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Eric Lefkofsky Launches Predictive Technology to Combat Cancer Through a Self-Funding Mission

Eric Lefkofsky has decided to go into self-funding to establish a technology company that will use predictive data to combat cancer infections. Forbes estimates that is net worth is $1.7 billion, and he has promised to put most of the income into the Tempus cancer project. The company in which he is a co-founder and chief executive officer is setting up an operating system that will be used to diagnose and treat cancer. Before the latest venture, Eric Lefkofsky helped to establish many startups in the tech industry. He was the CEO of Groupon which provided a global marketplace for e-commerce besides being the principal of various prominent technology companies like Lightbanks.

He is the principal founder of technology companies in Chicago and together with his partner called Brad Keywell they have helped to transform many startups into success companies trading publicly. But the interest he had as a serial entrepreneur in tech ventures came to a rude stop when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. He was frank to admit that he was confused because of the severe diagnoses, and he said that could happen to anybody to know more: click here.

The investor who is now 47 years old was however not amused by the fact that he could not get all the information Eric Lefkofsky needed about cancer. The lack of any clear direction made him come up with the idea of Tempus. The new company the two partners have established will be data-oriented to the management of cancer. By applying machine learning and sequencing of genomics, the operating system will provide a clearer relationship between the type of tumor and the patient so that so that the best treatment option can be applied.

He said the Tempus venture was one of the most ambitious things he has ever attempted in technology. He has left his partner to be the CEO of a startup predictive analytics known as Uptake while he is devoting his time to Tempus. He says the latest initiative will create a significant shift in paradigm in the technology industry like Facebook did for linking people or Google did for changing how people relate to the internet. He is deeply involved in philanthropy through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

We Had To Try NutriMost After Seeing This Story

My husband and I watched this really inspiring story of a doctor on who lost a lot of weight on NutriMost, and that is when we decided we should give it a try. It is hard to ignore a story that has someone doing something so great for themselves, and it made it even better that it was a doctor who was telling the story. A doctor’s endorsement on Facebook goes a long way with us, and we decided that we were going to see what the doctor had to say.

We looked into NutriMost more on their website, and we started learning about how it helps you eat better. We had a lot of things we needed to do to start eating better, and we followed the instructions on that showed us what to cut out of our diets. We started using the meal plan from NutriMost, and we were feeling a lot better. The food was really different from what we were used to eating, but it all made sense because we had heard this from a doctor before. We just trusted Nutrimost that this doctor’s story was genuine, and we were right to do so.

The point of the plan of NutriMost in our minds was to help us get healthy, and we started losing weight without really trying. We made sure that we were not checking too often, and we were losing so much that we had to go out and get new clothes. The plan on also helped us learn how much we were going to have to exercise. We were fitting that in along with everything else, and it really changed how we feel about food. We do not eat the things we used to eat, and we do not drink the things we used to drink. We had our whole lives changed by NutriMost, and we look better than ever.