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Igor Cornelsen: Working in the Financial Industry for Almost Five Decades

Brazil is home to many successful entrepreneurs, with the majority focusing on financial and investment businesses. Igor Cornelsen is one of the most successful investors in Brazil, and he established his investment firm to continue earning profit from large businesses across the world. Before he became a business owner, he started working for private financial firms, learning a lot of things in the process. He used what he learned from the university, and applied it to his career in the financial sector. Initially enrolling as an Engineering student at the Federal University of Panara, he decided to shift to Economics two years after he first entered the university. He stated that he felt more comfortable dealing with economics rather than face complicated mathematical problems. His shift to a different course was a good decision, as he was very good in dealing with finances. Without shifting to a different course, he would not be the successful entrepreneur known today.

Igor Cornelsen graduated from the university in 1970, and he immediately searched for jobs. His first job was with Multibanco, a local Brazilian bank. Four years later, he was promoted to become one of the company’s boards of directors, and another two years passed before he became the chief executive officer of Multibanco. The acquisition of Multibanco by the Bank of America in 1978 allowed Igor Cornelsen to continue serving the position as the company head, but he decided to resign in 1985 to work with a merchant bank from London. He decided to return serving his own country as he transferred to the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, staying there until 1995. Today, he is busy managing his investment firm. He has been applying all of the strategies and the methods that he learned from his previous companies, and his expertise of almost five decades also poses as an advantage.