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Laerte Codonho The First To Produce Diet Soda In Brazil

Laerte Codonho is a Brazilian businessman and the founder of the most successful carbonated beverage companies in South America. The name of the company is called Dolly and Laerte Codonho founded the company around 1987. The company has been operating out of the southeast region of Brazil. Dolly and its founder Laerte Codonho was the first company to introduce diet soda to the country of Brazil. When the company launched the diet soda the company started to gain major notoriety on a national level by the 1990s (Jusbrasil). 


The company also sold regular soda and other drink product as well. When Dolly took off nationally this was the only company that had a chance of challenge carbonated drink producers such as Coca-Cola. Dolly gained notoriety and was most known for the diet soda product that the company produced in Brazil but Dolly’s main product has always been the Dolly Guarana drink. 


Laerte Codonho is very aware that guarana is very widely used fruit across the globe but the difference is in places like the United States it is used in energy drinks. The way that Codonho and his company Dolly uses guarana is very different than other countries because they do not use it for energy drinks but for sodas instead. When they are producing the sodas with guarana they remove all the bitterness out of the fruit and just leave the sweet characteristics to go into the soda. Because these sodas are so popular and are made by different soda companies throughout Brazil Dolly only holds a 10% share of the Brazilian market but they do hold a 30% share of the São Paulo market. Dolly has been able to stay on top in the carbonated drink industry because of the excellent marketing skills of the companies founder Mr. Codonho. 


Laerte Codonho is a very savvy businessman who knows how to run an entire corporation and he understands the importance of branding and marketing. This is why these areas gets most of his company’s attention. The goal of Mr. Codonho is to keep the brands image out in the public in a positive way and make sure it is memorable to consumers within its market. 


Mr. Codonho is a brilliant businessman and was able to build a very successful carbonated drink corporation. This is truly remarkable coming from a country like Brazil. Laerte Codonho is an example to anyone that anything can be done if you put your mind to it, be dedicated, and put in the work. He has shown this by having produced and got an approval from the Brazilian government to produce the first diet soda in the country’s history. 

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