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Entrepreneur Brian Bonar Is An Award-Winning Executive With Over 30 Years Of Experience In The Financial Industry

Anyone that does business with Dalrada and Bonar’s financial team knows that Brian is cut from a different stone. In fact, the name of Brian Bonar’s company represents the “Stone of Destiny.” The Stone of Destiny has been past back and forth for centuries. According to British folklore, the Stone represents courage, valor, perseverance and national pride. The Scots lost the stone in the last battle, but the stone has been returned to Edinburgh Castle where it will remain forever. The Scots would rather die than give the Stone of Destiny to another company and Brain Bonar treats his clients the same way.

Dalrada Financial Corporation is one of the few companies in the Human Resource outsourcing business that has a complete understanding of what small and medium size companies need when it comes to employment benefit packages, financial management programs and an assortment of other services that give companies the freedom to focus on expansion and bottom-line profits. Bonar has a PH.D. in finance, and he doesn’t mince words with clients when it comes to telling them what they are doing wrong and how to correct the issues that are holding the company back from moving to the next tier in the business world.

A article listed Brian Bonar as one of the honorees of the Cambridge, Who’s Who® award. The Cambridge, Who’s Who® executive committee, chooses financial executives to honor based on leadership abilities, academic achievements, and professional accomplishments. Mr. Bonar is also involved in the American Finance Association, and he is one of the officers of Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc. Bonar serves as Chairman of the Board of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc.

When Brian Bonar is not focusing on Dalrada, he is involved in community programs that help the people of San Diego. Brian recently opened, Bellamy’s, a restaurant in San Diego that is reminiscent of a French Bistro. In a city where authentic Mexican restaurants abound, Bonar’s Bellamy’s is a breath of fresh air. The reception has been better than expected. Bonar plans to open an entertainment venue near San Diego that will include other unique restaurants.

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But Dalrada Financial Corporation is still Bonar’s baby. Dalrada is one of the Professional employment organization (PEO) that supplies employment benefit packages, staffing, payroll management, and human resources functions for small and medium-sized companies that need help managing their financial goals.

Bonar is a master at finding the right programs that help companies deal with new government regulations and international issues. Most companies want or have a global presence, and Dalrada helps those companies deal with the taxes, and other issues that are unique to international corporations. Read more: All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive

Bonar and his team at Dalrada are considered the best in the outsourcing business.