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Ways Of Preparing For Screening At Life Line Screening

Chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases are largely responsible for many deaths in America. In addition, these diseases account for 75 percent of the country’s healthcare spending. However, Americans fail to understand that such diseases can be prevented by living healthy lifestyles. Individuals should avoid using tobacco, eat healthy and exercise regularly. Another preventive measure is vaccination and appropriate lifeline screenings to detect risks of different diseases. Life Line Screening offers quality preventive health care services that are affordable. Life Line Screening features ultra sound screening, blood screening and EKG. The screening can detect plaque buildup in the arteries, thus aid in identifying stroke, aneurysm and heart diseases.

How to prepare for a Lifeline Screening

Lifeline screening may require little or no preparation. Most screening results are availed shortly after the screening while some may take a while. Once you identify your Lifeline screening location, you need to be aware of the specific requirements of the type of the screening that you have been booked for. The following is a guide to various types of screening preparation.

I. Carotid artery disease (stroke)
Wear a short-sleeved shirt with open collars.
II. Abdominal aortic aneurysm
Put on a two piece loose outfit and fast for four hours prior to the screening.
III. Atrial fibrillation (stroke)
Wear a two piece loose clothing, do not apply lotion or oil, do not wear a watch and switch off your phone.
IV. Ankle-brachial index
Put on a two piece loose fitting outfit with a short-sleeved top. Do not wear pantyhose.
V. Elevated C-reactive protein
No specific preparation needed.
VI. Complete lipid panel
Do not eat anything for 12 hours prior to the screening.
VII. Type 2 diabetes
Fast for 12 hours before the screening.
VIII. Bone mineral density
No pantyhose.
IX. Elevated liver enzymes
No advance preparation required.
X. 6 for Life Package

Do not eat anything 12 hours prior to the screening and put on a short-sleeved shirt.

Individuals should note that when fasting, they can only take water and prescribed medication. Diabetic patients, who may be affected by fasting, should follow their diabetic meal plan.

Life Line Screening is keen to treat all patients with courtesy while observing confidentiality. They have highly trained healthcare professionals who perform accurate lifeline screenings. These experts ensure that clients are well informed about the screening process. They deliver comprehensive reports after 90 minutes or less of screening. These reports are easy to understand and can be shared with a client’s personal doctor.

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The Chief Executive Officer of OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed doctor. He went to medical school, after which he practiced with his father. To him, medicine was not only about a profession. His heart went out to patients. He had the urge and the drive to help them out, and also help bring up the community. This, he undoubtedly achieved in whole. While working with his father, he ventured into business. The first was a company of real estate development; McKenna Venture Institute. The firm became the beginning of his several ventures in New Orleans, up to 2015.

Upon deciding that a change of locale was necessary, he moved to Atlanta. There, he settled and kept on pursuing various opportunities in both the medical and business fields. In 2007, he developed ShapeMed. It was a medical practice that Mark aimed at directing to the aesthetics industry, and for wellness purposes. ShapeMed was active for only seven years. In 2014, Mark sold it to Life Time Fitness. He then joined the company as its Director. In 2016, he left his role at Life Time Fitness.

He established another company in 2017, and this is where he shifted most of his time and dedication. Because of the much time, he had spent working on aesthetics and thus gaining experience, he saw the need to start OVME.

Dr. McKenna is a man with a good history in both medicine and business. He grew up in New Orleans, schooled there and also started his activities there. His urge to keep going is what has built his reputation, and got him on many interviews of doctors who are entrepreneurs. Dr. Mark studied and graduated from Tulane University, a medical school university.

His wife, Gianine, and children Elle and Ryder; are his motivation. It is not something easy to maintain a family and also work at the same time. But Mark has managed, and he balances this with his typical day having an additional training at Jiu Jitsu. He is a member of some organizations in Atlanta and is also a former board member of two groups in New Orleans.

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Plastic Surgery Should Be Peformed By A Great Surgeon Like Dr. Jennifer Walden

Unfortunately, some people have diseases that may have caused extreme damage to certain parts of their body, and the only thing that can fix the problems they have is plastic surgery. Those who need reconstruction on a certain part of their body or if they need certain types of plastic surgery done will go to a cosmetic surgeon. A cosmetic surgeon is also known as a plastic surgeon, and they do many kinds of surgeries that can help to give a person a certain look that they want, whether it’s on their face or their body. There are many plastic surgeons, and some will specialize in a certain field of the industry.

A plastic surgeon may specialize in nose jobs or rhinoplasty, and they will have many people go directly to them for any type of surgery that involves fixing their nose. There are some plastic surgeons that may specialize in facelifts, and anything that has to do with fixing, contouring, or smoothing out wrinkles in the face can be done by these plastic surgeons.

Although some doctors prefer to stick to performing a few types of surgeries, Dr. Jennifer Walden has expanded her knowledge of many types of surgeries, and her surgical procedures run the entire gamut. Dr. Jennifer Walden has performed procedures on the vaginal area called a labiaplasty, she’s done rhinoplasty’s, she does facelifts, she does fat transfers, and much more. Dr. Jennifer Walden specializes in many fields of plastic surgery, and this has helped to increase her popularity amongst those who are looking for a reputable plastic surgeon. Since Dr. Walden does all types of surgeries, she has also perfected her work and is well renowned in the medical community.

Many looking for plastic surgery will first choose Dr. Jennifer Walden because of the fact that she is board certified and very talented in the different surgeries that she performs. With many testimonials from happy patients, Dr. Jennifer Walden continues to perform surgeries that help women and men feel better about themselves. Not all plastic surgeries are done out of vanity; some plastic surgeries are done out of necessity, such as reconstructing breasts after having them removed due to cancer. Dr. Jennifer Walden does many reconstruction surgeries, and she has made many patients very appreciative of her work.