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Andy Wirth Talks About the Drought in California

Andy Wirth is a distinguished individual who not only loves nature, but also loves the outdoor world. His current occupation is as the CEO and President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort which is a ski resort that is located in the Olympic Valley of North California.

This beautiful valley was even home of the 1960 Winter Olympics. In recent news, Andy Wirth sat down with KCRW to talk about the current drought that has been affecting the West Coast. As households and businesses are expected to conserve more, this popular radio station was curious to learn how this luxury resort was handling the drought that has decreased the overall water levels by 27 percent within the last few years.

During this over the radio interview, Andy Wirth was asked as to how this drought has affected the ski resort. To answer this question Andy Wirth responded by stating that he thinks of this drought as a positive. He sees this drought as not only an opportunity to invest, but also as an opportunity to conserve and to not waste.

Andy Wirth even answered the question which concerned his prediction of how many winters the resort could last. Andy Wirth calmly responded by stating that the resort could withstand an infinite amount of winters despite the lack of snowfall. Andy Wirth elaborated by stating that the property of the resort extends around 6,000 acres which will continue to withstand the drought over the next many years.  Read more: Just Breathe: Andy Wirth on the Upswing in Tahoe and Andrew Wirth: Executive Profile & Biography

Andy Wirth is thinking positive about this drought. Not only is he not worried about any lack of revenue, but he also predicts that business will continue to pick up. Any lack of snowfall will result in Andy Wirth investing in the snow making business.

What this means is that ski enthusiasts will continue to flock to the Squaw Valley Ski Resort as this will be the ski resort that offers the best site to ski. Andy Wirth sees the drought as a blessing and not a curse due to the fact that this will teach the public how to conserve the natural resources rather than waste them.

In addition to new snow investments, Andy Wirth also has plans to increase festivals and events that take place at the ski resort. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort has numerous events in the summer time that can also be translated to the winter time if the snow does begin to dissipate with time.

Overall, Andy Wirth is not distraught by the lack of rainfall and is, instead, excited for the challenge. As a lover of nature, Andy Wirth sees this as an opportunity to teach the public how natural resources are not infinite and must not be wasted.

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