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Clay Hutson Sound Engineer/Entrepreneur

Clayton Hutson is a one-of-a-kind formal sound engineer and entrepreneur born straight out of Nashville, Tennessee. Hutson being very lucky, found his talent and future career at an extremely young age when he was just a boy. But still even finding such talents and aspirations at a young age, Clay had to work for his dream like everyone else. Clay’s high work ethic and up to task demeanor is what got him where he is today. Clayton attended Central Michigan University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Theater Design and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Stephen Ross School of Business.

Shortly after college, Hutson fought his way into the music industry working with multiple companies that provide live entertainment events. These roles included Sound engineering, Managing projects, and Stage management. Eventually Clayton broke off into his own lane diving into the entrepreneur field. Doing such, he created a live entertainment production company which ultimately expanded the sea for Clay’s entrepreneur prosecute.

Clayton’s mark on the music industry will definitely not be forgotten. Hutson was named the king of Rock’n’Roll for the presence of being behind all the masterpieces in the industry. Clay’s work ethic is yet another subject that will not be forgotten. Clay Devoted time, energy, and passion that some couldn’t imagine to this field; while producing managing, designing, and overlooking countless live tours and events, Clay still Had his foot in the business world, while dabbling in the music industry and entertainment field.

At this point in his life Hutson’s career, talent, and dream was standing more than strong. Throughout his impressive immense career Clayton has worked with the largest names in the music industry on top of all the other outstanding achievements. The names vary from Pink, Kid Rock, Garbage, Guns’N’Roses, and many more. Wrapping it up there is not much else to be said. Clayton Hutson without question is a legend and will be remembered for his formal businessman attitude and demeanor following his amazing music career alongside with the icons that he has worked with.

Alex Pall, Innovative EDM Tracks Are The Mark Of Excellence

The Chainsmokers are starting to grow, becoming more active on each new record release as vocalists and lyricists. In summer 2016, we heard something new from the Chainsmokers on their single, “Closer.” Instead of famously relying on others for track lyrics and supply vocals, fans got a chance to hear Andrew Taggart sing. The single also featured one of today’s hottest sensations, Halsey. On all previous recordings, the Chainsmokers’ duo of Alex Paul and Taggart stuck to the traditional electronic dance music (EDM) formula. That’s a banging basic beat with a lot of heart pounding tones, intrinsically bound together as club music.

Now, the Chainsmokers are quietly starting to reveal more and more of their personalities and hidden talents such as singing and writing lyrics. It’s not that they were unaware of these talents before, it’s just that producing straight EDM tracks claimed the largest portion of their time and their creative minds. The DJs are still actively involved in EDM, but they’ve become comfortable with doing more than standing in a booth for hours. The two started working together as contemporary DJs after Alex Pall quit his day job. He was working on beats as a side gig. Until he realized that his love for the format consisted of more than a passing interest. He was introduced to Taggart, whom he refers to as, “Drew.” The Chainsmokers were a duo before the pair met. However, Alex Pall was in search of a new partner when his bandmate left.

Fact is, Alex and Drew know how to combine the variances of popular music with what they most want to produce. The Chainsmokers have evolved into something bigger than either of them could have imagined. They work well together and are constantly writing and creating new songs. Alex Pall estimates that they have enough written material to put out recordings for the next two years. That’s how many tracks they’ve already created. But, it’s a matter of ebbing with the flow of radio play and club popularity as to when they’ll release new music.