His successful career in technology enabled him to gain the leadership skill necessary that would help him succeed as an entrepreneur in the future. Prior to starting his career, Richard Liu Qiangdong attended college and business school. He went to one of the best universities in China to learn sociology. Richard Liu completed an undergraduate degree program in sociology. After completing the degree in sociology, Richard would then attend business school at a leading international educational institution. This gave him the educational foundation to pursue opportunities as an executive.

Maarten De Jeu Efforts in Improving Science through Farrell Fellowship

Maarten de Jeu is the managing and founding partner at SVM Business Advisory. Before joining SVM, he worked as a co-chair of the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). It was at the institution where he educated people on the origin and history of the bicycle. The museum is currently among the largest in the United States. In recent years, MSI has been on the forefront in engaging Chicago teens in learning about science through Farrell Fellows Internship.


The Farrell Fellows Leadership is held during summer. Attendees spend at least five weeks in the program, learning about contemporary aspects such as leadership, science, public speaking, and development. The programs are designed in a way that the learners are given a chance to present science activities both at the museum itself as well as in their communities.


The Museum of Science and Industry staged a widely renowned event in 2014. The event, dubbed America’s got bubbles, aimed to educate American on how bubbles are produced and how they are produced. The leaders of the programs challenged students to use newspapers to engineer carnival tents when they visited the 17 public libraries that are dotted all over Chicago. Additionally, they also told the students to launch model rockets that were on a higher game.


Marten De Jeu Educational Background


Marten de Jeu has worked as a corporate development strategist and international strategy advisor in various firms. He has managed to lead various successful initiatives for growth in companies located both in the United States and in Europe. His leadership skills are further enhanced by his education in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


Maarten de Jeu graduated from Leiden University in 2001 with a Masters in Public Administration. After that, he went ahead to further his education at the University of Oxford’s Said Business School. Marten de Jeu graduated at the top of his class with flying colors when he finished his Executive MBA in 2005. His specialization in finance played a critical role in propelling his to various leadership positions in major companies in the United States and Europe. Learn more:


Marten de Jeu gained a vast wealth of experience when he worked at TVDK


Management Consultants: it was at the Amsterdam based firm that Martin gained experience in international strategist. He started as an analyst in 1999 and worked his way up until he reached the position of Senior Associate in 2007.


Work at Insurance Firms


Maarten de Jeu expertise came in handy when he worked for several insurance companies in Europe. He led initiatives that spiraled growth in both Asia and Europe during his tenure at Aviva plc. London. His experience and skills later led to his posting at the company’s branch in Chicago, Illinois, where he was to serve as the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development. His global exposure has given him the ability to communicate in French, German, Dutch, and English.


Shervin Pishevar Unleashes Pithy Tweetstorm That Rocks Social Media

In 2016, Shervin Pishevar was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. The recognition signifies great achievement on behalf of people who have emigrated to the United States and made extraordinary contributions to their adopted country.

Shervin Pishevar is most known for his legendary career in the high-tech sector. A giant of Silicon Valley, Mr. Pishevar has backed some of the most successful enterprises in recent history. He co-founded Investment company Capital which was the investment vehicle behind such companies as Uber, Airbnb and Munchery. When he was just 23 years old, Shervin Pishevar created WebOS, an internet browsing system than revolutionized how people used the World Wide Web.

His stellar achievements is what prompted people stop everything they were doing for one amazing 21-hour period when Mr. Pishevar launched a tweetstorm for the ages. In tweets after tweet, Mr. Pishevar held forth on a wide array of weighty issues.

The stock market, for example, is on shaky ground, Shervin Pishevar said. He predicted a looming and significant downward correction soon. That could be to the tune of 6,000 points, he said. The reasons are many. One of the primary pressures on the stock market will be the almost certain rise in the prime rate as regulated by the Federal Reserve.

Another drag on the stock market and the economy in general is an entrenched problem with underemployment, Shervin Pishevar said. This is particularly the case among people of advanced education, such as engineers and doctoral level positions.

But underemployment is also a factor on other levels as well because of the way employers are restructuring the way they do business. They hire more consultants, for example, and make greater use of temporary employees for whom they need not pay benefits and provide other securities.

These were just a few of the subjects tackled by Shervin Pishevar in the course of his epic tweetstorm.

Article Title: Richard Liu Qiandong Plans To Take Global

Article Text:

Richard Liu Qiandong is a visionary when it comes to business development. He rose to the global limelight after his impressive success with, a leading online retail company in China. Despite his success, Richard Liu is not ready to rest. He believes that there is still room to do more in terms of improving the retail business. The business guru, who serves as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of, believes that his company is destined to revolutionize the retail experience in the world.

During the recently held World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Richard Liu announced his grand plans to convert a global into a global trendsetter in the retail business. According to Richard Liu, plans are underway to expand JDs presence across the world. Richard Liu was speaking to a gathering of more than 50 prominent business personalities from across the globe.

Speaking in fluent English, Richard Liu outlined his meticulous plans to expand his business to Europe and America. Already, has a substantial presence in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Among those who attended the lunchtime gathering included Kasper Rorsted, the Chief Executive Officer of Adidas Group, and Greg Foran, the head of Walmart in the United States.

According to Richard Liu, will start by investing in its logistics network across Europe and America. The experienced CEO believes that an efficient and elaborate logistics network is crucial to the development of any business. Already, has one of the most vibrant and dynamic logistics networks in Asia. The network is operated under JD Logistics, a subsidiary of JD International.

Recently, JD International made public its plans to take its logistics business public. Currently, JD logistics operates as a subsidiary and is entirely owned by JD International. According to Richard Liu Qiangdong, the move will enable his company to raise enough capital to upgrade its international logistics network.

Although Richard Liu did not give a hint on when the public listing would take place, he made it clear that JD is considering a dual listing, meaning that the shares may be floated in more than one stock market. According to Reuters, the dual listing will most likely take place in mainland China or Hong Kong.

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Isabel Dos Santos Remains the Leader Of The Board Of Unitel

Good work is always rewarded, and Isabel dos Santos is not an exception. She has excellent leadership skills. She has led many companies to realize profit and advancement and even some of them were listed on the stock market as among the most advancing companies. She has been the leader of the board of director for Unitel, and her excellent work has made the voters to vote her in again

 The Background

She was born and raised in the royal family as her father is the former president of Angola who ruled from 1979 to 2017, Eduardo dos Santos. She loved education; therefore she excelled in her secondary education from Kent girls’ school and therefore secured a chance to study in the Kings College in London. She pursued electrical engineering and graduated. She later got a managerial work under her father’s governance. She impressed the management skill she got from the company and later started her companies besides buying shares from leading companies in the country.

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 Unitel leadership

Isabel dos Santos joined the telecoms to pursue her engineering career, and she, therefore, bought many shares in the telecom companies, and she also established other telecom companies. Ti was during these leadership moments that Isabel dos Santos was made the leader of the board of directors for Unitel Company. As the leader of this company, Isabel dos Santos has made sure that the company maximizes the profit as it cuts on the cost of operations. She has also improved on the quality of services the firm offers to its clients.

With all these achievements plus all she has done to the other companies under her leadership, she was re-elected to chair the board of directors without any opposition. She will, therefore, work with the newly elected officials as the current ones leave the office in May. She is believed to lead the company to achieve more and more goals for the benefit of all its stakeholders. Unitel aims to remain at the top of all the telecom companies in Angola and beyond and they believe she will attain that.

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HGGC, LLC; Private Equity Firm

A private equity firm that specializes in add-on acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, platform investments, growth equity, corporate carve-outs, public to private, mid cap private and public companies and middle market restructuring is HGGC, LLC. HGGC is a firm that looks to invest in manufacturing, financial services, industrial services, healthcare, business services, infrastructure, chemicals, software, technology sectors and information services.

Most of the HGGC investments are located in North America with considerations of global opportunities. HGGC mainly invests anywhere between $25 million and $125 million in various companies. It also looks to invest in other companies in a revenue range from more than $100 million and $1000 million.

Companies that have an EBITDA from $15 million to $75 million are also looked at for possible investments by this firm. They are also interested in investments of an enterprise value that go from $100 million to $500 million.

HGGC has a goal to take minority positions or majority positions with total rights of control. The whole title of this firm was Huntsman Gay Global Capital, LLC. It was founded back in 2007 with its base located in Palo Alto, California. The firm also has offices located in Salt Lake city, Utah, Foxborough, Massachusetts and West palm Beach, Florida.

There are several key executives of HGGC. Mr. Richard Franklin Lawson Jr. is the CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder of the firm. J. Steven Young is the President and also a Co-Founder. Robert Christopher Gay is the Executive Director & Senior Advisor as as as another Co-Founder. Lance Riley Taylor CPA is a Partner and CFO. Leslie Melvin Brown Jr., CPA is the Partner.

Recent developments of the firm include a presentation at SuperReturn US West in Century City, Los Angeles, California. Another presentation was a CFOs and COOs Form in New York City, New York. Leslie Melvin Brown, Managing Director, was the speaker. The firm had also hired six new executives to its team back in October 2018. This new hires cover the operations, financial and investment functions. The new executives will add to the firm’s talent to complete investment strategies and enable to have successful portfolio company value creation as it continues to grow.

Stream Energy: Their Commitment to Doing Good

Stream Energy, a multilevel marketing company in energy, was recently featured on for the many successful philanthropy efforts they’ve been doing. Hurricane Harvey left a lot of people in difficult and even traumatic positions, loosing the lives of loved ones–including pets–their possessions and homes. Efforts to help the many suffering victims were slim and conditions seemed helpless, until the Dallas based company stepped in. Donating the money earned from sales, Stream Energy not only helped their own customers financially, but they helped fund the entire recovery project. Obviously, Stream Energy is more than just an energy corporation, they are also philanthropists of the corporate world. In addition, the company recently launched their newest charity foundation, “Stream Cares,” helping people in need, not only in Texas, but throughout the country.

Statistically, American corporations are quite giving to charities and causes around the world, as it is a great PR boost, especially when they need it. However, Stream Energy proves to have a strong track record of giving that exceeds that of many companies, keeping long-term relationships with Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross and even advocating to help homelessness. As the article on states, Stream partnered with Hope Supply Co. and “covered entrance and meal costs for over 1,000 North Texas homeless children at the annual Splash for Hope.” This event brings these children to a local water park and delivers them supplies, money and an experience of a lifetime. And yet, the company’s long time commitment of giving back doesn’t end there. In 2016, when a series of tornadoes hit North Texas, Stream rapidly fled to help. Stream also cares for veterans and their families, and through working with Operation Once in a Lifetime, Stream supports Dallas-area veterans in many different ways. And, this still has yet to cover all the unique kinds of philanthropy work Stream Energy has been committed to doing, because for the people at Stream, “philanthropy is just another day at the office.

Professional Bibliography of Louis R. Chênevert

Louis R. Chênevert is a former CEO and chairperson of United Technologies. Chênevert served as a president, and chief executive officer as well as chairperson until he retired from the company. Before joining the company, however, he served as a president of Pratt from 1999 to 2006. Louis R. Chênevert holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce in production he also has a doctorate from the University of Montreal. He still serves as the chairperson of Montreal international board of advisory, and he is the founding director of friends of HEC.


The idea of United Technology arose from many ideas from multinational companies that were brought with key executive, small strategic groups that had a mutual understanding of customer needs and passion for delivering. The approach, therefore, derived change-making decisions that strengthened the portfolio of establishing United Technologies.


Louis R. Chênevert brings ideas to life by focusing on operational talent and engineering that is important to deliver insights that produce results exceeding the expectation of customers and gathers revenue for profitability momentum. Maintaining a focus on small teams and operational leadership that has tools and funds pursues game-changing products. The idea has resulted in great review making key objectives achievable.


One of the productive habits that makes entrepreneur successful is the tremendous focus, being passionate, optimistic and investing the majority of time in pushing the agendas and disregarding internal politics while making sure the executives have everything they need to deliver the results plays a crucial role in creating a successful profession.


Louis R. Chênevert believes that if he was allowed to starts his career again, he will keep an eye on internal politics and look at the extraordinary results that influence the brilliant leaders departing the loss of focus on execution. He also advises that people without an alignment of the agenda slows down the progress in large companies. When tackling an issue, therefore, people should be allowed to win and associate themselves with winners.


Overall, the focus is a significant aspect of growth. Failures and mistakes are startups that create strong business ideas since environment with extreme work leads to business failure.