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Brian Bonar’s Restarant Roundup

Hailing from Scotland, Brian Bonar has established himself as a successful businessman and entrepreneur around the globe. He earned bachelor and master degrees from James Watt Technical College and Stafford University in Mechanical Engineering before starting his career at IBM as a procurement manager. At Stafford Univeristy, Bonar also went on to earn a PhD in International Business Development Studies, acquiring skills that would serve him well later in life.
Bonar has held numerous positions in his long career, the most recent being the Chairman and CEO of Trucept, a temporary staffing and insurance services company. These days, however, Bonar has set his sights on a new enterprise: building a restaurant empire in San Diego, California. His first piece of property was the 144 acre plot of land known as the Ranch, nestled in Bandy Canyon. Bonar plans to revamp the area and create a four star restaurant and event space. But first, he must deal with the newly renamed Bellamy (formerly Tango).

According to PR News Wire, Bellamy boasts Patrick Ponsaty as its executive chef. Ponsaty is one of the only two chefs in San Diego to earn the distinction of Master Chef of France. Rounding out the team are front of house expert Trevor Da Costa and chef Mike Reidy, both former employees of the restaurant El Bizcocho. Together with Bonar, Bellamy is going through a serious metamorphosis.

The decor and signage is similar to the old Tango, and visitors may get the impression that everything is business as usual.

With an all-star staff and food that more than exceeds expectations, Bonar has succeeded in placing the first stepping stone on his quest for restaurant monopoly in the San Diego area. Once Reidy learns the ropes from Ponsanty, and Ponsanty is helming the Ranch, Bonar will have two powerhouses making sure his customers get a world class dining experience.