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Richard Liu Qiangdong – Businessman with Excellent Qualities

The net worth of Richard Liu Qiangdong is estimated by Forbes to be more than $12 billion, and counting as the stocks of the company keeps soaring at the New York Stock Exchange. At the time the company of Richard Liu Qiangdong went public, it witnessed one of the largest openings of the year. It won’t be wrong to say that Richard Liu Qiangdong has helped the company grow under his guidance and the strategies that he put in place.

In the last few years, the e-commerce sector has changed drastically, but he has ensured that continues to grow without any hurdles. It is mostly due to the expertise that Richard Liu Qiangdong has in the field of business.

As a person, Richard Liu Qiangdong is very competitive, and he not only likes challenges but takes them head-on with a solution that he develops meticulously with his team of business management experts.

When was suffering from logistics problems when it used to outsource the logistics services, instead of trying another carrier or finding a way out, he invested millions in building an in-house logistics Services Company. It is the long-term view and benefits that Richard Liu is always after, and it is what promises a great future for moving ahead.

Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that it is important for the company to fulfill the needs of its customers. He is able to achieve it with quick delivery services and the best products available anywhere else in the online world.

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Isabel dos Santos on Empowering Youthful African Women to Contribute to the Continent’s Economy

Forbes Magazine declared Isabel dos Santos as Africa’s richest woman. She garnered her wealth from business investments in sectors such as finance, media, energy, and telecommunications in Africa and foreign countries. Isabel is currently worth over $2 billion. Although she’s successful, the businesswoman admits to facing challenges in male-dominated sectors. Therefore, she has been empowering African women to pursue their education and advance their career in executive level jobs. She understands that by mentoring them, the women will catalyze their personal development to their families and the communities they hail from. Eventually, the energy will be felt in Africa’s economy. Isabel Dos Santos also encourages other African entrepreneurs to motivate these women by taking part in her mentorship programs.

In fighting the stigmatization of women in male-dominated industries, Isabel dos Santos believes that change is appended on technology. Considering the continent’s entrepreneurial spirit, the successful entrepreneur notes how disappointing it is that women can barely gain access to better jobs in the continent. As such, they can’t realize their economic potential. Dos Santos is empowering them by helping to advocate for their education. She also makes sure that they receive c-level executive jobs like their male counterparts. Isabel holds that creating employment opportunities for women and training young girls enables them to gain access to financial stability. As she, she believes that they will influence the global economy.

To be able to educate these women on the value of attaining an education and eventually a lasting career, Isabel Dos Santos chairs mentorship sessions in learning institutions. She gives speeches and highly engages in various debates regarding the same. She also insists on discussing the power of using technology in advancing business and career. Dos Santos implores women to invest in their education and commit to their visions. The entrepreneur also emphasizes the need for patience in growing a business. She adds that at times, it’s essential to focus on earning an education before delving into the entrepreneurial world. The most valuable thing is to understand the subgoal of the business idea prior to venturing into the docket.

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Vinod Gupta Understands How to Make a Great Investment

Everyone wants to have absolute certainty they are making a good investment. People have lost millions investing in the wrong things or doing things at incorrect times. The United State market is consistently changing. Vinod Gupta is someone who knows all about investing. He is the current manager at Everest Group. He understood from the beginning that it was important to look into investing as a long-term plan.

Vinod Gupta believed in what he was doing from the very start. He turned a one hundred dollar investment into six hundred eighty million dollar company. He did not do it simply for himself. He has helped to make the lives of people better. He has always believed in giving back to the community on every level.

Many people may look at Vinod Gupta’s success and not realize he came from very humble beginnings. He was born in Delhi, India, in a tiny village. The village did not have modern-day amenities like running water, television, electricity and transportation. He attended grade school and high school within his village. His family helped him get the opportunity to attend college.

He received a B. Tech degree from I.I.T. He was thrilled when he received a graduate assistantship from with his admission to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He received an engineering degree and a Masters in Business Administration. After graduating, he started marketing research analysis at a mobile home company.

He completed a list of mobile home companies all over the world. After seeing these kinds of lists were missing in the world, he created the American Business Lists. These compiled lists from databases and the Yellow Pages. He invested everything back into his business. Gupta’s company InfoUSA over three hundred million in sales. It was sold for over six hundred million. Vishod Gupta definitely displays what is possible.

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Serge Belamant- the founder of Zilch Technologies

Serge Belamant is known to many as the patent holder of the blockchain technology industry. He was born in France, but his family moved to South Africa when he was 14 years old. He attended Witwatersrand University where he took her degree in computer sciences and technology. He joined the workforce at the age of 22 and had the opportunity of working with many companies in diverse industries. He possessed advanced coding skills which enabled him to program financial transaction software. Due to his unique abilities, he became very prominent in the financial industry, a factor that propelled him further into popularity. View Serge Belamant’s profile at Linkedin.

Serge Belamant founded Net1 UEPS Technologies in 1989. This is a company through which he managed to develop various universal electronic payment systems. In 1995 he was hired by VISA to design the chip-enabled credit and debit cards that we use today. He was also involved in the digitization of a payment system that was used to transfer welfare funds to remote parts of South Africa.

Recently, such an element founded Zilch Technologiess, a firm that will help the young generation to understand how to make better financial decisions.

Zilch Technologies was created after a chat he had with his son Philip who is an IT engineer. They concluded that many social media users do not have the requisite knowledge of financial matters. He decided that he would come up with a product that would avail financial information to social media users directly through mobile phones.

Serge Belamant relates his success to his approach to work. He believes that in order to earn money, he must first create a superior product that customers will find indispensable. Once you create a product that customers will love, money will follow, and you will not have to go looking for it. Every time he is making an invention, he takes time to build something that will be useful not only today but in the future.

Serge Belamant reckons that many companies are taking time to build products that take long before they can start earning profits. However, if the product is superior, it will ultimately become profitable.



Wes Edens Interview on Milwaukee Bucks and New Ventures

Wes Edens, co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, sat down with Ric Bucher for an interview on his podcast, which was also included on Edens isn’t your typical NBA owner. In addition to his long career in finance, he was a competitive skier as a teenager and continues to stay active with his keen interest in rock climbing. He attributes his interest in climbing to having grown up near mountains on a ranch in Montana.

After studying at Montana State and Oregon State University, Wes Edens ended up in New York, thinking he would remain in the Big Apple for the typical one- or two-year stint. Instead, he ended up launching a career in finance based in the city.

The interview focused on the team and Milwaukee as a quintessential sports town. There is a tremendous passion for both college and pro sports, which might be best exemplified by the Green Bay Packers and their devoted fan base. They also talked about the challenges in financing a team in a smaller market, since the vast majority of teams making it to the semi-finals and finals tend to be from larger markets. Edens said that he took a great deal from the examples of the two smaller teams that have won recently, Cleveland and San Antonio.

Wes Edens is also a stakeholder in the Aston Villa premier soccer team, and the two discussed the parallels between the NBA and English soccer. In addition, his company, Fortress Investments, financed the Brightline passenger train system, which has now been re-branded as Virgin Trains USA, a privately operated company. Wes Edens and Fortress are also involved in New Fortress Energy, a firm specializing in cleaner energy solutions. He is also a pioneer in the emerging e-sports industry, having purchased Flyquest in 2016, a e-sports franchise.

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Organo Gold Is Pushing The Limits of Coffee Culture

One of the most sought-after brands in coffee production is known as Organo Gold. This particular brand utilizes some of the best natural ingredients in its coffee products. Ganoderma lucidum just so happens to be the company’s main ingredient because it hosts so many wonderful benefits. Ganoderma lucidum is actually a mushroom that grows in China’s Wuyi Mountains, and it’s full of nutrients that work great for the immune system. In addition to that, this mushroom is loaded with antioxidants, which gives the coffee a distinct taste.

Coffee production and coffee culture has grown dramatically over the years. There are literally hundreds of brands to choose from on a global scale. Coffee culture is basically a cultural gathering of coffee drinkers. There’s no smoke and mirrors here as this scene is all about meeting new people while sipping your favorite coffee type. Thanks to this strong passion of coffee consumption, International Coffee Day came into fruition back in 2015. September 29 will be the official day of this holiday-like celebration. All things coffee are celebrated during this particular time, and there are many items that fall under this exclusive jurisdiction. This worldwide celebration will certainly be gathering steam in the years to come.

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OSI Group: The expansion of the Spanish Market with OSI leading the charge

OSI Group has expanded rapidly over the years and data coming from OSI’s Spain division that the demand for chicken is growing is a clear indication that their calculations where correct. According to OSI, the Spanish division could only produce about 12,000 tons of chicken per year, however, due to the increase in demand, OSI Group funded a renovation to their production line that will now be able to turn out 24,000 tons per year, double that of years prior.

The addition of the new line benefited both the company and the community alike, with the growth of the factory came also a demand for more hiring opportunities. Today OSI Spain is now able to produce over 45,000 tons of chicken, pork & beef products every year. Managing Director José María del Río stated that he believes the demand for chicken-based products will surely continue to increase in the years going forward and OSI Group will be here to meet not only the demand but also the high-quality people have come to expect from the company.

The state of the art facility includes not only more square footage for the increased production of the chicken products but also includes special accommodation areas for clients that prefer a more customized product both in the production and packaging. The facility also introduces a more employee-friendly environment where staff can come into their own personal lounge for rest during their breaks. In addition, the facility will introduce more receiving areas and refrigerated rooms in order to hold waste.

OSI Group is not only encouraged by the increase in production but also in the decrease in energy consumption. For example, the new facility will cut down on energy consumption by 20 percent this year alone. The European Agricultural Guarantee OSI Group to be funded with a certain amount of money due to their progressive ideas and plans for sustaining the Spanish environment and bringing in employment. Because of this work, OSI has received numerous awards throughout their history including in 2016 when they were recognized by the Spanish chamber of commerce for their dedication in bringing in hundreds of jobs to the country.

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Gareth Henry Forex expert

Over the last few years, the private investment sector has been rapidly growing due to a number of factors. These factors include challenges with being public companies associates. This challenge was caused by regulations requiring companies to disclose their financial transactions public due to accounting scandals and malpractice in the public companies. Another factor is associated with the previous one. One’s companies financial affairs are made public in the short run can scare investors if they fall short of their expectations. They can withdraw their support mid-year which would lead to the collapse of institutions. The final factor and the most relevant to Gareth Henry is regulatory changes for banks in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008.

Gareth Henry has worked for financial institutions and a number of very prominent United States-based alternative investment organizations. He was employed by Schroders, a money management firm in London, as a director of strategic solutions. Gareth Henry worked for SEI investments in London and Philadelphia as an investment manager and also for Watson Wyatt, London, as an analyst. In recent years, he worked with Fortress investments first as head of international investments relations and then as global head of investor relations. In the latter post, he oversaw a unit that targeted the firm’s global sales, marketing, and clients.

Gareth Henry is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in actuarial mathematics and statistics from the University of Edinburgh. He credits this degree for propelling him in the private credit and private equity industry by giving him a better view and understanding of the investment world. He uniquely combines his industrial experience and mathematical training to create a significantly successful career in alternative asset investment industry.

After working in the private credit and private equity offering credit to firms, Gareth Henry has an emphasis on working on feedback from your teams, peers, and clients. Feedback is a key factor in understanding the dynamics that you are operating in. He also credits precision thinking and personal touch in his work for creating working relations within the market and for his successful career.

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Francisco Domenech-An Exemplary Leader in the Politics world

POLITANK is a government affairs law company that is widely known to offer developing strategies that best represent private interests in government meetings or forums. The firm has been a success thanks to the leadership and guidance of Francisco Domenech., who is the Managing Partner of the firm. His journey has not been a smooth ride but he has gone on to conquer many barriers and to accomplish what he has done today.

Domenech has served in many offices. The most distinguished choice is serving has the Director of the Office of Legislative Services of the P.R Legislative Assembly from 2005 to 2008. Francisco Domenech changed the way the office operated and came up with new strategies that brought unimaginable changes to the office. With the help of his team, Domenech was able to expand the services offered by the Legislative Library and made them available for every person in need. Through his guidance, the office was able to manage $11 million provided and the surpluses were marvelous. Check out on youtube for more updates.

Domenech has also spread his expertise to the Puerto Rico Senate where served as the Chief Legal Counsel of the Senate President. His duties included representing the Senate’s interests and views before the courts. Besides working in Puerto Rico, he has also been a force to reckon with in the politics world. Mr. Domenech has been part of the democratic politics for a couple of years.

He has worked with Hillary Clinton during her election bids in 2008 as well as during 2016 USA elections. He served has Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and run every congress forum smoothly and to fruition. Mr. Domenech has gone on to be part of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) where he served as the leader of the Young Democrats of America.

Academic Background of Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech can attribute his political success and good leadership skills to his academic background and good training. He is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, the Rio Piedras Campus. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and also attained a Juris Doctor. At the university, he served in numerous leadership posts and depicted his exceptional leadership prowess. You can find Domenech on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn among others. Read more:



Jeunesse Global Anti-aging Benefits

Jeunesse could be defined as the anti-aging collective consciousness, and the young company has already been cited as one of the “Best Places To Work In Direct Selling.”

The company takes great pride in the top quality health supplements and skin care lines they offer to women and men around the world. Innovative technology is key to their successful range of premium products that allow people to feel and look more youthful and help empower them to greater potential.

One of Jeunesse’s exciting new beauty launches is NV, the brand’s exclusive line of micro-mist foundations that deliver a flawless, airbrushed look. Foundation is one of the essentials of creating a gorgeous canvas, but most beauty companies cannot achieve a formula that creates impeccable luminescence with anti-aging benefits.

Jeunesse has developed an exquisite micro-mist foundation that utilizes the brand’s exclusive APT-200™ polypeptide youth-enhancing ingredient with lasting coverage in nine incredible shades to choose from. The bottle of NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation comes with the ideal applicator, an advanced airbrush spray nozzle that creates a “pore-less” finish and photo-ready complexion that every woman desires. Just one light coating and you’re glowing.

The NV line also features an elegant and colorless NV Primer for smoothing the face prior to foundation. A great primer preps the complexion, and the NV formula consists of a lightweight spray to apply all over the face and neck. It’s quick and easy and fills in any imperfection.

There is also the unique NV Bronzer that offers excellent shimmer for both the face and body and allows an individual’s bone structure to appear contoured and radiant.

Jeunesse products are popular in more than 110 countries circling the globe, thanks to the family team behind it. Both Ray and Wendy Lewis debuted Jeunesse to the world on September 9, 2009, at 9 PM. For them and Scott Lewis, it was a year of significance because the number nine is symbolic of longevity. Jeunesse is all about “Generation Young.”

Jeunesse is a global movement with distributors at every corner of the world focused on encouraging healthy living and youth enhancement.