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Felipe Montoro Jens: Chief Executive Extraordinaire

Felipe Montoro Jens, known in Brazil for his extensive experience in infrastructure is an expert consultant with a background in Public Private Partnerships which afforded him an opportunity to network with a variety of businesses to improve their relations with the Brazilian government.Companies like Enel Group S.P.A, Luciano Nitri Guidolin,and Paulo Oliveiro De Melo helped Jen to develop a proven strategy in project development and structured finance, spear heading his career to become recognized for his expertise in infrastructure.

A graduate of Oregon University in 1998, Felipe Montoro Jens went on to earn a Bachelor degree in Spanish and History, and later his Masters degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. Jens perused undergraduate studies at Fundao Getilo Vargas and American Garvin School were he earned an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Additionally, Jens holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Thunderbird School of Global Management with a minor in Finance. Visit his website to learn more.

Jens has worked in Large Multinational Enterprises for the last 25 years, developing concrete intelligence to work with major corporations known for their high professional demand, and high growth potentials. His background can be traced back to major companies such as Braskem, Atvos, OR, FOZ, and Antonio Energia to name a few. Jen’s range of expertise with these professional companies were in the categories of Chief Investment Officer, Group Assets and Investments, and Board Member/Chairman.

Over the duration of his career Jens has promoted projects, raising over $1.5 billion on long-term projects, developed and coordinated portfolio infrastructure investments in Brazil, managed a new company, and developed teams to conduct risk management and cash flow analysis. Felipe Montoro Jens earned the name of “Chief Executive Extraordinare” by perfecting a business strategy that compliments his skills in negotiation and corporate finance. With a keen focus on small details, Felipe Montor Jens is a next-up Chief Executive to watch.