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Isabel dos Santos Gives Back to the Community in Unimaginable Ways

A successful businesswoman Isabel dos Santos is walking in the path leading towards social justice nd equality in not only Angola, but also Africa and the whole world. The Africa’s richest woman has always used her position of influence to fight for the plight of the underprivileged. She is the daughter of Angola’s former president Jose Eduardo dos Santos who ruled the country for about 38 years.

Isabel dos Santos established herself as a successful entrepreneur with capabilities to lead big companies in a range of industries. She has been at the helm of companies in the construction, telecommunications, finance, and more. At some point, she lived in England and while at England, she got the global exposure to lead global companies. Isabel dos Santos attended Cobham Hall, a boarding school in Kent. She went to King’s College in London where she pursued electrical engineering. Isabel has made many public appearances including the appearance at the Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development at Yale University where she highlighted the work she is doing to improve the conditions of underprivileged in her community. She talks to the youth about the power of entrepreneurship.

Isabel dos Santos encourages women to take advantage of opportunities brought about by technology and artificial intelligence to advance themselves. She refers to the recent technological advancement to as digitization. She is working to increase the presence of Africa in the international economy through encouraging innovations in technology.

At the University of Warwick, she was featured talking to a young woman that it was not enough for her to have a goal, she needed a series subgoals that would take her to the goal. She was the chairlady of a state-owned company called Sonangol. According to Forbes, she is the 9th wealthiest billionaire in Africa 2018.

Isabel has become a beacon of hope for young businesswomen in African countries. She endured sexism and beat odds in a male-dominated business world to become one of the richest women in the world. Isabel dos Santos rose above all challenges and today, she is giving back to the community through various philanthropic engagements including the establishment of a strawberry field in Humpata in a support of “planting the seed” campaign.

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Ara Chackerian Is A Dreamer And Someone Who Takes Life As It Comes

Ara Chackerian is the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions, and he also serves on the board for that company. He is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is an investor who has made some solid investments. Ara Chackerian works as the Managing Partner for ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. Through the work that he does there, he helps that company invest in healthcare companies.

When Ara Chackerian was given the chance to explain in an interview how his typical day goes, he shared that he lives each day in a different way. He shared that he is not someone who sticks to a strict schedule but he is someone who moves from thing to thing. He shared that he is bad at using a calendar to plan out his life. He shared that he simply works on balancing the work that he has to do and the philanthropic projects that he has taken on, making sure to give both some of his time and attention.

Ara Chackerian was raised to dream up ideas and to think about how he will make them work out. He shared that he believes that ideas come about when a person is truly engaged in life, and he shared that his parents raised him to be engaged in life. He shared that he was encouraged to think hard as he was growing up and he is grateful for that now. You can search on Google for more.

There are different trends that come up and different people become excited by different ones. Ara Chackerian has shared that he is excited about all that is going on in digital healthcare. He is excited to see the way that algorithms will work when it comes to treating those who have depression and caring for others with various illnesses and diseases. He is anxious to see what is to come regarding digital healthcare and the advancements that are being made.


Boraie Development Project

Boraie Development is a residence that is most sought- after in New Jersey. There is increased surging of real estate markets in the country, thus posing a threat of housing problems, since there the country is densely populated. According to Zillow, a giant in real estate track, New Jersey has the highest rates and shares regarding residential mortgages, thus surpassing the majority of the states. Moreover, the mortgage shares and prices are extremely delinquent and are in foreclosure. Therefore, New Jersey has real estimate markets that are trailing significantly. The country experiences a drop in the closure rates and delinquency, thus giving a reflection of the impacts of the post-crisis events. The fundamental basis also has improved concerning households’ formation, high employments rates, and home prices gains. Expectations are that in future the trends will continue developing because the industry is focused on solving the shortages and the crisis of making housing units affordable as well as managing the ever increasing number of markets.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, there is a likelihood that shortage of housing in New Jersey would increase to the extent of being declared a housing emergency. Lawrence Yun, the Realtor Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors, points out that this will only occur if the gap between the supply and demand of housing widens. However, despite the challenges facing the real estate market in New Jersey, some towns experience high demands for housing accompanied with excellent inventories. Many towns in the country are embracing new developments that are changing the real estate industry, coupled with several modern apartments. In the recent past, the cities have continued to experience skyrocketing of prices. Accessibility and transit among the NJ’s towns is a trend that is recognized. Most of them are in proximity to NJ Transit station, thus drawing potential home buyers. For more info visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

New Jersey continues to experience an influx of contracting companies and upcoming developments, which has significantly improved the real estate sector in the country. One of the most sought after development businesses in New Jersey is Boraie Development. The company’s popularity is attributed to the use of private funding as a source of capital for its projects. Moreover, Sam Boraie Development works with highly qualified architects alongside stronger financial institutions as compared to other developing companies. The company provides services with more focus on urban real estate markets. Above all, Boraie Development Company is specialized in the creation of projects that attract residents, tenants, and financial partners, thus building a long-term working relationship.

Living Around Others While In your Own Apartment at Manse on Marsh

You are looking for a place to call home that has the amenities you need to survive day to day. The amenities may not be a dishwasher or a garbage disposal but it may be a person who can help with a shower or a person that will drive you to the store. These amenities are priceless when you need them. The Manse on Marsh in California has the amenities you are looking for when you are looking for your new home. You will enjoy the privacy of your own apartment and the Manse has this. The blog shows that the apartments are either one bedroom, two bedroom, suites, or companion shared rooms. A one bedroom apartment is all you need but you want two just in case you have visit from family. People that live in apartments hope to have visitors once in a while.

Other amenities include things such as laundry department on site and housekeepers that clean your room for you. Imagine having your own live-in maid. How nice is it to have someone else cleaning your apartment for you. These items may not seem like much to most people but to a senior citizen, they are very important. Something like having your hair done each week is a treat as well. The Manse hosts an on-site beauty shop and barber shop. You can get your hair cut or permed as you desire. Activities help with painting your nails and shopping for you.

It is very important to have good friends. You never want to go through life completely alone. At the Manse on Marsh, there are people waiting to fill that spot for you. You may even luck up and find a new life partner. Waking up to people that you meet for breakfast gives you something to look forward to doing. People that do not have friends or family tend to be depressed and give up on life. Making new friends is a definite thing that will happen in California.

If you want to go for a ride to the store, there is transport. If you want to plan a birthday party for your daughter, there are people to help. If you want a special dinner, you can let them know. No matter what, there are people around to do things with you as you need.

If you become sick, the nurses are around to check on you, and they employ only the best. They are in close contact with doctors and the hospital. If you need a ride to the hospital, they will call for an ambulance. Help is on the way when you need it. If opening the medicine bottle becomes a challenge, call on the staff to help. The do not mind helping you at the Manse on Marsh in California. Come check them out and see how wonderful living around others can be.  They have an easy to use contact page for just that purpose.

Business Leaders in Chicago

The nation’s leading metro areas have attracted attention from top companies. Chicago is a prominent destination for the business elite who understand the hierarchy. Top names have emerged among leaders who want to express their gratitude for projects. The city represents a popular networking location and other amenities for businesses. Chicago is working to revitalize its image on the world’s stage itself. Certain businesses are also capable of collaboration on behalf of a new consumer network. Leadership is an acquired trait based around experience. Meeting within a major city will introduce a surprising degree of new advantages for employees.

Majeed Ekbal – Chicago Executive

He is now joining the ranks of prominent leaders in the city. It is worthwhile to look back at his accomplishments. That offers insight in to whether Chicago could expand its operation and encourage new talent. He does have expertise when it comes to cultivating a professional reputation. The executive also resides in the city of Chicago itself. That gives him new perspective on its growth as a new metropolis.

Recent Legal Challenges Faced

Majeed Ekbal is currently being sued by a fellow businessman Mr. Ruttenberg. Chicago is a competitive business environment that encourages new leaders. Mr. Ruttenberg was forced out of his position after roughly 2 months.

New details are emerging regarding the case itself. Thousands of dollars are being discussed as part of the terms. Majeed Ekbal is expected to defend himself in a courtroom setting. The media has issued a few statements regarding the progression of the case itself. Chicago residents follow these stories as part of their daily lives.

Social Media Presence

Several prominent websites are collecting information on business professionals. Majeed Ekbal is working to discuss details about his case. LinkedIn will offer insight in to his professional origins. A move to Chicago has attracted new attention for his prominent ideas. Grants and projects are cataloged for people to follow. Business executives have to advertise their successes to secure new backing.

Surprisingly, Majeed Ekbal has been forward thinking when it comes to social media. He now has a Twitter account that posts new messages for content. The executive freely discusses life as a Chicago native for new readers to consider. That draws in attention as part of a new agreement. His handle is easily followed as part of a sizable user base on Twitter. That has also simplified how business leaders connect with one another. A new set of leaders are working to discuss Chicago life at its best.

Stephen Murray Provides Valuable Insights

A Degree in the Economic Field
Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a graduate from Boston College. He graduated in the year of 1984 with his degree in economics. His degree and education has allowed this man to provide society with powerful insights. The area of economics is one that influences our everyday lives. This is a field that greatly benefits from those who are highly knowledgeable and who are willing to uphold high standards. This is a field of study that greatly needs individuals who also show their integrity in every way. This is a field of study that impacts society in so many ways. One aspect of economics will actually study how the overall community will use its resources. This is a study that includes the following areas:
* consumption of goods
* distribution
* production
* services
Mr. Murray does provide numerous insights with his many economic skills and abilities.

Business and Economics go Together
There are many reasons that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has the ability to provide valuable insights. After his graduation from Boston College he went on to obtain his master’s degree in business administration. He moved on and was involved in a credit analyst training program. He obtained his masters at Columbia Business School. This was in the year 1989.

Served on Numerous Boards
Mr. Murray does have much experience in many areas. He is well-known to many major companies. He has played vital roles in the following companies by serving on their boards. These include:
* Generac Power Systems
* AMC Entertainment
* The Vitamin Shoppe
* Warner Chilcott
* Pinnacle Foods
* Hospital Partners
His solid education and experience have been very beneficial to these companies.

Philanthropy Included
Mr. Murray has added to society in so many valuable ways. He is an individual who gives so much. He has been known to support many philanthropy endeavors including Make-A-Wish Foundation. Offering insights and talent seems to come easily to Mr. Murray.