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Donata Meirelles: Top Tips to Decorate Your Home with Candles

Donata Meirelles is the director of the style at Vogue Brazil. She is well-known for hosting the Quero Ja which is a famous Vogue TV program. Also, she is known for being a former fashion director at the Daslu fashion store. She went to Columbia University, New York before starting her career in the sales industry. In 1990, she started running the Daslu fashion store, and in 2005, Donata became the editor in chief of the Vogue Brazil.

Donata Meirelles, the style director recently delivered the candles as well as their arrangements that are part of your home’s décor. She believes that the sensation of entering a hotel or a store and feeling a familiar smell is currently common. Also, she understands that it is part of a brands identity and it makes more and more guests remember the store the moment they feel that unique scent. Here are the top four tips from Donata on how to decorate your home with candles.

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Install them in a Strategic Place

According to Donata, the entrance of your home is the ideal place to have your candle lit. It means that as soon as you receive your guest or arrive in your home, the sweet aroma welcomes them in a cozy and intimate way. When your guests feel the sweet aroma from any place be it in a store or a hotel, they will always remember your home and all the happy moments.

Put them in Your Main Rooms

You should ensure that your current home features a candle at the main entrance since it is essential. Donata Meirelles insists that you should leave one candle in your main room, one in your library as well as in your washroom. All these rooms are frequently visited, and they deserve to have a sweet smell. Despite being among the most used rooms, your bedroom should have no candles since it can disturb your sleep or make you or your family get sick.

The Ideal Time for Candles

You should light your candles at dusk so that when you get home from your workplace in the evening, you get your home already perfumed to welcome you with the sweet aroma.

According to Donata Meirelles, some of the best candle brands include those from Tania Bulhoes, Diptyque, and Malone. These are some of the best, and in New York, she has the famous Ralph Lauren’s Classic Holiday brand with the scent of juniper and currant.

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Fabletics Teams up to Bring Down Breast Cancer

Kate Hudson’s athletic wear company Fabletics has paired with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA,) and the charity organization Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC). Per their partnership, Fabletics will act as this year’s fashion ambassador for breast cancer awareness and will launch a capsule line of Fabletics clothing geared at raising funds for the cause. Hudson has remained a passionate and involved force behind Fabletics, which launched about three years ago. Today, she is inspired to bring the highest quality essentials to her charitable line on Facebook.

In the recent L.A. Times article, “Kate Hudson talks about fitness and style and becoming an ambassador for the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer charity,” Hudson says Fabletics partnership with the CFDA was a “no-brainer.” Fabletics is already a company that supports women’s health and wellness, their partnership simply follows suit. Hudson plans to make the charity line a fashionable asset to Fabletics already hip clothing options. The FTBC’s plan is to generate funds to promote early screenings and prevention, especially in low-income, minority, or otherwise at risk populations of women in the New York area.

Fabletics is a relatively young online fitness clothing company. It supports a thriving community of over one million Fabletics members who participate in a unique membership program. The program allows members an option to purchase an individualized Fabletics outfit each month. Members do not pay anything to be a part of the clothing club and are able to pass on an outfit whenever they wish. Fabletics clothing is available for individual sale on their website; however, members are locked into an exclusive discount.

The line was at the forefront of the high fashion fitness trend that began a few years ago. Today they offer a number of unique clothing options, from leggings to tops. Kate Hudson serves as the brand’s ambassador and is also one of the co-founders. She herself is an avid exerciser, stating that she is a “pilates girl.” There is no mistaking Hudson’s dedication to fitness. She is also the mother to two and has shown her continual support for women and mothers.

Be sure to check out Fabletics’ breast cancer capsule line this fall. While Hudson promises to make it fashionable. It is evident, based off of the continued success of the Fabletics clothing line, that it will be nothing less than stunning. Demonstrate your support for breast cancer awareness while sporting comfortable clothing that will generate much need funds for at-risk populations. As Hudson said, most people have been touched by cancer in some way or another. This devastating disease can be beat and companies like Fabletics are willing to do that fashionably! See:

Get Your JustFab Membership Today To Buy Hot Summer Looks

What can be better than wonderful summer clothes that are breezy, fashionable, fun, and comfortable? Some feel that they have to do a lot of shopping in many different expensive boutiques in order to find clothes that will be comfortable for them in the summertime, but JustFab has found a way to change all that. Why go shopping for summer clothes in the heat when you can stay in your air-conditioned home to shop online? You wouldn’t believe the kinds of items that are available on the JustFab website, and the prices you pay are a lot cheaper than you’ll find in any store, even if the other store is online.

Many people are choosing to buy from online stores these days because they know it can save them a lot of money, and it’s possible to find a bigger selection of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and handbags if you choose to buy from an online store. Even if the online store keeps inventory, it’s still cheaper than what a retail store would charge because they have to pay employees in order to run the retail store, so you’re going to pay a higher price to the retail chain. Those who buy their products from the JustFab website can save a lot of money, and they’ll also be able to find excellent products to purchase.

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It’s recommended that a person who wants to shop continuously on the JustFab website get a membership because they’ll save a considerable amount of money on their future purchases. Instead of paying regular prices for every purchase, it’s possible to get 50% off the purchases as a member of the website. Membership on the JustFab website is easy to obtain by simply filling out a form online and paying the membership fee of $39.95. If you find yourself only shopping around for the first month, then don’t worry about your membership fee because you’ll always have it in your account to spend at any time, even if it’s months or years from now.

Having membership on the JustFab website means you’ll always be able to buy the products that are being sold, and the products are updated all the time in order to give you new choices of products to purchase. Your summer wardrobe will thank you when you shop on the JustFab website because you will have so many choices, and you can top off any fashion choice you choose with the jewelry and handbags that are available on the website. Imagine paying as little as $25 for a pair of shoes or less, depending on the shoes that you choose? You can even pick other products on the website that are low in cost and know that you may only find them on the JustFab website.

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JustFab-Hot summer looks

As a woman, I love fashion with a passion, especially when summer times comes around. The clothing for the summer season on are especially bright and colorful and they just appear pop out at you, and to top it off, you can accessorize your outfits with very beautiful jewelry, gorgeous shoes, hats, and even handbags. There is just no limit as you can add or take away.

You may have heard about a company called JustFab, or you may not have, but just in case you haven’t, JustFab is a subscription company that help you personalize your outfits to your individual taste. They make it extremely affordable. The clothes are very trendy and high quality. You will get your outfit for $25 if it is your first time ordering which is completely awesome. After then, you will pay $39 a month or you can skip a month/months if you would like to. However, if you forget to skip, you will be charged but it will be as a credit that you can use towards any JusFab outfit of your choice. They make it where it is no hassle to their customers. This is what I truly love as well. Now that I’ve touched on how they work, I would like to further discuss their summer looks.

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They have clothing available for all seasons but again, since I am really big on summer outfits, I just have to mention that their new summer looks are HOT! I will start by discussing their mid-flare jeans. I’ve always been a fan of flare jeans, it’s just something about flare jeans that stand out more skinny jeans. JustFab’s mid rise flare jeans are actually throwbacks but they are totally in with today’s generation.

However, you have to have a cute shirt to match those flare jeans and I highly recommend the Moroccan tank shirt. It is a fun and printed tank that is especially great for the summer and has so much style that you will surely love this one. See:

The off shoulder tunic is very stylish so if you’re not afraid to show off your shoulders, (I know I’m not),then this one is a must have. It also goes tremendously well with those flair jeans. The shirt is available in blue and white and goes all the way up in size to an XXL or if you want something that may be a little more flirty, there’s the off shoulder peasant top. The coral color is very bright and beautiful. You most definitely will get noticed.

JustFab has tons of summer accessories that I absolutely love. If I could, I would have every last outfit, shoes, hats, handbags that JustFab has to offer. Well, I’m working on it. In my opinion, the summer season is the best yet because during this season, the bright colors of different outfits and accessories will surely make you shine and feel your best.