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Igor Cornelsen Is Passionate About Investments And Giving Others Advice

Igor Cornelsen works mainly in Brazil but he likes to help people all around the world with their investments. He does a lot of research for those who he gives investment advice to and his predictions of what will happen with each investment help them make wise decisions. He does a lot of research and finds a lot of joy in helping others succeed with their investments. He not only does all of this work as a career but he also spends his free time advising people on how to make good investments.

Igor Cornelsen says that while most of the people who want to make investments didn’t go to school for economics or anything like that, they can still make smart decisions because there are so many resources for them to use. He believes it is important to be diverse in the things that one invests in and he tells everyone to be diverse. He also believes that it is important to get started investing when you are young because young people more willingly take risks and risks can pay off well.

Igor Cornelsen attended college in Brazil. He learned a lot about math and that has helped him as he has gotten involved in investments. He had a deep passion for investing and that has helped him to stick with it for so many years. He has developed a strategy for doing investments and he invests in the countries that he believes are on the rise and quickly gets out of the businesses that are in the countries he believes are going to decline. He is well respected by those who need investment advice and part of that is because of his education, and part of it is because of the history that he has with making investments.

Sheldon Lavin Transforms OSI Group Into A Global Corporation

Sheldon Lavin joined the meat processing industry 43 years ago as a financial advisor to Otto and Sons, the predecessor to OSI Group. However, in the last four decades he has played a pivotal role in transforming the small company into a leading corporation in the competitive processed foods industry.

Lavin first came in contact with Otto & Sons in 1970. The small Chicago-based company was the provider of processed meat products to McDonald’s Corporation. Its main products to the food chain retailer were hamburgers. McDonald’s appreciated the quality of Lavin’s services, thus encouraging Otto & Sons to enlist his services. This strategic move completely transformed the company. After becoming one of the partners of the company, he began working on a plan to ensure that the company established a global network of processing facilities. Owing to his business acumen, the company managed to grow and increase its client base. When Otto retired from the company, Lavin became the third partner in the business.  Connect linkedin to see Sheldon Lavin’s full profile.

Sheldon continued to use his extensive knowledge and experience in the financial industry to ensure Otto & Sons had adequate funds to run its operations smoothly. With an eye focused on the global market, the company changed its name from Otto & Sons to OSI Group. This move helped both OSI and McDonald’s to grow together and dominate the market.

Sheldon Lavin has channeled his efforts towards transforming OSI from a small Chicago-based meat supplier to a global brand with dozens of facilities spread across the globe. The company’s staff base has also increased to over 20,000 individuals.

Presently, Sheldon has full control of the company. He gained this control after Otto’s sons sold their shares to him. Sheldon, who is 81-years-old, continues to serve at the company as its chief executive officer. Despite of his age, the executive remains one of the most visionary CEOs globally. Sheldon continues to push for further expansion of the company irrespective of already having over 70 facilities under its umbrella. Particularly, he focuses on the Chinese market, as he believes it has what it takes to improve the company’s profitability margins. Besides having operations in Europe, US, and China, OSI runs its facilities in India, South America, Australia, and Philippines.

Sheldon Lavin has received several awards for his contributions at OSI Group. In 2016, India’s Vision World Academy awarded him with the Global Visionary Award. The executive leader is also an active contributor to various charities, including Evans Scholarship Fund, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and the Inner City Foundation of Chicago.


Business And A Heart: Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera has over forty years of wisdom and experience in the industry of logistics and transportation. It all began in Chicago for him, wherein 1975, after graduating from high school, he entered the United States Marine Corps. He would go on to parlay the knowledge acquired from his military career into successful business life in the civilian world (LinkedIn).

What Perry Mandera Learn From The Marines

As a Marine for the United States, Mr. Mandera was placed in charge of transportation duties. He would make sure soldiers and vital supplies made it to where they needed to go. The brotherhood also placed within Perry Mandera the love and responsibly of his fellow leatherneck. This sentiment was extended to the common citizen in America who he would go on to champion for through his work as a philanthropist and politician.

The Political World: Perry Mandera

He wanted to change his community in Chicago and in 1984, Mandera runs for and won the seat of the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward of Chicago. He was the youngest man to ever have held that position and utilized his platform to make a real impact during his four-year term. (Follow up on WordPress reviews about Mandera´s political career).

He was a man of the people known for always donating time, effort, resources, and economic aid/financial donations. He helped the less fortunate with clothing needs. He provided transportation services for those who were challenged with reaching needed locations. He developed and built various charities to empower those who felt powerless with resources to reach their goals. His works show and prove that he is a great leader for his community and he has many accolades and awards to show that he is greatly appreciated for his efforts.

Business Mind Of Perry Mandera

He thinks outside the box and not only employs the best standards, practices, and tools of the shipping industry, he has his own group of programmers that add to and modify their application software to streamline their process. This saves time in certain areas and we all know that money is time.

Mr. Perry Mandera is a much-needed force in the world and only time will tell where this rising star will end up, til then keep your eyes on him and his moves into the future.

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Lincolnshire Management Inc. under TJ Maloney

Frank Wright and Steven Kumble are the founders of Lincolnshire Management Inc. It has the Headquarters in New York and a branch in Chicago and runs a business of purchasing and investing in middle-market business ventures from various niches. For the past 33 years, it has acquired more than 85 enterprises dealing with manufacturing, service provision, and, distribution. The main business of Lincolnshire Management is to buy private companies, recapitalize, management buyouts, corporate divestitures, and growth equity for private and public enterprises.

TJ Maloney has been the CEO since 1998 as the third CEO of Lincolnshire Management Inc. The venture has recorded important milestones under his management. The companies acquired during TJ Maloney’s tenure include; PADI, Credential services, Prince Sports, Amports, Bankruptcy Management Solutions, Wabash, Transcraft Corporation, Holley-MSD, and Riddell Sports amongst others: this is because he has held the CEO’s position for over 20 years. Currently, Lincolnshire management has private equity investment amounting to $1.7 billion. The investment professionals of Lincolnshire Management Inc. create investment opportunities through broad networking and sharing contacts.

TJ Maloney allowed for a flexible response to unique challenges facing middle-market companies. They, therefore, have creative approaches to each problem. Thus, eliminating huddles in providing relevant resources leading to the financial success of a business.

The professionals in the Lincolnshire Management have hands-on expertise in various fields. Through them, the company can offer professional solutions to all the companies they acquire or want to be their partner, which builds confidence in the businesses they approach.

In 2019, the company has revamped its managerial team. MatthewNacier had earlier left the company but has rejoined Lincolnshire Management after his several interactions and consulting with various middle-market companies on marketing strategies. Matthew worked at Iconic holdings as US Investment Director. From August 2019, Nicolas Vega Llona will join as Senior Associate of deal execution and diligence team. Georg Stolt-Neilsen and Yashna Ginodia will join as analysts on the same team. Yashna is a recent graduate from New York University. She has experience in Due diligence at Noonmark Capital. Georg recently graduated from Georgetown University. He worked as a Summer Analyst at Anthon B. Nilsen.

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Portland Businessman Nitin Khanna Specializes In Mergers And Acquisitions At MergerTech

Entrepreneurs are common in Nitin Khanna’s family, and when he was young he had a first-hand view at what it was like to be an entrepreneur and the hard work that was necessary to be successful. It should come as no surprise that Nitin Khanna has followed the path of an entrepreneur, and a successful one at that. Today, he is a prominent executive and business owner from the Portland area that has been running his own investment bank, MergerTech, for just under a decade.

Nitin Khanna first moved to the United States with his family when he was 17 and just finishing his schooling. Starting in college the next year, Nitin’s decided to focus on engineering and even eventually earned his master’s degree from Purdue University. After briefly considering continuing his education with robotics, Nitin found a position at International Paper and was so eager to get started on his career, he left robotics behind.

After several years working as a manufacturing engineer for International Paper, Nitin took on the role of a consultant at the Oracle Corporation. Several more years went by until Nitin was decided on a change of scenery 1998. It was then that Nitin and his brother hatched an idea to start their own company together and continue the entrepreneurial family legacy. In 1998, the computer software company known as SaberCorp was born, co-founded by Nitin Khanna.

The idea was good and the company took off quicker than the brothers would have expected, but it was a snowball effect from then on. Not even a decade old yet and SaberCorp was rebuilding election systems in more than 20 U.S. states and became a multi-million dollar company pulling in over 100 million dollars annually. After the brothers sold off their company in 2008 for nearly 300 percent profit, Nitin Khanna already had the next idea practically ready to go. MergerTech was born in 2009 as an investment bank aimed at technology entrepreneurs specializing in mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing, advisory, and information technology.

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The Motivational Tweets, Speeches and Writings of Vijay Eswaran

Everything that Vijay Eswaran does seems to be linked to motivating other people. He no longer has anything to prove in the business world. He has made millions and he has been able to become one of the richest businessman men in all of Malaysia. He is a positive force that manages to build a lot of different spiritual road maps for people that are on a quest for greatness. He motivates through his tweets, speeches and writings. He is a CEO that leads his own company, but he influences millions of people all over the world.

I have seen many of his tweets and there is a half and half split between what Vijay Eswaran tweets about. He will tweet about business matters and conferences, but this is just half of his online presence in social media. On the other side he has motivating people by tweeting about the things that will allow him to inspire others. I have received many motivational tweets from him during my typical workday. I have been inspired to follow him because he is one of the most positive people on Twitter. I am astounded that someone as wealthy as Vijay Eswaran would take the time to give tidbits of knowledge to those up and coming entrepreneurs. This is a small portion of his giving spirit where he gives back with inspiring quotes. Some of the quotes are passed on from other wise men, but many of these thought provoking quotes are original statements from Vijay Eswaran. That makes it essential to follow him on Twitter because I know that I may not see these particular quotes surface anywhere else.

Over the years I have witnessed the way that Vijay Eswaran has grown. He has become this powerful leader that still gets the work done with a gentle spirit. This is incredible because there are so many people that are considered stern in the business world. It has often taught that an effect leader is one that is stern. This just has not proven to be the case with Vijay Eswaran. He has proven that you can have a gentle spirit and still inspire a massive crowd. His writings have also been something that inspires a lot of people that don’t even know about his QNet company. He has taken the time to help people stay inspired by sharing his own stories. This is one of the most effective ways to reach people that may be trying to start a business. Most people remember the failures. Few people are going to remember someone that did not have any hardships in their rise to success. Eswaran has had failures and he has commented on hardships.

Contributions of Igor Cornelsen to the Economy

Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker whose work experience of managing stock exchange funds since 1971 has brought great business ideas. To update his fund’s portfolio, he follows international news, reads about the economy of companies and listening to views from colleagues and friends. He develops his business ideas by following improving economies and investing in them later selling the assets to deteriorating countries due to political instabilities and economic problems. He focuses on introducing a new trend in the market that will improve country’s financial status and discourages ideology biasness among investors. He prefers sourcing information from Reuters because they are unbiased and saves a lot of time used in analyzing investors and economic.

He advises managers on safer ways of sourcing information; he encourages a lot reading rather than listening to opinions of other marketers. He believes in facts but not in views from individuals and discourages managers to be influenced because they are the decision makers. Also, he suggests that managers should learn to evaluate financial details, their effect on the markets, and advocate of them seeing the globe as a whole instead of dividing into small pieces. His strategy of making his businesses grow is making the first move to sell assets.

Igor Cornelsen graduated with a bachelor in Economics in 1970 after dropping Engineering in the Federal University of Parana, Brazil and due to his ability to calculate compound interest rates with no technology of calculators, he got employed at an investment bank. His hard work later landed him at Rio as an investment worker. In 1974, he gained a promotion to the board of directors in Multibanco and 1976, he climbed the ladder and became the CEO. In 1978, Bank of America acquired Multibanco, and this left Comelsen to look for available opportunities. Moving to Unibanco became his first choice to work with the leading investment firm in Brazil. After some years he got employed at Libra Bank PLC, a merchant bank in London. Later, he moved to Standard Chartered Bank as a member board of directors and a representative in Brazil. After seven years he founded an investment firm which offers similar services to Merchant Bank.

Paul Mampilly Comes Up With A New Use For Blockchain

Blockchain is the technology used for cryptocurrency. It can be useful for other applications, though. Financial writer Paul Mampilly says that he thinks this technology can be used to put an end to identity theft. He wrote about this idea in a recent Banyan Hill Publishing article.

He recently had to renew his driver’s license. This meant spending half the day sitting in a plastic chair waiting for his number to be called. Getting any type of personal identification such as passports and birth certificates is a grueling experience. These things cost time and money that could be put to much better use.

Paul Mampilly got to thinking about how spending time like this could be dramatically reduced. The problem boils down to how personal information is accessed and shown to prove you are who you say you are. To get his driver’s license renewed, he needed to provide proof of address documents and proof of identification. He thought that if this information could be easily accessed on his phone that would be of huge benefit. Read more about Paul on

Blockchain is a technology that spreads information around while keeping it secure. The information is spread amongst hundreds to thousands of computers. Blockchain code is extremely complicated and is being constantly updated which makes it all but impossible to hack. It’s much more secure than storing information on a single PC.

To get his driver’s license, Paul Mampilly had to provide three forms of identification and a utility bill that showed his address. He says having this information available to him on his phone via blockchain would have eliminated the time-consuming task of collecting these documents. You wouldn’t have to carry out personal identification documents which can be lost or stolen. Eventually, even debit and credit cards could be stored on a blockchain.

Everything would be securely connected to a person so only they could access this information. Paul Mampilly says this could entail having a tiny chip implanted in your body, such as the back of the hand. People are already comfortable with wearable tech, he says, so the logical next step is to implant technology into our bodies.


The Successful Career of Kevin Plank

A philanthropist and businessman Kevin Plank has built an impressive resume in a short time. Plank is most known for being the founder and CEO of the major sportswear manufacturer Under Armour. Years of work and decication have allowed Plank to build a company that is a global success. He also has become a billionaire in the process.

Kevin Plank is a native of Kensington, Maryland, where he grew up a Roman Catholic. From a young age Plank had a great interest in sports. As a youth he played football with the Maplewood Sports Association. He would eventually find his way to the University of Maryland, College Park where he made the team as a walk on. He would go on to earn a degree in business administration. While still a student, Plank began making moves as a businessman. During this time he started Cupid’s Valentine, a seasonal business selling roses on Valentine’s Day. The business earned enough profit for Plank to start Under Armour.

The company Under Armour was inspired by unique circumstances. Plank got the idea while playing for the Maryland Terrapins. Plank became very frustrated by the quality of the shirts he was wearing while playing. They would often leave him sweaty and uncomfortable. He became focused on finding material that could absorb sweat from his body. Using cash ad a business loan, along with his credit cards, he soon started Under Armour.

Under Armour was originally ran out of Plank’s grandmother’s town house in Georgetown. Overtime the business began to grow and achieve success. A turning point was in 1999 when Plank convinced his employees to go without pay for a few weeks so the company could take out a $25,000 advertisement in ESPN The Magazine. The ad resulted in $1 million in direct sales for the following year and was the begin of big things for the company. Today Under Armour generats $5 billion in annual revenue and employees more than 15,000 people.

Fortress Investment Group Co-Chairman Peter Briger

Peter Briger is the co chairman and one of the principals at the investment management firm Fortress Investment Group. He has been a member of this organization since November of 2006. Three years later in August of 2009, Peter Briger was elected as the co chairman. Since March of 2002, Peter has been a member of the management committee at Fortress Investment Group. As one of the top executives of Fortress Investment Group, Peter is in charge of managing the credit and real estate business at the firm.

Before he joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002, Peter Briger was part of another investment firm called Goldman Sachs. He worked at this firm for 15 years and culminated his experience at the firm by becoming a partner. Today, Peter is the head of an Tipping Point which is a non profit organization. The organization serves low income families in San Francisco. Peter Briger is also part of the board of Caliber Schools which is a network of charter schools. This charter school chain helps prepare students for four year colleges and graduate programs.

Before starting his career, Peter Briger attended Princeton University where he completed a four year bachelor’s degree. After completing his bachelor’s degree program at Princeton, he then went on to earn a MBA degree from the Wharton Shool of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

As a high ranking financial executive, Peter Briger has established himself with this leadership and expertise. While working at both Goldman Sachs and Fortress Investment Group, Briger has held a number of key leadership positions. These positions allowed him to guide financial professionals and firm executives in improving products and services at the firms. Throughout his entire career, Peter has held positions such as chief executive officer and principal.

Throughout his career, Peter has been involved in various charitable and professional organizations. He was involved with the Princeton Investment Club in which he evaluated investment opportunities as well as increased his knowledge of financial securities. Briger has also been involved in helping restore famous landmarks such as the Central Park Conservatory.

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