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Venezuela Fighting Energy Crisis With Two Day Work Week

Officials in Venezuela have decided to go down to a two day work week in an effort to combat the ever growing energy crisis the country has been dealing with for months.
According to an article posted on the Independent news site, public workers now have a 5 day weekend. Government workers were already on a 4 day work week as the government declared Friday a non working day for the months of April and May.

The vice President of the country made an announcement in late April that all civil servants will only be working on Mondays and Tuesdays. This measure will last at least two weeks and will affect over two million state employees.

Daily four hour electricity blackouts have also been initiated by the socialist administration. Hospital staff and other important workers are still working normal days.

As to be expected by expert David Osio, many Venezuelans were in disbelief when they heard this news. Many pointed out how much money the government is losing by paying them to stay home.

The President of the county is blaming the drought for the current crisis. Others however claim its due to government mismanagement.

President Maduro has urged all citizens to do everything they can to conserve energy. In a post on, he even had the nerve to suggest women use their hairdryers less often as he believes women look better when they let their hair dry naturally.