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Doll Maker And Instagram Star Doe Deere Collide In A Colorful World


It’s not everyday that you meet a beautiful girl with Red Velvet lips and Venus palette eyes and blue hair. Well, unless you run full force into Instagram Star and Lime Crime Makeup founder Doe Deere. When you are as uniuqe as Doe is, you make a lot of friends. Doe has one friend who is a doll maker named Joshua David McKenney. Mr. McKenney created a doll based off a photo that Doe posted for him on her Instagram account. The doll is amazing and the posted photo was supposed to bring some exposure to Mr. McKenney. However, chaos entered the picture when another artist named Richard Prince of Gagosian Gallery took some of the message out of the photo and had the photo blown up. That blown up print sold for $90,000 at New York’s Frieze Art Fair. The doll on the other hand also sold. It was sold at Christine’s auction house for $302,500 and that was more than enough to put the Pidgin doll in the lime light.

Doe Deere has done many things in her life and having a doll created based upon her image is just anther form of success. Doe Deere is an amazing business woman and a successful artist in her own right. Doe works in colors and loves to break all the rules to get to the goal and end result of personal expression. Just one look at her makeup company Lime Crime and you will quickly see that she breaks all the rules and it works out well for everyone.

Doe Deere is a creator in her own rite and Lime Crime is one of her successful creations. Doe knew that makeup users had been asking some of the top makeup companies to create products with more, true to life color. These makeup companies did not answer the call. Doe Deere picked up the charge and started to create makeup with bright colors and people loved it. Doe has about a hundred dollars and the dream of creating the makeup company. That was enough drive to push her and Lime Crime over the edge of success.

Doe Deere encourages people from all walks of life to believe in the power of expression and creation. Doe tells people to never give up on the dream and to move forward with their goals even when it means breaking some rules in a positive way.

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Doe Deere Has Shown Me How To Use Makeup


Learning to use makeup is not always easy. I’ve always liked makeup but it was not always clear how to use it. My friends and I would experiment with different kinds of makeup techniques but we could never get it quite right. It never looked like the pictures we saw. Something would always go slightly wrong. This is why we were very happy to learn how to apply our makeup from an online source. One of my good friends discovered Doe Deere and her company, Lime Crime. We were amazed at just how easy she made it to use all kinds of makeup from lipstick to eye shadow to eye liner.

Help From An Expert

The right help was important. Doe Deere is clearly an expert at using makeup. She knows exactly how to place eye liner so it looks elegant and helps draw attention to your eyes. She also clearly knows how to create a look from top to bottom in order to make herself look totally put together. I love how you can always get on her site and find out a new look. She’s always pushing the edge of the fashion envelop and showing us how you can take ordinary looks and make them something very special.

Easy To Follow Instructions

Deere makes it so easy to follow in her footsteps. My friends and I like to play around with color but we’re never quite sure where to begin. We’ll see a look but we’re not sure if that look is right for us. But when you get on her site, she shows how she did it. She makes it so easy for people like us to put color together and have a fashionable result. I know that I love to see how she is able to take colors like electric blue and neon pink and make it all work together.

So Many New Looks

That is so much about what I love from Lime Crime. Deere and her site are always about discovering new looks of all kinds. You get online and you find out that she’s gotten new ideas of all kinds. You also know that her looks are going to be easy to use on your own. She takes very complicated makeup ideas and breaks them down for her own audience, allowing us to figure out how best to duplicate the look at home.

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Ignite Your Looks With Lime Crime Beauty Solutions

Beauty is among the most expansive fields. Many people who have ventured into this field have been able to learn many things each day. It is arguably one of the most progressive areas of business and there are changes that happen each day that one should keep up with. Those seeking solutions for their beauty needs will want to work with a reliable company that is dedicated to offering top quality services that will guarantee great results. Getting the desired outcome calls for some research and dedication to ensure one is able to get secrets that can work naturally. Lime Crime is a leading company that has been able to offer makeup solutions for many years. They are among few companies that have invested in offering services that are also ideal for celebrities and high profile personalities.

For more than five years, Lime Crime has been able to serve hundreds, who have expressed satisfaction in the services they have been offering. Lime Crime is a well structured company that is directed and manned by able individuals. They have offered beauty solutions that guarantee great looks and secure for your health. The company has been rated excellently by most of the customers who have sought their help. This comes as a result of the products they have come up with to ensure all customers get a touch of quality and health safety at the same time.

Due to the competition that has hit the industry, Lime Crime has embarked on a mission that allows them to offer unique services and products. This will enable them to market themselves easily as many people have expressed hope and satisfaction in the products offered by the company. This is a strategy that has not only improved their sales, but has also helped them to earn a positive reputation in the market. For this reason, they are given preference by majority of people who are searching for the right makeup company to cater for their needs.

With able leadership, a company is able to sail through all the challenges and hurdles of the industry. This is something Lime Crime has been able to benefit from. Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of the company, is among people who have worked to ensure the company attains a top status in the market.

Doe Deere is a well educated professional who has been in the beauty industry for more than 10 years. Her input has been mostly relevant while offering information that can help to structure the operations of the company better. He has also been keen on the hiring process to ensure the company only accepts dedicated and qualified individuals who can help to put a smile in the faces of their customers.