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The Rise of George Soros to Conservative Boogeyman

If the United States of America was considered something of a TV show before the 2016 Presidential Elections then now its viewers are going to claim one thing: it has jumped the shark. In 2016 Donald J. Trump, the reality TV show blowhard, became the President of the United States in one of the most stunning elections in the history of the world. Through Donald Trump’s rise we got to see the ugly underbelly of hatred in America but that wasn’t the most striking thing. What WAS the most striking thing was the continued vilification of one of the world’s greatest philanthropists and progressive voices, George Soros.

George Soros is a self-made billionaire who was born in Hungary. Soros was born in 1930 and he was raised until he was just 13 years old in Hungary. In 1944 the Nazi occupation of his home country would begin in earnest and throughout the next year Soros and his family would see countless friends and family members killed by the brutal Nazi regime. All told the death count would reach 500,000 Hungarian born Jews over just a single year. We tell you this to say that George Soros came up through as harsh of a circumstance as possible but he never let it mold his mindset into anything other than a staunch supporter of the Open Society and the concept of the progressive world and more information click here.

With the Soros Hedge Fund, George Soros was able to make his fortune throughout the ’50s and ’60s before rising to become the billionaire that he is today. Along the way Soros established what is called the Open Society Foundations, or the OSF for short. This foundation is used to specifically reach out and bring funding to organizations around the world in order to aid in the pursuit of social justice, transparent democracy, and equality. These traits, which are noble to a vast majority of the world, have irked the right wing of America’s political spectrum. As a result, George Soros has quickly found himself under the microscope by conservatives everywhere. Now, George Soros is almost an identity test for viewers at home. America’s right wing views him as the single greatest boogeyman in existence. The left wing of American politics views him as a self made billionaire who is still willing and ready to engage with people in need and learn more about George Soros.

As a result of Soros’ high profile as both a progressive billionaire and Democratic donor he has become the center of a whirlwind of laughable conspiracies. If anything, anywhere, happens in support of Democracy then conservatives will lash out and claim that George Soros is behind it. With Soros rising to the occasion as a counter-punch to Donald Trump, America’s right wing had better get used to hearing his name and follow him

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