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Marc Sparks, Entrepreneur of Philanthropies

Samaritan Inn Still Assisting

Marc Sparks is well known in the counties surrounding McKinney, Texas for his shrewd business sense and the way he applied it to help the downtrodden in today’s mainstream. Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList and Who Is Marc Sparks?

Over a decade ago Marc Sparks and Lynne Spiriora turned a derelict vacant residence into an annual multi-million dollar example of accommodating the sheltering, feeding and training indigents in the Collin County area. The Samaritan Inn feeds and shelters over 200 persons a day, and thousands of individuals have regained their independence and become contributors to society as a direct result of this program.

Accompanying their work with The Samaritan Inn, Marc and Lynne also:

Built first N. Texas apartment building for transitional living;
Created thriving Thrift Store
Fostered $7M Family Shelter

Spark Tank is new Think Tank
Socially involved 513c businesses who are two years old or over who are not involved with a political program, issues of faith or other agenda outside the realm of providing assistance to the general public may apply to join the Spark Tank competition for $5,000 for their social program.

The applicants have a ten-minute slot for idea presentation plus Q&A time, how it alleviates a need and the means of determining success. The prize of $5,000 can make a substantial contribution to a social cause. In the past, the $5,000 sum provided: Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

Day Camp and studies for children in lieu of day care;
Built kennel for pets of homeless Samaritan Inn residents to avoid their loss;
Gasoline for the Inn’s bus for one year;

Quarterly Winners Compete for Annual Grand Prize
As each winner is declared from the Spark Tank quarterly competitions, that winner moves forward to compete in the yearly grand contest. An unexpected but excitedly received benefit of the competitions demonstrates that competitors mix and share ideas in an unscheduled productive example of think tank operation, with a spontaneous auxiliary beneficial effect.

Marc Sparks, Entrepreneur of Good Samaritans
Marc Sparks first attained expertise in entrepreneurship and then turned his success into a means of introducing philanthropies and affecting changes in society and social provisions. His gifts to social improvement across the philanthropic board by enabling grants for programs to physically uplift the needy and enable their independence and contribution to their community has become legend. In short, gifts of Mark Sparks are the sort that truly keep on giving.