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A Few Factors About Beneful That You Should Know

These days, people take care of their pets very differently with a few years back. Gone are the days when a pet owner could just buy pet food. These days, pet owners want to buy food that is of good quality and that the pets will enjoy eating. Pet food manufacturers on the other hand have upped their games when it comes to the quality they offer their customers. Many on Twitter are in fact obsessed with the quality of their products such that they try as much as they can to make them with standards that meet those required by humans. The pet food industry is massive. In the US alone, it is estimated to be worth not less than $23.7 billion. In the recent past, companies have been blending salmon and lamb and offering organic grain free food. Pet food companies have gone a notch higher; they have started making dog food that helps in weight loss. The companies are also giving pet owners the rare chance to help make customized food blends by letting them choose the ingredients they desire to be mixed. Since 2009, pet food sales in the US market have risen 45% up. The industry has changed a lot and now, there’s even special dog for senior dogs. One company has made a special recipe that has fat sourced from coconut oil that it says is much easier to be metabolized by the senior dogs. Beneful is a pet food manufacturing company owned by Purina that has a firm belief that every pet enjoys bowls that are filled with goodness. The company specializes in making foods that have real ingredients like meat, veggies that are rich in vitamins as well as textures and tastes that are nourishing to the dog inside out. As indicated on the Beneful website, the company operates on the principle that pet food should be sumptuous, nutritious and not expensive. The company is one of the few that have a lot of support when matters related to excellent customer care are concerned. It encourages all customers to leave reviews whether their pets enjoyed its products or not so as to enable it enhance quality.