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Current Innovations in the Dog Food Industry

Beneful is an incorporation company majoring in dog food production. The Company operates under AAFCO certification. It is an independent Company which works to satisfy customers’ needs and demands. The range of produced dog food and treats in Beneful Company differs by the age of your dog and diet composition. The Company distributes dog food all over America and Asia. Richard Thompson, the chief executive officer, is focused on this food line industry to ensure quality products for his clients. He plays a significant role in the company and the manufacturing process. Thompson cuts Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe into a tube in as a part of the product life cycle. To guarantee quality, he ensures that fresh ingredients are used and that meals are in preservation only long enough to provide flavor. Located in Bethlehem and Pennsylvania, the company is among the fastest growing innovators of pet food with the widest and most satisfied customer range. Colgate-Palmolive contains pet food that helps pets lose weight. The company has continued to tap into trends that use blueberries and cranberries that are harvested just at the right time to ensure that nutrients are contained after freezing of the food. Dog foods sales have increased by 45% since the eat-like-your owner approach was adopted in 2009, accounting for over half of the market currently. Blue Buffalo sold the first canned food and kibble that mixes vegetables, fruits and other ingredients. They went public in 2015 and has an approximated sales of over a billion currently. Large companies are struggling with innovations and acquisitions. For example, Purina bought Merrick Pet Care, which was the initially certified producer of wet and dry dog food. Purina has continued to push its Bright Minds recipe that contains more energy for the dog, also makes it easy for dogs to metabolize. Kindly click to know more about dog food industry. Paleo Diets for Pets has stayed on the front line advocating that dogs should be fed what their ancestor wolfs were being fed making them healthier. They produce dog meals made of beef mixed with raw chicken among other ingredients. To conclude, Beneful Company has been a very crucial figure in the pet treats industry by manufacturing quality brands and treats.

Care for Your Pet With Beneful Pet Food

If you have decided to bring a pet into your family, you have made the decision to care for that pet. Pets are totally dependent on their family for food, water, love and the total care they need to stay healthy. Just as you and other members of your family need proper nutrition to stay healthy, so does your pet. Regular annual exams should be done to ensure your pet is receiving the care they need. Spay or Neuter Pets from Petco Almost every year in the United States eight to ten million pets end up in animal shelters. Many are homeless, some have been left by their owners and some have become lost. When you spay or neuter your pet you help to reduce these numbers. The procedure can be performed when your pet is six to eight weeks old and is reported to cut the risk of certain cancers as well as unwanted liters. Prevent Parasites The most common external parasite found in pets is fleas. They can irritate their skin, cause hair loss and also cause infections. By swallowing one flea, your cat or dog can become infested with tapeworms; one of pets most common internal parasite. Year round prevention is suggested to prevent fleas. A vet can recommend a good treatment to prevent flea infestation for your cat or dog. Provide a Healthy Dog Food Diet Purina Beneful Dog Foods believe people are better with pets and strive through their products that those pets remain healthy. This belief has their scientists and nutritionists developing industry leading pet foods like Beneful. Beneful doesn’t just create pet food, they create pet nutrition. Through a variety of proteins such as; chicken, lamb, pork and beef; their pet food offers wholesome ingredients you can be assured are as delicious as they are nutritious. All of their products contain wholesome ingredients and both wet and dry foods contain balanced and complete nutrition. These products also have antioxidants as well as omega-rich ingredients.