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Champions Of The Environment

Elite professional businessman Jon Urbana has called Denver, Colorado home for many years. At Ellipse USA, he is the Head of Business Development, and long standing successful entrepreneur.

Perhaps most importantly though, Jon Urbana is a true champion of his community in the state of Colorado. He is incredibly concerned with the continued maintenance and health of the environment across the globe, and per a recent story written up on, Urbana has been unquestionably charitable and active in improving the area that surrounds him, the land he cares for so much.

In addition, Urbana is wildly passionate about the sport of lacrosse. Urbana runs a camp every summer, where he often discusses shared environmental concerns with teenage athletes who attend the camp. Mr. Urbana sees the connection between the importance of helping the next generation of youth in conjunction with environmental activism.

These two things combined are the catalyst for the GoFundMe campaign Jon Urbana started. The beneficiary is called Earth Force, and he hopes to unite Colorado youth interested in linking up and playing an active collective role in giving back to the beautiful state they come from. The leader wants everyone to know about his campaign, and hopes to encourage a widespread positive movement to help nature thrive.

Earth Force is hoping is will raise one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars, all of which will go towards the education and empowerment of young people to contribute to the environment, and teach them about renewable energy and the importance of clean, well maintained nature.