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Discerning Dog Food Consumers Have More Choices Than Ever Before

Can we, as pet parents, justify the added cost of buying fresh pet food? In this article in the Daily Herald, the CEO of the gourmet dog food manufacturer Purina talks about how fresh and delicious the new refrigerated pet food is, and how it is made without preservatives. I’ve seen many fellow pet owners willing to pay almost any price to ensure that they are buying the best for their dog, and according to the article, my friends are very similar to other discerning pet food consumers. The food we choose looks good enough to eat for dinner and our pets love to eat it.

Unlike many of my friends, however, I feed my dogs Purinastore Beneful Chopped Blends, specifically the blend with turkey and sweet potatoes. If I were going to feed my dogs fresh pet food, I would just cook it myself, instead of buying refrigerated dog food. Personally, my dogs love Beneful Chopped Blends as much as my cooking, which is slightly insulting to me, however, it is a credit to Beneful’s quality and the Purina’s determination to make food that tastes good to dogs. I also appreciate Beneful Blends resealable tub; it would be great for leftovers, expect there never is any food leftover.

My dogs have eaten Beneful Originals dry dog food for many years; the wet food is a supplement several times a week. Before I switched to Beneful, I had a difficult time coaxing my dogs to eat dry dog food unless I put vitamin gravy on it. Now they eat Beneful with relish, and I feel great knowing that it has 100 percent of the nutrients that they need to thrive. Of all the dry dog food I have bought over the years, Beneful stands out as the best quality brand. While many new wet and dry dog foods are now available, I won’t switch from a brand that I know and trust.