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The prison system serves the role of housing and rehabilitation of criminals before they are released back to the society. Insufficient correctional officers and overcrowding in the prisons have made it hard for the jail system to perform its critical role in the society. Due to this, crime among prisoners is on the rise, and this hugely undermines the purpose of the prison system. Securus Technologies is a company that uses modern technology to provide digital solutions to the various challenges facing the prison systems.


Secures technologies first started a communication company. It was instrumental in facilitating communications between prisoners and their families on the outside. From its inception, prison systems in the United States of America were barely functioning. Securus Company, therefore, had to start offering solutions to the challenges facing prisons. With continuous advancements in technology, digitized applications set to perform precise tasks seemed to be the great solution to these problems.


Securus Technologies and Jpay markets


First and foremost, Securus Technologies acquired JPay markets company. Jpay markets was a company that was first in introducing modern technology in the prison system. Electronic payments, emails, and education- related applications had transformed the prison systems and made operations in the correctional space smooth. Through this acquisition, Securus technologies developed digitized platforms such as jail management systems, wireless containment solutions, parolee monitoring and inmate healthcare monitoring systems.


The introduction of modern technology to the prison systems


The incorporation of advanced technology in the jail system has proved to be of great help. Crime among prisoners has greatly reduced. Furthermore, correctional officers can work efficiently. The inmate health care monitoring software has enabled prisoners to get medical attention as soon as they are needed. Education in prison has also been possible through this.


Efficiency in the prison system is necessary. The smooth operation of the prison system makes it possible for them to perform its vital role in the society. Also, the living standard of prisoners in the United States of America has been significantly improved.


Securus Technologies Reveals Amazing Holiday Video Visitation Feature

Christmas time is famous for its memorable family get-togethers. Watching the young ones open up presents under the Christmas tree definitely leaves memories that last forever. Unfortunately, not every family can be together in-person during the holidays. Those who are incarcerated must remain in the prison system until released. As such, the holidays become a very bittersweet time for many.


Securus Technologies has produced a video that shows just how helpful and beneficial the company’s video visitation software can be during the holidays. In the video, a father watches his son experience the joys of opening presents on Christmas morning. Both are able to do more than just talk to one another. The see each other in crystal clear clarity through the video visitation program.


While nothing can be better than being there in person, video visitation is the proverbial next best thing. The brilliant video imagery does create something far better than a phone call or a webcam stream.


Securus Technologies has put a lot of effort into making sure its video visitation program is one of the best communications services in the correction facilities industry. The company has even launched a major promotional tour to better promote the value and benefits of video visitation. The promotional work is surely to be successful. The more people see of the video visitation program — a program that works on computers, laptops, and mobile devices — the more they are going to be interested in subscribing. The poignant video Securus Technologies produced featuring the father and child definitely strikes the right note regarding the value of the program.


Securus Technologies does provide a host of outstanding services. Money transfer, email, and traditional phone operations are among them. Seucrus Technologies has served the correction industry well for many decades and is always seeking to develop newer, cutting edge services for those in need of them.

Securus Technologies Helps Correctional Facilities Save Time and Money

Securus Technologies has long been known as one of the top providers of criminal justice and civil technology solution services. This company provides these solutions for corrections, investigation and safety/monitoring. Their solutions and services help their customer base to save money and to make more efficient use of time. One of their most high profile offerings is the Inmate Forms and Grievance Application that is available on ConnectUs.

Securus has continually sought to provide cutting edge technology and helpful features for the people that make up their customer base. The Inmate Forms and Grievance Application on ConnectUS stands out as a way that this company helps to bring the most modern, up-to-date technological offerings to people all over the country.

Many correctional facilities have used paper forms to track inmate requests. Inmates can request medical services, file grievances and make other requests via these types of paper form systems. However, correctional officers usually have to spend a lot of time and put in a lot of effort to distribute, collect, route and store these types of forms. The new application from Securus Technologies instantly creates forms for all the different types of requests that an inmate might make.

Additionally, inmates also have the ability to access forms, view the status of requests/grievances and even to appeal them via this offering from Securus Technologies. The company put a lot of work into developing the application, and it has so far proven to be a hit with inmates, facility employees and everyone involved in the inmate request process. It also helps facilities to save thousands of dollars on paper alone every year.

ConnectUs stands alone as the leading platform in the corrections facility market. In addition to the Inmate Forms and Grievance Application, it can also seamlessly deliver a nearly limitless number of applications that are custom made for corrections facilities. Securus Technologies continues to blaze a trail in the inmates and corrections technology field. With the types of offerings it has made available so far, it is easy to see why so many correctional facilities depend on Securus for all of their in-house technology needs.

Securus Technologies Unveil THREADS 3.1, the Most Advanced Analytical Tool in Corrections

Securus Technologies, the company offering leading edge criminal and civil technology solutions for monitoring, correction, public safety and investigation unveiled on a Youtube ad its new product, THREAD 3.1, the ‘super advanced all-in-one ‘Big Data’ analytical platform’ in the United States correction market.

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THREADS 3.1 is a redesign of their ‘Cornerstone Investigative Solution’ with an upgrade of the user interface to the newest web-based technologies while still retaining the initial powerful analysis that customers were previously familiarized with. Securus redesigned the user interface, isolated unnecessary system action and improved navigation, search function and record loading to ease its use and improve performance.

According to the General Manager of Business Management for Securus Technologies Kelly Solid, version 3.1 of THREADS is a software upgrade from Silverlight to HTML 5. The upgrade will allow for integration with other of its products among them Secure Call Platform. The simpler-to-use interface will offer investigators with a more practical tool to support in the endeavors. Kelly Solid believes that the company has taken time to design a software that requires miniature training while offering criminal intelligence and intensive leads to the investigator in the industry.

PR Newswire reports that THREADS 3.1 software platform will also offer additional features including the capability to listen to Secure Call Platform, context-sensitive reports, guided real-time analysis and customized mapping and printing. The product will be the typical investigative answer to detection, identification and reporting on apprehensive inmate calling patterns, correlation, communication events, association and fraternization as explained by Kelly Solid.

About Securus Technologies

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