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New Discovery’s in Breast Cancer

Dr. John Hawse, an associate professor at the Mayo Clinic. His laboratory conducted a study on estrogen receptors and their functions in breast cancer. According to his research, most cancer receptors express alpha. However, 80% of tumors found in the breast are estrogen receptor Alpha. This receptor has been treated successfully to help patients with this type of breast cancer.

However, Estrogen Receptor Beta (ERB) is closely related to Receptor Alpha (ERA) but different. The Alpha Receptor is a separate gene and different chromosome from ERB. Dr. Hawse lab studies show that Receptor Alpha has a different function than that of ERB. He discovered 30% of all breast tumors express Estrogen Receptor Beta. Incidentally, 30% Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) express Estrogen Receptor Beta. Learn more about Oncotarget at

Triple-negative breast cancer doesn’t have an expression of the Estrogen Receptor Alpha. People with TNBC don’t have very many treatments available. Patients may receive radiation, chemotherapy, and possibly surgery. There is no preventative treatment to prevent cancer from coming back. Patients with TNBC are given a poor prognosis. Cancer usually spreads to other organs.

The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota is dedicated to understand and characterize the best cancer treatment. They discovered that TNBC’s growth is slowed down with the use of estrogen or estrogen-like chemicals. A lab study was done with mice who were given the TNB cells. The researchers found that estrogen prevented tumor growth or repression. Incidentally, estrogen was most effective in cells with expressed ERB. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

However, the presence of cyclin-dependent kinases (CDK) inside estrogen prevents tumor growth. CDK controls how often and how cells divide. Dr. Hawse believes that triple negative breast cancer is partially controlled by the CDK. Which suggest The proteins may lead to undiscovered new therapies. Moreover, there’s much to learn about how CDK in ERB prevents tumor growth.

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