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ClassDojo Helped Students Around the World Have a Mindful Moment

Many classes around the world were introduced to having a mindful moment thanks to ClassDojo. The event happened on May 10, 2019. Children who were in over one hundred and eight countries were able to take part in the event. Most people would agree the mental wellness of children is one of the key things that will help them to experience a happy life.

Many teachers wanted to have the ability to each mindfulness but did not have the necessary tools to make it happen. ClassDojo has done their part in making that happen. The event is The Mindful Moment. ClassDojo worked with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and the nonprofit, Beyond Shame, Beyond Stigma to create the program. The mindful moment was a way for the children to get still and just be in the present moment. They did not have to focus on anything else at the time. ClassDojo also provided things that could be used the weeks after the event. The program did not take a huge chunk of the day. It was only about ten to fifteen minutes; however, it does not take long to create an impact on the wellbeing of a child.

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