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How EOS Reshaped the Beauty Market

Within the past decade EOS has revamped a beauty accessory with its distinguishable shape that appeals to all physical senses. Creators Jonathan Teller and Craig Tubitsk along with Mehra, a consumer packaging expertise, showed the world that you can teach an old dog new tricks by transforming a century old staple into something shiny and new.


EOS, short for “Evolution of Smooth”, values itself on appealing to the physical senses of consumers as well as prides itself on the organic ingredients not offered by competitors. The idea of EOS was first brainstormed on target audience and how to differentiate itself from competitors with loyal consumers to their brand. Go straight to this important site.


EOS distinguished themselves by transforming a meticulous task of moisturizing during a daily routine into a task pleasing to the eye, easy to find to the touch, and smelled appealing. The slogan for EOS, “the lip balm that makes you smile,” was ultimately decided on to create an emotional connection to the brand’s users.


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Just as EOS targeted a female market, buyers of the female gender ultimately became the success of this startup venture. Though turned away by male buyers who couldn’t comprehend the value of EOS, this innovative lip balm appealed to a woman buyer that jet-setted the success of EOS. Starting with Walgreens, the lip balm continues to sell out on shelves at and Target.


Today, EOS is the second best-selling lip balm in the United States. Rivaling Burt’s Bees, longtime products Blistex and Chapstick trail behind EOS. The success of this product is validated through celebrities that further increase marketing and sales for the product. The projection of sales is set to steadily increase in the future. Utilizing supply and demand in a timeless object, EOS broke into an oversaturated market and proved it’s here to stay. See for more related articles.


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