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Eos New Lip Balm Is The Natural Choice

There’s nothing like having hot lips when it’s cold outside. Hot lips that come in the form of being cool lips that are moist, supple and healthy looking as a result of not looking chapped with dry, cracked lines running all over them. Healthy lips are hot lips and one way to get some hot lip is to use Eos’s new, cooling, medicated, oil balm option. Eos’s medicated, cooling, lip balm is the right plump to put in your lip bump for smooth, healthy lips (

Your new potential hot-cool lips are a result of Eos incorporating the use of real chamomile. Chamomile is known to have many beauty perks, such as the power of antioxidants, phenolic compounds associated with hydration and anti-inflammatory properties. Products that contain antioxidant properties have been known to have an effect on free radicals that form on tissue (skin) and as a result of introducing such products with antioxidant components may fight off clear signs of aging.

Eos introduces this new, medicated, pain relieving, lip balm for only $3 and the “medicated” aspect of this product is derived from mint oils to from the menthol within the balm. Menthol is what generates the cooling feel after application of the lip balm and the user also experiences a smooth coating to help relieve the pain by temporarily numbing the lips. The moisture and soothing of the wear and tear of worn skin comes from the added components of vitamin E, jojoba oils, olive oil, shea butter and coco butter. The before mentioned soothing components formulate this opaque, white balm that is paraben-free, gluten-free and hypoallergenic.

Eos prides itself of providing affordable, mainstream products that hydrate, moisturizes and give a unique, distinct sensory experience for their consumers. Eos approach to availability is to offer accessible and affordable staples for any skin type with out all the negative fillers and chemicals found in other brands. So why not give Eos a try, it’s the natural thing to do.

A Review of Evolution of Smooth Menthol Chamomile Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth or EOS for short has just come out with a new lip balm that people are really going to love. Do you like chamomile tea? Then this product is for you. This lip balm product contains real chamomile. Chamomile is an extract obtained from flowers. It contains compounds that are phenolic and they can work as hydrating, anti-inflammatory agents for one’s lips. Phenolic compounds are also known for their antioxidant properties.

One of the reasons why people can show signs of aging is the development of free radicals on one’s skin. This cooling menthol lip balm can help in eliminating them. The menthol works also like a temporary pain medication to help relieve the symptoms of dry lips. This product also contains cocoa and shea butters, aloe, jojoba and olive oils and vitamin E, see All of these ingredients are proven to help one’s skin stay healthy and young. At a going price of just three dollars it’s a must for one’s lip vitality.

In addition to lip balm Evolution of Smooth also makes many other beauty products ( They make hand and body lotions that are designed to improve the health of and soften ones skin. They come in a variety of sensual fragrances. Oats and antioxidants along with shea butter and aloe are combined in these products to produce wonderful results. They keep one’s skin hydrated so that the symptoms of dry skin can be kept to a minimum or totally eliminated. They keep one’s skin healthy and looking young.

They also make a variety of shave creams. These creams are convenient to use in that they can be used either in a wet or dry environment. They are designed to eliminate nicks and razor bumps. Green tea and grape seed extracts along with shea butter and vitamins combine to produce beautiful results.

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A Review of EOS Proves That They Listen to Their Customers

For many decades lip balms have been somewhat on the boring side of things. There were only a few flavors to choose from such as cherry, mint and of course, original. They were also not very exciting, and you used them simply to treat your dry and irritated lips. These days, however, there is a new lip balm in town that makes caring for your lips more than just a necessity but a pleasurable experience. With flavors like Summer Fruit and Hibiscus Peach, it’s no wonder (

Lip balms have traditionally been sold in a tube, and that was it but EOS really broke the mold on this one when they offered their lip balms not in a tube but in an orb-shaped sphere that is easy to hold onto. EOS had the challenge of wedging into a market that was dominated by a choice few brands, but their product turned out to be an overdue breath of fresh air. Check  The brand caught on, and even celebrities could be spotted using the fun orb-shaped lip care product. The inventors of EOS wanted to create a lip balm that you wanted to use rather than needed to use and they nailed it. From its unique orb shape to its tantalizing flavors, EOS delights every one of the senses.

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EOS has always been pretty innovative, and they have done it again and released an in-demand addition to the EOS collection. They now offer vegan line lip balms known as the Crystal lip balm orbs. These orbs are clear and still come in their well-known orb-shaped pots that everyone loves but they are now beeswax-free. EOS really listens and they knew that there was a need and demand for vegan ingredients so they modified their product to suit the needs of their customers.