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Dick DeVos Is Giving Back Daily

When it comes to giving back, in my view, there is no one that does it any better than Dick DeVos. One of the major reasons for that is the he needs to do it. There are a lot of people out there that want to do it, but when the time comes to actually follow through with it, they are nowhere to be found. Dick DeVos needs to it and is committed to it. It is the same with his wife Betsy DeVos. They have gone on record and said it was the way they were raised the way they operate. When someone has full commitment to something like they do, wonderful things can happen.


They realize they have great fortune and instead of squandering it on expensive toys and gadgets that they don’t need or even want, they would rather give it back to great causes. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is focused on family. There are few things in life more important than family. They take great pride in their family and making sure that they are well-cared for and loved. They work with local and global communities to make sure they are stable and on the right path in the future.


One of their most important things they focus on is education. They know the importance of getting a good degree and how far it can take you in life. People look for that diploma today and when they see it, they really take that person seriously. Dick DeVos looks for ways to make sure that everyone has a chance to attend college and do wonderful things with their life. Nothing is going to stand in their way or stop them from achieving their goals in life.


Dick DeVos is known as an entrepreneur and that means he is a self-made man. He knows how to build something from the ground up and watch it grow. He believes in the value of hard work, dedication, and doing things the right way all of the time. If you get the chance, it is worth looking at the following website to see all of the great they are doing. He is a big supporter of the arts, economics, and helping to stop pollution. Believe it or not, he has also been on the board of the Orlando Magic basketball team since 1994. He has been involved in a little bit of everything.


Over One Billion Dollars Donated By Devos Family

Many people have donated money in the past few years, even the rich and famous. In fact, some people who are rich and famous have donated millions and, in some cases, even billions of dollars. It should come as no surprise that Dick Devos has given away money, too.

The Devos family does not tell about how much they donate normally, believing the gifts to be better private; however, they have recently announced the amount of money they’ve given away in the past few years, and it’s astonishing.

Are you ready to hear about the amount? It is over 1.2 billion USD. It’s an amazing amount, one the family plans on continuing to give. There have recently been many sources that have confirmed the story, meaning that they haven’t simply been bragging about the amount of money they’ve given away for no reason; the amount is actually true.

Devos himself is fairly wealthy, being the 67th richest person in the United States of America. However, he doesn’t believe in keeping all of that wealth for himself. He believes in donating and giving away money. In the year 2013 alone, the family gave away over 90 million dollars.

It’s easy to see why the Devos family is one of the most generous families in the United States. It’s great to see a wealthy family who really believes in donating money to those who need it more than they do.

Paying it forward isn’t a new trend, but it’s great to see that it’s on the rise by families like the Devos family.