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Premium Dog Food Sales Through the Roof

Pet food has come a long way since the days of offering nothing but kibble with bright chunks tossed into a sack and soled in every grocery store. While these kinds of pet food are still sold, many customers now are looking for higher quality food with more premium ingredients and less grain. Numbers prove this is an extremely fast selling area of the market, with premium dog food sales setting all time highs. Beneful is one of these kinds of dog foods. Purina, the parent company of Beneful, started selling the higher level dog food roughly a decade ago and sales have continued to increase. As long as individuals have pets, they are going to need pet food. The pet food industry makes $23.7 billion annually and that is going up. A larger portion of this is now made up of higher-level pet food. The premium pet food costs more due to the more expensive ingredients. Animal owners now understand more about the health of their animals which is exactly why they are doing everything they can to extend the life of their pet. Beneful is one of the kinds of dog food that is allowing pet owners do do this. One of the major reasons pet owners are switching to premium dog food is because they are looking for ways to slim down their furry little friends. Purina offers pet owners the ability to find the right kind of food to help cut down the obesity in a pet. Thanks to the customized website connected to the Nestle’s Purina Facebook website, it is possible to identify the right kind of dog food that is going to help pet owners shave down the pounds and boost energy in any pet. Beneful is not only part of the thriving premium dog food industry, it is also one of the fastest selling products for Nestle and Purina.