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A Brief History of Privinvest And Its Co-Founder Iskandar Safa


Privinvest co-founder and CEO Iskandar “Sandy” Safa was born in Beirut, Lebanon 64 years ago. During the late 1950s, there was the threat of a civil war between Lebanon’s Muslim and Maronite Christian populations. The pro-Western policies of then-President Camille Chamoun created the threat of war with other Arab states. The US Marines had been deployed to Lebanon to guard against any attack. This turmoil prompted the Safa’s to send young Iskandar to school in France.

Iskandar Safa’s Early Life

As an athlete, Iskandar’s sport was the discus. Iskandar Safa became Lebanon’s champion in the discus. In 1978 Iskandar Safa graduated the American University of Beirut having earned a degree in Civil Engineering. In 1975 the aforementioned tensions between vying religious groups erupted in a civil war.

When the fighting ended in 1990 Iskandar Safa was numbered among those who had been wounded by the fighting. View More Information Here.

What Drives Iskandar Safa

The drive to win that made Iskandar a champion at discus extends to every aspect of his life. His determination to succeed in business is about more than amassing a personal fortune. Iskandar Safa is also motivated by a desire to create jobs and better the human condition.

The Founding of Privinvest

The shipbuilding firm Privinvest was co-founded by Iskandar Safa and his brother Akram. With yards in the Middle East, France, Germany, and other nations Privinvest employs 2,500 people building vessels for a variety of applications. The company builds vessels ranging from pleasure craft to warships. The engineering of Privinvest built vessels has resulted in the firm producing over 2,000 crafts and selling surface vessels and submarines to 40 of the world’s navies.

Privinvest Subsidiaries

Privinvest’s catalog of services includes coastal security. The Privinvest subsidiary PISB manufactures integrated security and protection systems. PISB surveillance systems enable nations to keep their shorelines and territorial waters safe. Isherwood’s offers management and logistic support software for every application from commercial fishing to military. The repair and updating of vessels are handled by the subsidiary Lindenau. In total, the Privinvest Group consists of six subsidiaries. Read This Article for additional information.

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Iskandar Safa: CEO of Privinvest and Philanthropist


Iskandar Safa is the Chief Executive Officer of Privinvest, a highly ranked shipbuilder in the Middle East and in France and Germany. Having co-founded this company with Akram Safa, his brother, Iskandar has served both national defense buyers and civilians worldwide by providing them ship designs that are innovative and equipped with advanced engineering and technologies.

Privinvest is recognized for building superior commercial and naval ships, as well as large luxury yachts. With over 2,500 core employees, Privinvest has delivered more than 2,000 ships and services to over 40 NATO countries’ navies and the navies of their allies, as well as to many private customers. In its superior naval ships, Privinvest has developed advanced technology for governmental security and commercial use.

For instance, this shipbuilder provides systems with the capabilities of protecting territorial and coastline waters with superior vessels that have what is called “high-speed WP18 tactical striking” capabilities. Iskandar Safa also focuses on marine renewable energies. These accomplishments are indicative of his drive to succeed and perfect whatever he does. See This Page for additional information.

Born in 1955 during civil strife in his country of Lebanon, Iskandar “Sandy” Safa was sent to school in France when he was a boy. In 1978, he attended Beirut’s American University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, following the paths of the male members of his mother’s family. From his father, who became one of Lebanon’s political leaders after the country gained independence from France, Iskandar inherited a sense of public service. Consequently, after fighting in a civil war in his country, he became determined to lead in his future endeavors.

Iskandar Safa’s first job was a position with his family’s civil engineering company in Saudi Arabia. After earning an MBA, Iskandar Safa and his brother Akram went into international trade. In 1991, they purchased a failing shipyard in France and turned it into a thriving business. In 2007, the brothers formed Abu Dhabi Mar in collaboration with Al-Ain International. Four years later, they became the sole owners of Abu Dhabi Mar, thus positioning their company, Privinvest, among the leaders in the privately-owned shipbuilding groups of both Europe and the Middle East.

His personal drive has led Safa to much success in job-creating enterprises and in his desire to contribute positively to the world through philanthropy. Generously, Iskandar Safa has had churches built in Lebanon and southern France. He has also had churches constructed in his country of residence, the Dominican Republic. Among many charitable causes to which he gives, Safa sponsors Lebanon’s Special Olympics. Go Here for related Information.