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Vinod Gupta Gives Back To His Community

Nowadays, Vinod Gupta currently serves as the Managing General Partner for Everest Group, a management consulting group but he wasn’t always the successful man he is today. So how did he manage to lift himself up out of poverty? Well, he was born in a small town near New Delhi where he excelled in academics and was eventually accepted into the Indian equivalent of MIT where he decided to study agricultural engineering. After graduation, he relocated to the United States where he was awarded a scholarship to pursue a master’s at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. After the completion of his academic career in 1971, he accepted his first job as a marketing research analyst at the Commodore Corporation but left shortly thereafter to start his own company.

Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Dallas, American Business Information quickly became a thriving enterprise to the point where it became valued at over $500 million. Now known as Infogroup, the company serves as one of the leading providers of data-driven marketing services for various businesses throughout the nation and currently employs over 2,000 people.

After selling the company for a whopping $680 million, he joined Everest Group but, through it all, he has never lost sight of where he came from. In fact, he has used his massive profits to help rebuild schools in impoverished communities throughout India and gave $1 million to develop a women’s polytechnic school.

Now known as Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic and first established in 2000, the university has enabled women to earn degrees in various postgraduate fields in as little two years. Vinod Gupta has even allocated funds to help build a girl’s school in the village where he grew up and he then provided them with buses and textbooks. His generosity will never be forgotten.

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Article on the Grace Farms Foundation in Connecticut with president Sharon Prince

An article from Vice transverses the beauty and purpose of the Grace Farms Foundation place in Connecticut. The article describes the grand architecture designed by a Japanese company spanning over 80 acres of space to work with. With the facilities located in the quiet town of New Canaan, the article points to how it arrived there 3 years ago to the public.

Sharon Prince, who is the president of Grace Farms Foundation speaks about how they narrowed it down to this Japanese company, who both thought the partnership was a match made in heaven. There is a lot of freedom for people who visit Grace Farms, and Sharon Prince shares that was what it was set out to be; a safe space for people to collaborate and meet up for work or to just be one with nature. Sharon Prince and the team gave the partner free rein to make the buildings special and with their own viewpoints in mind.

The Grace Farms Foundation was assembled to be able to be open all year-round and survive any inclement or severe weather. Sharon Prince is credited in the article stating that many people but also organizations have visited Grace Farms to have some open discussions and hold important lectures on some modern day issues. Some efforts that Grace Farms are fighting against includes big problems such as human trafficking and slavery. Grace Farms is located in New Canaan, Connecticut and open Tuesday to Sunday.

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Equities First Holdings- Geeks News

Equities First Holdings is a financial industry bank that provides their customer’s a stock based loan that became popular back in 2002. Al Christy Jr has been specializing in handing out stocks since this time, and one of the great things about obtaining a stock loan through Equities First Holdings is not only the fact that they are trying to help the customer’s that usually tend to have a hard time getting approved for any type of loan due to average credit or bad.

Equities First Holding’s wants to reach out to these people, and offer them a loan that only charges each approved customer 3 or 4 percent interest rate which is excellent, because now customer’s can find some relief carrying a low interest rate, allowing them to pay it off faster.

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Paul Herdman values his employees and their long term progress

Paul Herdsman graduated from Florida Atlantic University. He is the co-founder of Nice Global Living founded in 2014. The company provides outsourcing solutions for businesses such as customer service telephone calls. The support he offers his employees is phenomenal. He offers training to all new employees with monitoring and mentoring; this allows them to be prepared for their position. In addition, they receive training for other positions in the company. This allows them to understand how different departments work together towards the success of the company. He worked in various management roles which taught him problem solving skills that have helped him in his own business.

Employees are continuous trained through seminars and webinars; the goal is to keep them involved in the company. This also prepares them for advancement within the company. Building a relationship is important in creating a harmonious work environment. The corporate culture is friendly and like a family to maintain long-term employment. The company aims to let employees feel like a valuable asset to the company and ready to tackle challenges. Clients are able to see the difference which also helps to build loyalty with them.

By outsourcing support services to Nice Global the client company is able to see the progress being made based on metrics formulated to calculating performance. Nice Global offers a variety of services besides customer service, they also offer technical support, sales, and live chat services. By using the services offered by Nice Global clients are able to focus on the operational aspects of their business, instead of training to hire their own customer service team which usually has a high job turn over and varying levels of service.

Nice Global aims to operate with transparency with their clients. Understanding that they are the first point a client’s customer would interact, they encourage clients to tour their spaces, speak with other clients and learn about their company. With this openness clients are likely to stay loyal to Nice Global and recommend them to others.

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Michael Phelps Promotes Talkspace

Michael Phelps is one of the most famous athletes in the world. He is also the new spokesman for Talkspace. Michael Phelps would not appear to be the person you would associate with having anxiety or depression. He reveals that he has suffered so much that he considered taking his own life. There were days he did not leave his room. He is happy to now talk about how much help he has received and how it has saved his life.

Talkspace hopes to have that same effect. So far, over 1 million people have used Talkspace. Talkspace is a unique way for people to get mental healthcare. People who use the app can access mental health professionals. They can also use email, text, and video chats to communicate with a therapist. This type of therapy has been called e-therapy or distance therapy. Learn more about talkspace at

It is a cheaper way to talk to a professional than traditional therapy visits. It is also more convenient. People can use Talkspace’s service anywhere they can get to a phone or tablet. Talkspace’s founder, Oren Frank, saw that there was an issue in getting help to people who could not afford mental healthcare or lived in an area that did not offer it.

Talkspace has therapists who can discuss a wide variety of mental health issues. Talkspace also has a series of blogs and forums that connect people. They allow people to discuss some of the issues they are having with other people who may have experienced the same thing.

One of Oren Frank’s goals was to raise the awareness of mental health issues. Using Michael Phelps will be a big part of that process. When people see that even someone like Phelps has issues, it might be the first step in them getting the help that they need.

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Aloha Construction Astounding Efforts of Giving Back to the Society

Aloha construction is a family owned business founded in Lake Zurich, Illinois, 2008. Dave Farbaky has been serving as the CEO for the past decade. Under his leadership, he managed to complete more than 1800 projects. Dave is a husband, father, and brother and hence he is a role model figure among his peers. Aside from giving back to the community, Dave strives towards providing quality work.

Aloha Construction Company is an all-around company which attends to all home areas such as the roof, windows, sides, gutters, and other services. There are many reasons a homeowner would consider when it comes to changing the roofing. Aloha construction through a nine-step procedure can determine the overall integrity of the roof. The process seeks to identify extent damages in the ceiling, once identified the company moves swiftly and they are flexible to offer a ten-year craftsman warranty.

One of the primary reasons for the destruction of the gutter system stems is the stagnation of water. To prevent escalation of the problem, Aloha construction provides channel guides, miters, and elbow to avert moisture and stagnating water around the home.

Aloha offers windows replacements of any superior design; they also go an extra mile in restoring the exterior around the home. It’s worth noting that Aloha employees go through improvement training before employment.

Dave Farbaky also believes that giving back to the society is a plus for any small-scale business. A good relationship with the locals, with activities such as providing help to the needy families, not only benefits them but brings a good feeling to the CEO. Giving back has other benefits such as; donations are tax-free, working with communities be it with the volunteers creates a good PR mechanism which increases promotion of business product and sponsoring local events which raise more awareness for your brand.

Aloha organization not only leads as an example of giving back to society but also offers to train other agencies in doing the same. Aloha construction offers three major pillars for giving back; getting involved with the local organizations, starting a foundation to give back and sponsoring local team events. For more info about us: click here.

Aloha construction Inc. not only offers quality home improvements but also serves to support the community.

Reasons To Choose Handy Home Cleaning Professionals

Don’t spend money on cleaning service is an insight from the frugal group. The new century money saving tips cautioned “your cleaning cost should never exceed a cup of coffee”. But reality calls for otherwise. Today’s world is so busy that people hardly have enough time to clean their homes in a matter it should be done. Professionally cleaned homes, on the other hand, result happiness. Fortunately, customers of Handy Home Cleaning Service know what they are dealing with on a daily basis. There are dirty carpets, dust mite infected tiles, mold ridden bathrooms and stinking kitchen sinks to clean. So, let us delve into the basic of cleaning. Most store bought products and equipment that are used for residential cleaning are basically defective, in the sense, they are meant to remove only superficial dirt and dust. What every home need in many pollution ridden places is the help of professionals who have state-of-art equipment and green clean products to get the cleaning done. The focus of Handy Home Cleaning Service is on finding the perfect solutions to customers’ cleaning needs. Their service also extends the concept of cleaning to include safe handling of customer’s property.

The professional service you seek will retain or increase the value of your property for very long. It builds on a simple but powerful idea that these professionals are highly skilled and well-trained to do their jobs. The simplest yet most effective way to lead a healthy lifestyle is to have your home cleaned the right way by tapping into the power of Handy Home Cleaning service. It is intriguing to see that many customers have used this service for many purposes including tenant move-in and move-out cleaning, before and after home-sale cleaning and routine cleaning tasks. “So far, Handy Home Cleaning Service has been created largely on to make people’s life easier and there are so many benefits one can get in the process”, a customer writes. Handy Home cleaning service is anyone’s options to clean their homes by having it take care of the house when they are busy. And this option is applied when they want to save money, too. It is time to focus on frugal choices by making smart choices as well. It is time to make changes to cleaning habits that are sustainable and green so that you have some money left over for other things.

In essence, Handy Home Cleaning is the way to go if you are in need of a reliable home cleaning service. The team of professionals affiliated to this company will arrive at your doorstep, give you a free estimate and get it started right away upon request. All you need to do is relax the entire time they are cleaning your house.