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Accepting Help From Others: Patty Rocklage Reaches out to Those in Need

Patty Rocklage has spent her professional life working to make families stronger. At her office, she works with individuals and couples and entire families. She provides each of her clients with a safe and comfortable environment where they can share their concerns and learn coping techniques and communication skills that will help them in all areas of their life.

As a psychotherapist, Patty has frequently experienced people coming to her for assistance long after their problems began. She understands that many people dislike asking for help and want to manage their problems alone. However, it is vital that they realize that some issues are too challenging to handle without help. It is why a recent renovation project at the Rocklage home was important for her to document.

Patty and her husband, Dr, Scott Rocklage, Ph.D., had wanted to renovate the interior of their home for a number of years, but they were uncertain how to complete the project. The work was only completed after they were able to locate the right contractor and used the skills and design sense of his team. The entire situation has been detailed and discussed online with credit given to the company for their hard work. It is a good example of how even accomplished and educated individuals eventually need others. Read more: Patty Rocklage | LinkedIn and Twitter Rocklage | Twitter

The endeavor to document and publicize the effort is not unusual for the couple who seek out ways to improve the lives of others with both their work and their personal efforts. Patty is not only known, after all, for her education and career. She is also very involved with philanthropic causes like the large gift they provided to the MIT nanochemistry and nanotechnology laboratory to fund a renovation project.

Patty remains dedicated to reaching out to those in need. Her practice advises people in the midst of turbulent events. She encourages them to come and talk with her whether it is because of past traumas, a recent divorce or even when the moment should seem perfect like following an adoption. No one is confident, strong and happy every moment of their lives. Sometimes it takes talking to a neutral party to manage an overwhelming situation.