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Sharon Prince And The Grace Farms Foundation

Sharon Prince is the chair and the president of the Grace Farming Foundation. The Foundation has been in operation since 2009. The primary objective of the Foundation is to promote lives by involving people in faith, nature, sense of community, and natural juices.
Sharon Prince was the central figure in the development and implementation of the Grace Farms vision. Grace Farm is a modern public space that’s free to people and non-profit organizations. She commissioned SANAA, a revered and award-winning company to lead the designing of grace Farms and it’s neighboring River building.

Grace Farms has enhanced peace and tranquility of its visitors since the opening of its doors to the community. The Foundation has severally won famous and reputable awards over the years. The success lies in its involvement to social good, environmental sustainability, and impeccable architecture.

In 2016, the Grace Farms acquired the Innovation by Design Award for Social Good from a top media company, the Fast Company. In 2017, the Foundation emerged as the winner of AIS National Architecture Honor Award. It has also envied recipient of awards attained from the Illinois Institute of Technology under the control and management of Sharon Prince Grace Farms.

Sharon Prince has utilized the platform offered by the Grace Farms Foundation to combat child trafficking, child exploitation, and violence against women, both locally and internationally. She has a firm belief that every person has to contribute towards shunning these moral evils since they are part of modern society.

In 2016, Sharon Prince organized and led an assembly with the United Nations University. The main agenda of the assembly was Combating Human Trafficking in Conflict. Sharon Prince has used the Foundation to protect human rights and improve quality of life in general. She has made herself a great name, respect, and international recognition.

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Paul Herdman values his employees and their long term progress

Paul Herdsman graduated from Florida Atlantic University. He is the co-founder of Nice Global Living founded in 2014. The company provides outsourcing solutions for businesses such as customer service telephone calls. The support he offers his employees is phenomenal. He offers training to all new employees with monitoring and mentoring; this allows them to be prepared for their position. In addition, they receive training for other positions in the company. This allows them to understand how different departments work together towards the success of the company. He worked in various management roles which taught him problem solving skills that have helped him in his own business.

Employees are continuous trained through seminars and webinars; the goal is to keep them involved in the company. This also prepares them for advancement within the company. Building a relationship is important in creating a harmonious work environment. The corporate culture is friendly and like a family to maintain long-term employment. The company aims to let employees feel like a valuable asset to the company and ready to tackle challenges. Clients are able to see the difference which also helps to build loyalty with them.

By outsourcing support services to Nice Global the client company is able to see the progress being made based on metrics formulated to calculating performance. Nice Global offers a variety of services besides customer service, they also offer technical support, sales, and live chat services. By using the services offered by Nice Global clients are able to focus on the operational aspects of their business, instead of training to hire their own customer service team which usually has a high job turn over and varying levels of service.

Nice Global aims to operate with transparency with their clients. Understanding that they are the first point a client’s customer would interact, they encourage clients to tour their spaces, speak with other clients and learn about their company. With this openness clients are likely to stay loyal to Nice Global and recommend them to others.

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OSI Celebrates Century of Innovation

The OSI Group began in 1909 in Chicago when a German immigrant called Otto Kolschowsky opened a butcher shop, and retail meat market. He was successful, and at the end of the decade expanded into the wholesale meat business. He moved his operations to Maywood in Chicago.

The name changed to Otto & Sons in 1928. The company continued to be a thriving business after World War II. In 1955, a man named Ray Roc opened the first McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. Before it opened, they had a verbal agreement with Otto & Sons to supply the restaurant with meat locally.

As it grew, their company supplied all the local McDonald’s franchises that opened. Ray was a franchise dealer, and eventually became CEO of McDonald’s. OSI changed from a regional supplier to global supplier during this decade. The company had pressure on them to provide a consistent quality products that were affordable to consumers.

The new technology of flash freezing foods helped Otto & Sons with their business. When the McDonald’s chain consolidated their suppliers Otto & Sons became one of their four major meat suppliers. In 1973, OSI built a plant in West Chicago for manufacturing food product just for McDonald’s.

The plant had machinery for flash freezing hamburger technology. They supplied meats to local restaurants and stores and to the global market for McDonald’s . In 1975, they became OSI Industries. Sheldon Lavin joined the company in 1975 and had been an investment advisor to them for many years.

During the 1980’s OSI Group expanded their business with joint venture with established food companies in Brazil, Austria, Mexico, Hungary, Poland, and the Pacific Rim. In 1987, they established a joint venture with the K & K Foods company in Taiwain, and in 1990 a joint enterprise with China.

In the US the OSI Group partnered with National Pizza and Foods and opened a new plant that processed hotdogs, bacon, and sausage. In the early 2000’s, OSI began processing poultry products. They purchased Moy Park in the UK, Amick Farms in the US, and Weihai Poultry in China. In 2002, OSI expanded into fresh produce market.

Over the last several years, the company formed has joint ventures with companies in China and Europe. It has established a global trading platform in Europe for meat, poultry and other products. In 2016 they acquired Baho Food that is in the Netherlands and Creative Food Europe in the UK.

Today, OSI Group continues to focus on food safety, sustainability, providing a wide range of products worldwide, and developing new food products for the consumers and the wholesale market.

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