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LocationSmart IP Geolocation Platform Is Game Changer for Business

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that online piracy of private data is costing the American economy more than $30 billion per year. The fallout includes an estimated 560,000 lost jobs annually. Much of digital piracy involves things like movies and videos, but all kinds of business data can be stolen as well.

That’s why companies like LocationSmart and the security protocols this company’s platform provides are more important than ever today. LocationSmart is a Location as a Service (LaaS) firm that was founded in the 1990s and is considered the world’s premier provider of LaaS today.

LocationSmart uses IP geolocation to provide a broad range of services to businesses who use their internet connection every day to sell products, interact with customers and conduct many other facets of their day-to-day business. Providing highly reliable protection against piracy is just one of the advantages made available by the Locationsmart proprietary platform.

IP geolocation leverages the internet IP address of users to pinpoint the location of anyone using any device that is connected to the internet. Location information can be used in numerous ways for an array of applications, from copyright protection of data to enabling trucking companies to operate their vehicle fleets with an extremely high level of efficiency. IP geolocation helps fleet operators save money on fuel, cuts down on infrastructure needs and makes the delivery of products faster and extremely more efficient. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

Another capability afforded by LaaS is geo-specific advertising paired with real-time communications with customers. This allows a business owner to know exactly where a customer is located when they use a mobile app or computer to connect with the company.

It allows business owners to interact with customers in real-time. The benefits of this are many. For example, a company can provide product details, answer questions, solve customer problems, offer discounts or coupons – all instantly and seamlessly. What this translates to is an ability to sell more products to a much larger customer base – and do it faster and with less overhead cost.

LocationSmart IP geolocation technology also makes possible a high degree of security. Real-time information on users enables a company to stop hackers and prevent fraud. Additionally, IP geolocation makes it easy to track all connected devices. Company-owned computers, smartphones, tablets and more can all be connected. The ability to monitor these company assets alleviates the possibility of financial loss and other associated risks. Business owners can keep tabs on their employees to ensure all company protocols are being followed.

With the LocationSmart platform business owners enjoy the full support of an IP geolocation service team backing up your system and efforts. Following LocationSmart on facebook or Twitter is an excellent way to learn more about the benefits of LaaS.

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