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North Korean Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park

Some societies are very secretive. Even in today’s open world, it can be hard to get information about certain places. Some places vastly restrict the number of visitors that are allowed to enter as well as the movements of those who are living in the nation. Many people living in certain places are unable to move within that nation to another part of the nation they might like better. They are also prevented from voicing their concerns about the way the country is run even if they feel the country is not run well. In many instances, people want to do all that they can to be able to change the nation for the better but find that they have limited options for doing so.

Fortunately, some brave souls have confronted problems of international human rights violations directly. One truly impressive human rights activist is Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi Park on twitter is a noted native of North Korea. She and her family fled this nation as soon as they managed to figure out the best way to get out. Living in this deeply unpleasant society mean facing a life that was often filled with hardship and pain including problems such as lack of access of enough to eat as the nation’s leaders did little to combat a famine that stalked the land for a few years. During this time, millions of North Koreans died as a result of such shortages. Park and her family were only able to avoid starvation and death by resorting to eating grass.

After a harrowing series of steps and a long journey, Yeonmi Park and her family were able to escape North Korea for a life in another part of the world. Since leaving this nation, she and her parents have taken the time to share their story of survival in this secretive society with other people who may not be aware of the kind of conditions that exist here. Getting information out about North Korea is often quite difficult. The news media in this society is censored heavily. Only a small number of North Koreans are allowed to leave this society to travel abroad in any given year. Of those who do, many are watched closely as they go about their business in other places in order to make sure that they do not utter any criticism of their native land to anyone else.

As a result, it has been very hard to speak with ordinary North Koreans about their lives here as well as the kind of changes they would like to see in their societies. Those who do travel often know that it is imperative to avoid making any kind of criticism of North Korea as doing so may directly endanger the lives of their relatives living here.