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Donata Meirelles and Her Experienced Fashion Tips

There are many individuals right now who are taking fashion advice from expert fashion guru Donata Meirelles. Donata Meirelles has been working within the fashion industry for many years and continually works to improve her knowledge of what’s new and what’s important. When it comes to modern everyday dressing, it can sometimes be difficult to get your fashion advice from runway models. For this reason, Donata Meirelles has made it her mission to help ordinary people learn more about fashion so that they can begin to incorporate it into their own everyday lives.

There are lots of different tips that this amazing professional has given to those interested in learning more. For one, you’ll find that she is big into accessorizing and feels that any outfit needs the right accessories. This can be as simple as a pair of beautiful earrings or something more extravagant like a statement necklace or large scarf. Your handbag or the purse that you’re carrying has a lot to do with your outfit as well, so it’s a good idea to try to match it in a way that blends everything flawlessly together with ease. With so many handbag options out there, it’s never been easier for you to choose the option that you’ll want. Check out on to view Donata’s style and fashion.

There are other tips that this amazing professional has given. You will find that she believes in the beauty of simplicity and that minimizing the colors and layers that you’re wearing will have a huge effect on the way that you look. It’s never been easier for you to make use of these tips because of how easy they are to integrate into your own everyday life. You will enjoy what this type of professional is able to accomplish for you and you’ll be able to visit her social media pages to learn more.  See More:

A Richard Mishaan Design Transforms Spaces into a Work of Art

The unique creations of Richard Mishaan Design are phenomenal. Mishaan was born in Columbia and spent some of his growing up years in Italy. He was drawn to the vivid colors often seen in these cultures. Richard Mishaan trained to be an Architect. That background is often put to use in Richard Mishaan Design projects. He strives to create living spaces that feel open, and this designer likes high vaulted ceilings with wooden accents and open floor plans. His strategic use of eye-catching colors has branded Richard Mishaan Design the place to get a custom interior design make-over that makes a bold statement.

Richard Mishaan and his wife enjoy collecting fine artwork. The gorgeous pieces inside their own home are incredible. The art comes from many time eras, but the Richard Mishaan Design blends effortlessly with his cushy modern furniture that conveys sleek elegance reminiscent of classic design styles. The color accents in Richard Mishaan Design works are what makes this interior design firm one-of-a-kind. Rather than splashing these bold colors at random, Richard Mishaan Design strategically places the colors to optimize the luxurious, classy and expensive look that Mishaan is famous for creating. Everyone who is anyone wants a customized Richard Mishaan Design today.

Richard Mishaan makes use of gorgeous architectural lines and adds splashes of bright hues in unexpected places. The result, combined with the Richard Mishaan Design style of using fine modern furniture pieces, is absolutely stunning. This interior designer is an artist who creates fabulous interior spaces suited for royalty. The Richard Mishaan Design look is not cold, as this designer incorporates plush furnishings, striking art accents and inviting touches. His fantastic designs capture the high-end look with a down-home charm that exudes warm ambiance. He has authored two popular books on his captivating design style.

Brian Mulligan: A Man With A Fortune To Back Up His Hard Work

The hard work that Brian Mulligan has put into his life and passions have certainly paid off for him in terms of what he has accomplished. He has held top executive positions in media companies for the better part of 30 years. This has not happened because of luck but rather because he has devoted all of the time that he has to making a better life for himself.

He positions himself as a power player in any company that he works for. He wants to jump in and get his hands into everything. After all, he feels that he can help a company make the right moves that they need to make. He has taken part in some $175 billion worth of transactions over the various businesses that he has helped run. That is a lot of business and a lot of powerful transactions that have bolstered the economies of the individuals who interact with those businesses.

Brian Mulligan has received numerous awards as one of the “top 10 bankers in Hollywood”. This along with other honors have helped many notice him and want to do business with him.

Mulligan also works to help charities in the LA area by donating money and time to them. He has helped raise millions of dollars for things such as St. Jude’s Hospital, schools in the area, and even the YMCA in the area. This is an act of charity that shows just how grateful Mulligan is for the opportunities that he has been offered in this country. He happens to know that he is fortunate to operate in a country where he could put his skills to use to earn money and make a better standing for himself in life.

In his spare time, Brian Mulligan writes about sports. It is another passion of his in life, and many have taken an interest in what he has to say about the various teams that they care about. He cares about the sports industry in particular, the money that is involved in the games. He likes to talk about how that industry is developing and discuss ideas about the future with others who care about sports as well.


When You Want Your Product to Sell, you Must Design it Well


Individuals who manufacture products want them to be seen by many people. That’s why they entice retail shops so that they can be given some space to display their products for the world to see. On the other hand, the retails are interested in products that can stand out from the rest. This has made a bottle of water to attract a lot of attention.

In 2010, Sarah Kauss experienced this challenge when she started S’well. The company is believed to be the maker of the modern fashionable utilitarian water bottle that has got the attention of people who love fashion, the eco conscious and big brands in the globe.

For S’well, design is a very important aspect. According to the founder of the company, the use of design has set them apart from other competitors in the market.

Sarah Kauss, started the prestigious company with $30,000 from her pocket. Her aim was not creating beautiful water bottles. She wanted to help in the disastrous effects that plastic bottled water has on the environment. She had actually wanted to do this after attending a panel about the global clean water crisis

The use of plastic bottles is not friendly to our environment, and the water we consume from them is the same as the water found in the municipal taps. In the United States, bottled water is regulated by FDA, while municipal water is under EPA. FDA has higher and better standards for ensuring clean water, so consumers shouldn’t pay more for bottled water which is 2000 times expensive compared to the tap water, and still get water that is equivalent to the one from the municipal.

In order to get people not to depend on bottled, Sarah decided to convince them to carry around a reusable bottle. They made the bottle beautiful in their design.


This article was originally published on the Fast Company .see more information here.