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Fabletics Takes the Road Less Traveled By (and is succeeding exponentially)

Though we have all inevitably heard the buzz about Kate Hudson’s trendy new fashion line Fabletics, what you may not have heard, is the way that she has flipped the current offline-to-online (aka “showrooming”) game completely on its head.


The 38 year old actress-gone-businesswoman is taking the “price = value” notion and proving it to be completely wrong. Instead, Fabletics makes it their tippy-top priority to create an authentic personal bond with each of their customers, whether that be online or offline, and boy does it show. An astounding 30-50% of the people who visit their local Fabletics store are already members. Whereas 25% of the non-already-members become members after walking in. How does this happen you ask? There are a few ways.


  1. The Very Important Person’s Club

Fabletics offers exclusive VIP Memberships to those looking to save big bucks on retail prices. Through this system, each accumulated “member credit” can be redeemed for 1 outfit. Making this line of clothing not only super in-season and stylish, but crazy affordable too.


  1. The Coveted “Reverse Showroom” Technique

“Showrooming” is the act of physically visiting a store to inspect certain products before purchasing it online for an easy-on-the-pocket price. Though most companies find this game plan as a blow to their sales, Kate has managed to turn this once unfavorable connotation into a strategy that not only encourages online browsing, but helps profit both seller and consumer equally because of it. In virtue of the massive use of social media and online browsing, the Fabletics team is able to gather solid information and visible data on pieces that customers are really loving, as well as on pieces that aren’t as hot. This means local stores are carrying only that of which customers have shown an overwhelming liking for. Now, the attire which sit folded amongst the shelves are in essence a “custom-tailored” fit to what the majority wants and needs. This diverted strategy has helped Fabletics acquire repeat, life long customers while simultaneously putting smiles on shoppers bank accounts.


Despite the disapproving eyes from competitors, the proof is in the pudding. Hudson has created a $250 million-dollar business in just a short 3 1/2 year period, and intends to grow by the dozens in time to come. Kate has been adamant on her never-ending effort to continually improve her brand and to always keeping it fresh, while telling Forbes “I’m really proud of the things I’m doing in business, which we’ll continue to expand”. The future of Fabletics is looking as bright and innovative as ever, one must wonder if we have seen only a glimpse of what is to come.


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Marketing Professional Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a marketing professional who according to a PR News report, has recently been appointed as the CEO of a company called Global. Before she became the CEO of Global, she served as the Global Executive Chairman of another company called KBS. When she worked at these companies, Lori would be responsible for establishing the overall marketing strategy and vision for the company. This allowed her to find the best ways to appeal to customers as well as help improve the brand image of Global and KBS. As well as providing the overall marketing strategy for her company, Lori is also responsible for developing developing connections to partner agencies. With these tasks, Lori is relied upon to help grow her company as well as create better relationships with clients. By doing all of these tasks, Lori has been able to help Global establish itself as one of the top companies in the marketing industry. During her career, Senecal has consistently proven to provide excellent leadership as well as improve upon client relations.

While working in the marketing industry, Lori has demonstrated a high level of ability in developing innovation and invention. She believes that this is what companies need to do in order to set them apart from the competition. When she worked at KBS, she helped the company become one of the top branding agencies in the United States. The company became a leader in facilitating the development of a number of innovative inventions for other companies. As well as helping KBS become a top branding agency, Lori has helped improve the branding of numerous technology companies. As well as helping establish a number of technology brands for various companies, Loir has helped brand a number of start ups as well as companies that specialize in content creation.

Lori recently sat down for a Huffington Post interview to talk about her lifestyle and success. One of the things that she attributes to her success is her upbringing. As the oldest of four children, she was able to develop leadership skills at a young age. When she was spending time with her siblings, she was often expected to provide an example and give them advice and mentorship on a regular basis. This would help her get used to leading other people in other aspects of her life. By developing leadership skills, Lori was able to become a top manager in her occupation. As a result, Lori has also been able to establish herself as one of the most successful managers in her industry.