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A Step Forward on the Runway with THe Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929. Originally it was called the Academy of Advertising Art. The main campus of the university is located in San Francisco, California. It is the largest privately owned school of its kind in the United States.

The mission of the university is to be able to accept as many students as possible no matter their background. Future students must meet simple requirements in order to attend the university. The university also teaches a very disciplined approach when it comes to academics.

One thing that future students can expect is that the curriculum is taught by professionals in the optimal industries. Students can also expect support from teachers and fellow students alike. The students also help serve the city of San Francisco. This way they can feel at home and at ease with themselves. One of the toughest assignments for seniors at the university is preparing for a runway show at Fashion Week in New York. Here are a few students and their designs for the show.

The first student is named Cana Klebanoff. He was inspired to create his fashions around things like samurai armor and castle architecture to complete his look. With the success of his show, he was able to go and study in Paris, France.

The second student is named Ryan Yu. He is from China and was inspired by his look on a very simple premise. That premise is how light always overcomes dark. It provided a dazzling and futuristic approach to runway fashion and shows that inspiration can come from anywhere.

The third and final student is named Jelly Shan. She was inspired by the fact that she took a trip to northern China and was very happy with the peace that she felt there. She used the colors of ancient temples and robes to make her look more edgy and new.

These are just three of the students at the Academy of Art University. They are taking a bold step

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Rebel Wilson has proved her acting talent

Rebel Wilson is bold in her acting career something she has been doing for many years now, taking up a role in Pitch Perfect as Fat Amy is one of her many achievements in the film industry where she has attracted a lot of following and admiration from her fans. When she was growing up, she did not have such confidence, but things continued to change as she grew up. She mustered her courage during her years as a teen and realized that she could do anything she loved as long as she worked hard and maintained consistency.

Rebel Wilson knew what she wanted and worked hard to achieve her dreams with her acting career. Today, she is a household in Hollywood, and her films have attracted a lot of following. She is seen in various big screens because she has worked hard to be where she is today. Rebel was born in Australia in 1980.


The star grew in the West side of Sydney where this marked his humble beginning of her successful life. Rebel was bashful, and this led to her mother enrolling her in youth class for acting because she wanted her to overcome some of these traits. During those days Rebel says she was shy and did not want to take up the acting classes. Her mother drove her to the venue against her wishes and left her there. Read more: Rebel Wilson on Winning Battles Producing Films | Vogue and Pitch Perfect Star Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Secrets | Today

Rebel had such problems when growing up, but it marked the starting point of his successful and glamorous career. At such an early age she started developing her character, and by the age of fifteen, she knew who she wanted to be in the future. She began developing her personality and her acting career towards achieving her life goals.

Rebel had decided, and there was no turning back to her old ways. While in school, she would participate in debate clubs because she wanted to build her confidence and also speak her thoughts to others. According to her, she struggled with personality until she was fourteen years when she started becoming the person she is today.

Although most talented individuals from Australia who appear on screens are drama actors, Rebel Wilson is among the few satirical comedians who have built a big name in Hollywood. She went to the United States after turning thirty years. The acting journey in the foreign country has not been easy for her, but she is always focused on what she does to make it successful.

Accomplishing her goals is what makes her work hard every day. Today, Rebel Wilson is happy with her journey. She started during her teenage years and worked hard to be where she is today. Indeed she deserves great success.

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Rebel Wilson: Fluffy Cat Trapped In A Romantic Comedy

How many times have you wondered – will you find your true love…your soulmate? In situations like that, we usually reach for some mellow love movies and spend our time watching and crying tears over some sad love story. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can turn around and try to find your “happy moment”.

Try some good old love comedy. After the fabulous Toni Collette and Muriel’s wedding, we were all eager for some new Australian star of the same caliber and charm. And she came along – her name is Rebel Wilson. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

If you still haven’t seen the movie “Isn’t It Romantic?” – now is the right time. For all of you who think that true love is not possible and that romance is dead – this is the best possible way to spend 90 minutes laughing, and wondering whether your true love might be even sitting right next to you.

A Non-Romantic Rom-Com

Although it was meant to be a nonromantic comedy – the movie Isn’t it Romantic has already managed to buy our hearts. The premiere was wisely timed, so the movie was released on Valentine’s day. Though it’s a romantic comedy, it’s not mellow, and it will really make you laugh.

The script is far from the original – girl meets boy, boy meets girl. She is clumsy and he is handsome and rich. But although this script seems totally overcome, the great comedy talent of Rebel Wilson makes it so much fun and not at all cheap. Both Wilson and Liam Hemsworth deconstruct the conventions of romantic comedies and they provide a new spin to this movie.

Here’s the quick storyline for those of you who still haven’t seen it…

Natalie is a girl who doesn’t believe in love or romance. Her mother contributed much to that attitude since she told Natalie that such girls can only find a husband if a man is hunting for a Visa. She hates romantic movies, especially love-comedies. She was growing up with a lack of self-confidence, which is following her through her adulthood too.

Natalie is moving to NY where she is working as an architect, booked by the handsome Australian billionaire Blake (Liam Hemsworth). One day, she wakes up in a hospital, after being mugged in a subway. She sees a great looking doctor and she feels embarrassed. Afterward, another accident will turn her life upside down. Blake’s limo hits Natalie, and that’s where her life starts to look like a thing she always ran away from – her life is turning into a romantic comedy.

39th Birthday Surprise

The Australian actress has recently turned 39. But, as she claims, her age is not limiting her in any way. She can still pass for such sweet movies and comedy genre, but she thinks she can provide much more serious roles too. Though being an actress typically means entering into many different characters, Rebel Wilson privately is a very fun person to spend time with.

Since Wilson is in the middle of preparation for her next upcoming movie The Cats, she shared the news, and also some of her birthday pictures and videos on Instagram. She had uploaded a video clip while practicing and performing with friends. The act was called “catzercise” and there’s a good reason for it. Namely, Wilson was performing wearing a cute cat costume with fluffy kitty ears.

Wilson is already known as a person with a slightly weird sense of humor, so she couldn’t resist writing the comment below her “catzercise” full costumed photo. In her own manner, she wrote: “Don’t be a pussy and try it.

The caption says it all.

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Clay Hutson Sound Engineer/Entrepreneur

Clayton Hutson is a one-of-a-kind formal sound engineer and entrepreneur born straight out of Nashville, Tennessee. Hutson being very lucky, found his talent and future career at an extremely young age when he was just a boy. But still even finding such talents and aspirations at a young age, Clay had to work for his dream like everyone else. Clay’s high work ethic and up to task demeanor is what got him where he is today. Clayton attended Central Michigan University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Theater Design and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Stephen Ross School of Business.

Shortly after college, Hutson fought his way into the music industry working with multiple companies that provide live entertainment events. These roles included Sound engineering, Managing projects, and Stage management. Eventually Clayton broke off into his own lane diving into the entrepreneur field. Doing such, he created a live entertainment production company which ultimately expanded the sea for Clay’s entrepreneur prosecute.

Clayton’s mark on the music industry will definitely not be forgotten. Hutson was named the king of Rock’n’Roll for the presence of being behind all the masterpieces in the industry. Clay’s work ethic is yet another subject that will not be forgotten. Clay Devoted time, energy, and passion that some couldn’t imagine to this field; while producing managing, designing, and overlooking countless live tours and events, Clay still Had his foot in the business world, while dabbling in the music industry and entertainment field.

At this point in his life Hutson’s career, talent, and dream was standing more than strong. Throughout his impressive immense career Clayton has worked with the largest names in the music industry on top of all the other outstanding achievements. The names vary from Pink, Kid Rock, Garbage, Guns’N’Roses, and many more. Wrapping it up there is not much else to be said. Clayton Hutson without question is a legend and will be remembered for his formal businessman attitude and demeanor following his amazing music career alongside with the icons that he has worked with.

Alex Pall, Innovative EDM Tracks Are The Mark Of Excellence

The Chainsmokers are starting to grow, becoming more active on each new record release as vocalists and lyricists. In summer 2016, we heard something new from the Chainsmokers on their single, “Closer.” Instead of famously relying on others for track lyrics and supply vocals, fans got a chance to hear Andrew Taggart sing. The single also featured one of today’s hottest sensations, Halsey. On all previous recordings, the Chainsmokers’ duo of Alex Paul and Taggart stuck to the traditional electronic dance music (EDM) formula. That’s a banging basic beat with a lot of heart pounding tones, intrinsically bound together as club music.

Now, the Chainsmokers are quietly starting to reveal more and more of their personalities and hidden talents such as singing and writing lyrics. It’s not that they were unaware of these talents before, it’s just that producing straight EDM tracks claimed the largest portion of their time and their creative minds. The DJs are still actively involved in EDM, but they’ve become comfortable with doing more than standing in a booth for hours. The two started working together as contemporary DJs after Alex Pall quit his day job. He was working on beats as a side gig. Until he realized that his love for the format consisted of more than a passing interest. He was introduced to Taggart, whom he refers to as, “Drew.” The Chainsmokers were a duo before the pair met. However, Alex Pall was in search of a new partner when his bandmate left.

Fact is, Alex and Drew know how to combine the variances of popular music with what they most want to produce. The Chainsmokers have evolved into something bigger than either of them could have imagined. They work well together and are constantly writing and creating new songs. Alex Pall estimates that they have enough written material to put out recordings for the next two years. That’s how many tracks they’ve already created. But, it’s a matter of ebbing with the flow of radio play and club popularity as to when they’ll release new music.