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How Lime Crime’s New Venus 3 Palette Makes High Fashion Beauty Available To The Masses

For many years there has been a great debate over whether or not fashion and beauty can be considered art. There are some that consider makeup and clothes to be frivolous but anyone who has ever watched a beauty tutorial on Youtube or seen clothes that were designed by great minds such as the legendary Alexander Mcqueen knows that there is a lot of skill and imagination that goes into making a show stopping garment or creating an effective contour. One might say that makeup and fashion are an art for those who are interested in making themselves look like art. The online company and beauty industry fixture Lime Crime has set itself apart as a company whose highlighters, lip colors, eye makeup and hair dye are developed for those who want to transform themselves into walking works of art.

Arguably what the company has been able to do is to take the avant-garde sensibilities that beauty in the world of fashion is known for and make them accessible to everyday people. While most makeup companies were selling lip colors in shades of burgundy or pink Lime Crime has sold lip colors such as the bright orange shade that it calls Psycho and the pale green shade that shimmers like a fish’s tail that it refers to as Meadow. Like many high fashion brands,its products and makeup lines often have a unique concept. High fashion designers have often used the Renaissance and ancient folklore as themes in their designs and now Lime Crime is following in their footsteps with the latest edition to its line of Venus palettes.

The beauty company just released a new product that is known as the Venus 3 palette. The Venus 3 palette is inspired by a female love goddess from ancient mythology. The tagline for Venus 3 is Hail yes, to Heavenly Grunge, suggesting a brand new aesthetic. The Venus 3 palette has 8 colors that will be perfect for anyone who wants to make the sidewalk their runway by channeling an ancient goddess in a way that feels contemporary and bold. The Venus 3 palette includes colors such as rose gold, light purple, mauve and fuschia.