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Lincolnshire Management CEO TJ Maloney Makes Four New Hires

Lincolnshire Management is a financial company that invests in privately-held businesses. They take controlling interests in mid-sized firms in multiple industries. Founded in New York City in 1986, this company has invested in over 85 companies since that time. They manage over $1.7 billion in assets with their largest fund being Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV worth $835 million.

TJ Maloney is the chairman of chief executive officer of this company, positions he has held since 1993. Before joining Lincolnshire Management he had experience in the area of mergers and acquisitions. He also had experience in securities law. He has also been a guest lecturer, lecturing at university’s across the United States including Columbia University.

In June 2019, TJ Maloney announced that he had hired four new employees at Lincolnshire Management. Two of these new hires are financial analysts, Georg Stolt-Nielsen, and Yashna Ginodia. The other two were hired as senior associates, Nicolas Vega Llona and Matthew Nacier.

TJ Maloney was already well acquainted with Matthew Nacier. Matthew had been an intern at Lincolnshire Management while studying at Boston College. He was hired full time in 2014 as a financial analyst. He also worked for Iconic Holdings where he was instrumental in developing their crypto index fund.

Nicolas Vega Llona graduated from the Graduate Business School of Columbia University. He worked at Grupo Alese where he invested in companies in the agricultural, automotive, and construction industries. He joined the execution and diligence team.

Yashna Ginodia is a graduate of the Leonard N. Stern School of Business. TJ Maloney was impressed with her work at Noonmark Capital, another financial firm based in New York City.

Georg Stolt-Nielsen has a degree in economics he earned at Georgetown University. His previous experience is at Anthon B. Nilsen. This is a private equity firm based in Norway. He is also on the execution and diligence team.

TJ Maloney welcomed all four of these individuals to the Lincolnshire Management family. He was looking forward to working with young and passionate investors.

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Jingdong Integrates AI Technology into Unicom’s Customer-Service (Jingdong), an e-commerce titan in China, has been one of the top firms in the world to accept and incorporate the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems into its operations. The technology was initially developed to help Jingdong respond to the numerous inquiries its team receives without compromising on the quality of customer service. Today is assisting other firms to adopt the technology and use it to promote efficiency in service delivery.

China Unicom is one of the companies that are set to benefit from’s impressive technology. Recently, Jingdong announced a partnership with China Unicom. China Unicom is a Chinese telecommunications firm that is owned by the state. The company’s headquarters are in Hong Kong, China. The partnership is set to improve customer service by making the delivery smarter and more efficient. The deal will help Unicom incorporate the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its customer service systems.

These artificial intelligence systems will help Unicom’s voice-based customer service. The company’s customers who will call the customer’s service line will hear an automatic voice that sounds just like a human being. They will get a step by step guide on what to do as they navigate the system to get the services they would like. This technology also carries the capability to seamlessly transfer customers to the human customer service if the need arises.

Artificial intelligence is also set to be incorporated into Unicom’s WeChat. The integration will allow the system to deal with queries that are sent by the customers via text. That is not all; Jingdong will also help Unicom come up with a marketing program that will be powered by artificial intelligence. AI-powered marketing is crucial when one wants to ensure that his/her marketing efforts and activities reach the proper audiences. or Jingdong as other people call it is a web-based company that sells a wide range of items to their clients. The company was started in 1998 by Richard Qiangdong, who is currently the Chief Executive Officer. Jingdong began as a small shop in a business park in Beijing and grew to be a global sensation serving the needs of numerous people in all parts of the world. Jingdong’s rise and control of the e-commerce market can only be because of the self-made entrepreneur and investor, Richard Liu.

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Laerte Codonho, the Founder of Dolly

As a businessman, the most frightening thing to do is to manufacture a product that has not been produced before and is prohibited in the country. It is a significant risk for any entrepreneur to take, but this did not sway Laerte Codonho, the founder of Dolly. Dolly is a Brazilian company that manufactures soft drinks. When Codonho founded Dolly in 1987, the law was against the production of diet sodas due to numerous health concerns. 

However, Laerte Codonho believed that selling diet soda was a lucrative business front that he wanted to invest in. He, therefore, conducted research that proved diet soda was safe for human health. Dolly then became the first company to manufacture and sell diet soda within Brazil. Dolly steadily grew and expanded over the years until it gained international recognition (Noticiasr7). 

One aspect that made Dolly popular among the Brazilians is the quality of its products. The company is known to produce quality drinks that are not only safe for human consumption but also have unique tastes. Dolly owns a series of laboratories that help in testing for the quality of its products. According to Laerte Codonho, only the best raw materials are used in manufacturing drinks at Dolly, and even the water is tested before use. Dolly aims to please its vast fan base by ensuring that only the best drinks are launched into the market. Dolly Guarana is the best-selling drink by the company in Brazil. 

Laerte Codonho understands that for any business to flourish and attract more customers, marketing its products is required. Various campaigns have been carried out by Dolly to market its drinks and also to attract more clients. The most significant step made by Dolly as a marketing strategy was the introduction of a mascot. The mascot visits schools and other functions to promote Dolly. The mascot dresses as a soda and is named Dollynho. 

Just like any other business, Dolly faces competition from other drink companies. Luckily, with the leadership of Laerte Codonho, Dolly has surpassed all its competitors to become a prominent soft drink company in Brazil. Laerte Codonho has used his business skills to transform what was once a small soft drink company into a powerhouse in the beverage industry.

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Glenn Schlossberg’s Jump Design Group Is A Great American Success Story

As one of America’s leading manufacturers of women’s apparel, the Jump Design Group regularly supplies many of the country’s top retailers with myriad types of clothing items. In a recent article on the Medium website, the company’s founder and CEO, Glenn Schlossberg explains why he chooses to base his company in New York City.

Since the city was established, New York City has embraced and provided a diverse melting pot of cultures and businesses. Comparing the city to Silicon Valley in terms of impact on business, Mr. Schlossberg says that young entrepreneurs in New York have the opportunity to watch and learn close up from lots of businesses.

Recognizing the vibrancy and inspiration that are in abundance in New York City, Glenn Schlossberg states that the American dream of attaining success is alive and well throughout the city’s five boroughs.

Even though his father owned a dress shop for years and his mother still owns another dress shop, Glenn Schlossberg believes that anyone can make it in New York’s apparel industry if they are willing to work hard enough.

According to, there are ample opportunities to make new connections in New York, and in the fashion industry, connections can lead to professional success. With a large number of wealthy investors living and/or working there, New York City can be a great source of needed financial backing.

In the fashion world, New York City and Paris, France are often regarded as the world’s centers of style. In Glenn Schlossberg’s view, the difference between the two cities is that New Yorkers are more supportive and welcoming. To see more about Schlossberg visit

Because of the cultural diversity that makes up New York, residents there are able to constantly broaden their horizons, and can offer products to a range of demographic groups.

The Jump Design Group has grown to become a very successful clothing manufacturer, and Glenn Schlossberg gives all credit for that success to the fact that his company is located in New York City.

OSI Group: A Lesson Of How The Hamburger Patty Changed American Economics

For a century OSI Group has been able to be a company that moves the food sector forward by providing quality foods, great customer service and hard working principles. Last year, they made six billion dollars in revenue. They have international sales and customers. They have around twenty thousand workers. They have several facilities and plants they operate. Bur all of this would not be possible without the original hamburger patty that originally got them started.

The hamburger patty is a popular food in the United States. The hamburger patty stretches back centuries and during the 1900s the founder of a small meat market decided to add hamburgers as a product in his store. OSI Group can thank its founder for introducing the hamburger patty to the company. Accomplishing countless feats for the entire food sector dates back to the founder of the company. The founder always had a strong vision for his meat market. The company today still envisions what they want for their future. The company may have started with the hamburger patty but they know that their future is bright with expanding, buying other brands, opening more factories and diversifying their product lineup.

McDonald’s is a popular burger place that has been apart of many people’s lives. In the early days, when franchising restaurants was still very new this new burger company needed a good burger. They needed a burger that would stay fresh for a long period of time. But they always wanted a burger that had an iconic taste. OSI Group was the company that delivered these burgers to McDonald’s as its regional burger supplier.

OSI Group can teach a good economics lesson. They can teach this lesson because they were able to take a simple piece of meat mix it with quality and create a fortune. They have outperformed many companies. Other companies have came and gone. But this burger brand continues to prove that hard work, persistence, innovation and quality will always keep them ahead. Their success only grows as the years continue to grow. They will continue to teach lessons about economics and success.

The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group



Sharon Prince And The Grace Farms Foundation

Sharon Prince is the chair and the president of the Grace Farming Foundation. The Foundation has been in operation since 2009. The primary objective of the Foundation is to promote lives by involving people in faith, nature, sense of community, and natural juices.
Sharon Prince was the central figure in the development and implementation of the Grace Farms vision. Grace Farm is a modern public space that’s free to people and non-profit organizations. She commissioned SANAA, a revered and award-winning company to lead the designing of grace Farms and it’s neighboring River building.

Grace Farms has enhanced peace and tranquility of its visitors since the opening of its doors to the community. The Foundation has severally won famous and reputable awards over the years. The success lies in its involvement to social good, environmental sustainability, and impeccable architecture.

In 2016, the Grace Farms acquired the Innovation by Design Award for Social Good from a top media company, the Fast Company. In 2017, the Foundation emerged as the winner of AIS National Architecture Honor Award. It has also envied recipient of awards attained from the Illinois Institute of Technology under the control and management of Sharon Prince Grace Farms.

Sharon Prince has utilized the platform offered by the Grace Farms Foundation to combat child trafficking, child exploitation, and violence against women, both locally and internationally. She has a firm belief that every person has to contribute towards shunning these moral evils since they are part of modern society.

In 2016, Sharon Prince organized and led an assembly with the United Nations University. The main agenda of the assembly was Combating Human Trafficking in Conflict. Sharon Prince has used the Foundation to protect human rights and improve quality of life in general. She has made herself a great name, respect, and international recognition.

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Francisco Domenech-An Exemplary Leader in the Politics world

POLITANK is a government affairs law company that is widely known to offer developing strategies that best represent private interests in government meetings or forums. The firm has been a success thanks to the leadership and guidance of Francisco Domenech., who is the Managing Partner of the firm. His journey has not been a smooth ride but he has gone on to conquer many barriers and to accomplish what he has done today.

Domenech has served in many offices. The most distinguished choice is serving has the Director of the Office of Legislative Services of the P.R Legislative Assembly from 2005 to 2008. Francisco Domenech changed the way the office operated and came up with new strategies that brought unimaginable changes to the office. With the help of his team, Domenech was able to expand the services offered by the Legislative Library and made them available for every person in need. Through his guidance, the office was able to manage $11 million provided and the surpluses were marvelous. Check out on youtube for more updates.

Domenech has also spread his expertise to the Puerto Rico Senate where served as the Chief Legal Counsel of the Senate President. His duties included representing the Senate’s interests and views before the courts. Besides working in Puerto Rico, he has also been a force to reckon with in the politics world. Mr. Domenech has been part of the democratic politics for a couple of years.

He has worked with Hillary Clinton during her election bids in 2008 as well as during 2016 USA elections. He served has Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and run every congress forum smoothly and to fruition. Mr. Domenech has gone on to be part of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) where he served as the leader of the Young Democrats of America.

Academic Background of Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech can attribute his political success and good leadership skills to his academic background and good training. He is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, the Rio Piedras Campus. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and also attained a Juris Doctor. At the university, he served in numerous leadership posts and depicted his exceptional leadership prowess. You can find Domenech on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn among others. Read more:



David McDonald’s Efforts to Revolutionize McDonald’s

David Mcdonald is the president, Chief Operating Officer and also sits in the company’s board of directors at OSI International Foods. He serves as the Chairman of North America Meat Institute. David has been with the OSI Group since 1987 which is a global food processing company. Currently, OSI Group is one of the largest food providers in the world.

When he took over in 2015 McDonald’s was in the midst of an identity crisis. He made a turnaround of all global operations constituting of the company’s vision. He concentrated on restructuring the business. David Mcdonald made significant changes within the company globally by stripping away bureaucracy, regrouped and consolidated each market segment by need instead of geographic region which in return has made them be ranked in the high-growth category.

The goal was to sell 1,500 restaurants annually when he took over, but he shifted that to 4,000. He achieved his goal nearly a year ahead of schedule. In just less than three years McDonald’s franchised stores increased from 81 per cent to 91 per cent. David Mcdonald took on the decision to franchise stores to free the company somewhat from risk. The shift I made a positive impact for the company financially.

David Mcdonald had a vision of making McDonald’s faster and adaptable than it was before. To implement new changes but to ensure they are effectively implemented. He launched an all-day breakfast in October 2015 as it was what the customers wanted. OSI Group acquires Dutch company Baho Food. Although it brought about complexity in the kitchen, he said they had to figure it out. He was mainly focused on what the customers loved most which technically was discounts and breakfast.

He has helped the OSI Group attain growth which has made it remain at the top of the evolving international food services Industry. He has remained actively involved at the Iowa State University through donations to the school’s scholarship fund and has helped set-up internships for ISU students. Generally, his in-depth understanding of the visions of the company gives McDonald’s an advantage the more reason they have rising business opportunity.

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Sheldon Lavin, A True Visionary Leader

Business leaders worldwide do not have a crystal ball to predict the role of new technology systems and how it will affect their organization, but all successful leaders recognize that business is primarily about people. The adage, “People do business with people they like” resonates throughout the 43 years in the leadership role of Sheldon Lavin, Chairman, and CEO of OSI Group, LLC.

Sheldon Lavin started his business career as a financial consultant after receiving his Bachelor of Science degree from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. He owned a financial consulting firm for about 15 years focusing on building enterprises. He received his “big break” in 1970 when he facilitated funding for Otto & Sons, former name of OSI Group, LLC. His continued relationship with Otto & Sons lead to becoming a partner and eventually joining OSI permanently.

Sheldon Lavin wears many hats, as the current Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC, serving as the President of OSI International Food Ltd, the Director of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and as the General Trustee of Rush University Medical Center. He transformed OSI Group, LLC from a humble domestic company into an International multibillion dollar Food Processing Enterprise under his leadership in the span of over 43 years.

From the beginning, Sheldon Lavin had envisioned OSI to become the International Powerhouse in the Food Manufacturing Industry as it has become today. What sets him apart from other leaders is that he created an entrepreneurial culture, where accountability and planning for the future is a company-wide responsibility, resulting in an enterprise that can withstand the test of time.

Another key to innovation and longevity, according to Mr. Lavin is humility. Leaders with this quality will learn from colleagues, creating mutual trust. His philosophy in trusting in human capital has resulted in an unprecedented number of loyal employees with marginal turnover rates.

Sheldon Lavin’s leadership was recently recognized and awarded the prestigious Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy on the academy’s fifth year in February 2016. The award honors visionaries from various fields who have demonstrated and accomplished their business goals and dreams with persistence and perseverance to inspire future leaders.

At 86 years old, Mr. Lavin’s passion for building enterprises has not shown any sign of slowing down. Business leaders of today and future leaders can learn greatly from Mr. Lavin’s successful business history practice and from his passionate visionary leadership style.

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McDonald Embraces Sustainability in the Operation of OSI Group

OSI group is determined to achieve sustainability with their president David McDonald very dedicated to this course of action. So far the organization has been able to make progress in areas such as; social responsibility, the environment, and a sustainable supply chain. A sustainable supply chain involves the supply of quality and safe food and also adhering to strict animal welfare standards. Social responsibility includes activities such as giving back to the community, to achieve sustainability through social responsibility OSI group North America donated food to help the homeless children in 2015.

Sustainability has become a great concern for many organization and OSI as a leading global food processing organization has not been left behind. Customers want to deal with an organization that is responsible in the way they run their business in terms of operation in ways such as; minimizing environmental impacts, giving back to the community among other things . David McDonald and the OSI Group are very committed to conducting business in a responsible and sustainable way. As the president of this global food processing company, McDonald has taken the lead in ensuring sustainability is achieved by the organization through activities such as; coming up with new business practices in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness, enhancing the lives of the employees, building the global communities and also sustaining environmental resources to learn more: click here.

David McDonald with his OSI team has sponsored a lot of animal welfare initiatives, workshops and also trainings to raise awareness of the issues facing global network of suppliers and also as a show of their commitment to animal welfare standards. The sustainability initiative is not a short term goal for OSI but rather a long term one. Therefore the organization has also come up with future initiatives so as they can achieve their objectives of sustainability. Some of these goals include the reduction of energy and water intensity by 10% which they strive to achieve by 2020. McDonald as the OSI president and the chief operating officer has impacted the organization’s operations greatly especially by embracing sustainability and making it the basis of the organization’s operation.