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Oren Frank Joins the Talkspace Family

The online therapy platform has made efforts to improve customer service and streamline their operations. In early 2018, Talkspace welcomed Neil Leibowitz into its workforce as the chief medical officer. The business executive previously worked with another health organization called UnitedHealth. According to the therapy company, the aim of hiring the officer was to help in expanding its business portfolio and to allow patients to get prescriptions during online therapy sessions. The CEO of Talkspace was interviewed last year to talk about various issues at the firm and the responsibilities of the chief medical officer. Read more about Oren Frank at

The organization’s annual revenue has increased significantly with time and currently stands at tens of millions of dollars. The income can be attributed to the increase in the number of clients. According to the chief medical officer, one million people rely on Talkspace for mental health services. One of the ways that the company uses to provide medical help is video chats. Talkspace has two payment plans to suit the needs of different clients. If an individual wishes to contact therapists at the company via text messaging, they are required to pay $49 weekly. For those who prefer the online platform, a fee of $79 is applicable.

Oren Frank shares tweets regularly about mental health. One of the articles that he shared was about depression among teens in the United States. According to a survey that was done involving teens in the country, a majority of them pointed out that the condition was common among their peers. The problem was among teenagers from all walks of life.

The other challenges that the interviewees pointed out include bullying and addiction to drugs. More than 60% of them revealed that they were under a lot of pressure to get good grades in school. Others pointed out issues such as looking good and being good in co-curricular activities. Read more: