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Paul Mampilly Comes Up With A New Use For Blockchain

Blockchain is the technology used for cryptocurrency. It can be useful for other applications, though. Financial writer Paul Mampilly says that he thinks this technology can be used to put an end to identity theft. He wrote about this idea in a recent Banyan Hill Publishing article.

He recently had to renew his driver’s license. This meant spending half the day sitting in a plastic chair waiting for his number to be called. Getting any type of personal identification such as passports and birth certificates is a grueling experience. These things cost time and money that could be put to much better use.

Paul Mampilly got to thinking about how spending time like this could be dramatically reduced. The problem boils down to how personal information is accessed and shown to prove you are who you say you are. To get his driver’s license renewed, he needed to provide proof of address documents and proof of identification. He thought that if this information could be easily accessed on his phone that would be of huge benefit. Read more about Paul on

Blockchain is a technology that spreads information around while keeping it secure. The information is spread amongst hundreds to thousands of computers. Blockchain code is extremely complicated and is being constantly updated which makes it all but impossible to hack. It’s much more secure than storing information on a single PC.

To get his driver’s license, Paul Mampilly had to provide three forms of identification and a utility bill that showed his address. He says having this information available to him on his phone via blockchain would have eliminated the time-consuming task of collecting these documents. You wouldn’t have to carry out personal identification documents which can be lost or stolen. Eventually, even debit and credit cards could be stored on a blockchain.

Everything would be securely connected to a person so only they could access this information. Paul Mampilly says this could entail having a tiny chip implanted in your body, such as the back of the hand. People are already comfortable with wearable tech, he says, so the logical next step is to implant technology into our bodies.


Southridge Capital: Offering Complete Turnaround Risk Management Strategies

Hedge fund industry is one of the riskiest but profitable industry that a significant number of individuals and organizations always want to have a clear understanding so that they can go further and invest in such areas. However, hedging is not for faint hearted as it is a risky business where an individual can lose their life savings. Southridge Capital is a hedge management organization that can help people to manage their hedge funds professionally.


Southridge Capital has been in the industry for more than two decades, which means that it has all the necessary information about hedging. It has already helped a significant number of hedge funds to adjust their portfolio so that they can minimize the overall risk that they are experiencing. A hedge fund should be organized in such a way that it has few volatile assets so that it can mitigate its risk exposure.


Besides proving to be a reliable organization in offering tips in hedge fund management, Southridge Capital is also known to provide other financial services that help companies to achieve their intended goals and objectives. Businesses are always confronted with critical decisions surrounding their operations, which is a clear indication that they need constant support from reliable and experienced financial experts. Here are some of the other services that are offered by the organization.


According to crunchbase, Southridge Capital has proven to be a reliable organization in the financial industry, especially to any company that is seeking advice on mergers and acquisition. The company has been known to be a credible agency in offering some of the best merging strategies while at the same time proving to be critical and knowledgeable in the acquisition processes. Mergers and acquisitions are financial processes that require skilled and reliable advisers before undertaking them.


Finally, any organization that has clear intentions of operating in the financial industry without the necessary economic structure or a reliable portfolio construction can seek professional services from Southridge Capital for development. The company will get sufficient and reliable strategies on risk management techniques and a complete financial turnaround that will enable it to continue operating on a risk-free basis.





End Citizens United – Watchdogs of Democracy

End Citizens United started in 2010 when the Supreme Court in the USA made a huge classification. It classified corporations as ‘people’, allowing massive corporations to spend unlimited amounts of cash and leave no trace what so ever. Through this classification, elections could be bought with money. Votes and the democratic process were secondary. Even though, End Citizens United have been classified as a democratic outfit, they consistently make it clear that the reason that they are supporting Democrats is because, in spite of having Republican party members speak out against the big money involved in elections, the powers that be in the Republican party and their representatives in the US Senate are vehemently fighting it.

End Citizens United simply have one aim, remove big money from the scope of elections, provide a chance for pro-reform candidates to be heard, and help keep elections unadulterated. They are championing the democratic process in the United States and have vehemently opposed candidates that have used big money to get to where they are. A candidate of the sort, is Rick Scott, the current governor of Florida who in 1997 took a shameful exit from the position of Columbia/HCA under allegations of Medicare fraud which had the firm pay $1.7 billion as fines. Even with Rick’s determination to pass the blame to his subordinates during the crisis and later starting to dismiss the accusations completely.

End Citizens United have submitted complaints against Scott, accusing him of taking campaign donations (that currently have his funds at $78 Million) through the New Republican Super PAC, to avoid limits being imposed. This is a violation of the Federal Elections Commission rules. Closer examination has revealed that Scott was chairing the PAC when private equity firms that profited from his ruling on state pension investments donated to the PAC, which Scott allegedly syphoned to his own election campaign. The firms were believed to have made more than $3 Million in fees alone thanks to his decision. End Citizens United has fought the influence of money in elections and is fighting Rick Scott as well. Their tireless efforts is a ray of hope for a truly democratic election and true reform.

Chris Burch: The Iconic Successful Entrepreneur

The Island of Nihi Sumba continues getting voted the best resort on the planet by eminent magazines, for example, Travel and Leisure and in light of current circumstances. The resort that has been based on Nihi Sumba or Nihi for short, is a piece of the island fastens having a place with Indonesia, a standout amongst the most wonderful territories on the planet. The resort is worked by design magnate Chris Burch and hotelier James McBride. Chris is outstanding for establishing a few understood brands, for example, C. Ponder and Tory Burch. Once while going by this zone of Indonesia, he got some answers concerning a shoreline lodging that was available to be purchased. Both of them got it promptly and spent around $30 million revamping it. Know him moreion this article on

The outcome is the astonishing resort that is there now. The resort is appraised as a five-star inn and it has 27 bungalows that can house a few people at any given moment. Chris Burch has said that the explanation for the buy and redesign is to make it a pleasant place that can be offered back to the group. It is his method for safeguarding this pearl of a land property. Along these lines as opposed to getting obliterated by reckless tourism, the place will be taken care of and watched over, with the goal that it can be delighted in for eras to come.   More insights from him here.

Christopher Burch is the organizer and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He runs his organization with a dream involving creative energy, innovativeness, bolster, brooding that prompt problematic brands that positively affect people groups lives. Read more, visit

In the wake of being in the venture business for more than 40 years he has been a piece of the achievement of more than 50 organizations. Truth be told, he began a clothing business called Eagle Eye, with his sibling not long after subsequent to graduating school, which developed to be worth about $165 million. His prosperity lies in the way that he has a stunning instinct at making sense of patterns and sponsorship items that will undoubtedly have an effect.  More to read on

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Business Mogul, Chris Burch

Chris Burch is known to be an entrepreneur with vast of interest in fashion and later in hospitality. He is the co-founder of several international retail brands the Tory Burch and C.Wonder. Burch with his co-founder James McBride who is an hotelier bought a beach hostel in the year 2012 in the famous Indonesia Island of Sumba.

The duo is believed to have used more than 30 million dollars in renovation the shelter and later re-opened it in the year 2015 as a five-star resort and named it Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu has risen to the highest league in the hospitality industry to achieve a trophy as the best hotel globally in the year 2016 by the travel plus leisure group.

In 2015 business jet travelers conducted an interview with Burch who said that he bought the island hotel for his children and also as something unique. He also stated that the hotel is something to preserve and as a gift to the community. According to Burch a place that is pallet and so beautiful you get the urge to do anything special, unlike other places. He states things like building a spa under the waterfall, having a butler serving in any room and of course visiting unique places.  Burch says that the outcome of Nihiwatu has been stunning.  Read more insights from him, click this interview article on

Burch is known to split his busy schedule between the Hamptons, Miami and of course his Resort in Indonesia. He has 27 private villas include the latest one Raja Mendaka which is his private home. The private villa features four additional villas with their private pool and the main house.

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Nihiwatu resort has a nickname “The Edge of Wilderness” and it’s located on the remote Indonesia island west coast of Sumba.

Mr. Christopher Burch is an active investor, CEO, and founder of the Burch creative capital. He has a span of business ranging from luxury fashion to hotels. He is devoted to branding, financial services, consumer products, and technology. Refer to for related article.  His entrepreneurial skills are just superb and have enabled so many people to grow. He has challenged several people and his skills are just superb. He is in no doubt one of the leading masters in the business. He also has a clean academic background with excellent performance.  More about him on

He is definitely a man with great leadership skills and has been recognized by many media stations as a great entrepreneur who has what it takes to change the future generation.  For his latest cool offering to the market, check

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