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Seattle Genetics is growing quickly

Genetics plays a vital role in everyone’s life. The make-up of your DNA determines your height, hair color, and even plays a role in your intelligence. In recent decades, medical professionals have come to realize that your genetic make-up also makes you susceptible to certain diseases and disorders. Until recently, this fact only helped doctors prepare for the inevitable, but now bioengineers believe that genetics-based therapies can help cure many diseases. There are several companies working on genetic therapies and medications, but one of the leading companies in this marketplace is Seattle Genetics.

Seattle Genetics was founded several years ago by Clay Siegall, a brilliant scientist that wanted to make a huge difference in the world. Siegall and his team have developed several powerful therapies, and they are just starting to enter the marketplace. Doctors are extremely enthusiastic about the results and the company is now starting to see some major financial gains.

Seattle Genetics recently launched it’s largest ever financing round. The company just announced that they were issuing a $552 million stock offering. Far greater than any other financial rounds for the company.

Clay Siegall is extremely proud of the money that will start flowing in, but he is determined to capitalize on this new interest from investors. The company will develop a stronger drug pipeline and promote the use of their cancer drug, Adcertis. He also plans to grow the company, so they can roll out even more powerful drugs. He wants to build more infrastructure and hire more people.

Clay expects Seattle Genetics to hire around 100 people each year til the end of the decade. By 2020, the company will have 1,300 people on staff. The company is also scouting out new locations throughout the area.

Clay Siegall recently described Seattle Genetics as bursting at the seams. He believes the company is growing quickly, but he is determined to keep it growing at a healthy pace. The company will remain focused on the mission, and they will become profitable in the coming years. With their brilliant ideas, and the help of their investors, Clay Siegall is confident that Seattle Genetics will keep growing.