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Household Cleaning: Handy Does the Legwork for You

Rather than spend your relaxing weekends doing housecleaning chores, have your house cleaned when you want it cleaned for a reasonable charge, and schedule it from your phone. Handy Home Cleaning Services has developed a new mobile app that allows you to enter your zip code, the rooms you need cleaned, and the exact start time. You’re then provided a quote with tax and tip included, if you like what you see you can accept it through the app. The credit card you have on file is charged, and you have a cleaning person along with a money back guarantee.

If you’re nervous about having a stranger cleaning your home, rest assured Handy requires all of their freelance cleaners pass an extensive background check, including references and an in-person interview. Handy freelance cleaners are then free to choose when and where they will work, and they know exactly how much they will be paid for the job. Handy has found that most of their freelance cleaners are single parents, who just need flexible hours and extra income.

Handy Home Cleaning Services has found its niche in an old market. Two years after the application launch, Handy is accruing over $1 million in bookings per week. Handy’s customers are gaining a comfort level with the freelance cleaners and the level of service they provide.

Handy’s services are now available in 25 cities in the U.S. and two in Canada, along with cleaning services offered in London. Handy offers handyman and plumbing services, but the bulk of their revenue is from the cleaning services they offer through their mobile app. With over 200,000 freelance job applications submitted at their site and a freelance staff of over 5,000 professionals, Handy has found a unique way to not only help households get the help they need, but to bring jobs to workers, who need the flexible hours.

Even though cleaning is the most popular service offered by Handy at this time, the company is focused on expansion of marketing its other handyman and plumbing services.  Handy will do all of the leg work for you, ensuring you are getting a service professional you can trust to allow into your home, who will do a job that exceeds your expectations.

Handy Lends A Helping Hand

Having children is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things that a person will ever do in their life. Of course, parents get all sorts of new advice. They are also told what to expect as a new parent. These tidbits of advice come in the form of feeding, sleeping, and general care for a newborn. What people refuse to mention to new parents is how their house will probably never be clean again.

In the beginning, parents are just too tired and have too many other things going on with the newborn to clean their home. As the newborn gets older and eventually becomes a toddler, they are notorious for destroying clean homes. Rather than wasting precious time and energy, there’s a great resource. Parents can call up Handy!

Handy is a home cleaning service that anyone can utilize. They simply say when they need a cleaning person, how many rooms, and which rooms. They are then told upfront about how much the price will be and then can pay with their credit card! The cleaning person is sent out. The most comforting aspect is that the cleaning person is deemed to be safe. They have undergone rigorous background checks, job checks, and reference checks. This cleaning person is certified to be safe and a person never has to worry about this stranger coming into their home. Everything is on file with Handy should any sort of problem ever arise.

This is a much safer alternative to calling up a stranger out of a phone book or offline. New parents care a lot about safety and who is going to be around their child. Therefore, it’s important to choose a cleaning person that is known to be safe. It’s okay that new parents admit that they need a little help.

No one likes coming home to a messy house. It is one of the worst feelings of failure and disgust. People can take an immense amount of stress off by using Handy. It’s affordable too! These cleaning people are truly determined to do a good job for their clients. They take pride in their work which is key. Overall, Handy is a great cleaning service for anyone. It’s great for those who need reoccurring help with keeping their homes clean. It’s also great for those who need a hand every once in a while. Handy is also great for those one time emergencies. Perhaps important company is coming over and the house is a disaster, that’s where handy comes in handy.