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Paul Mampilly Displays Stock Picking Excellence With Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly has spent years picking stocks for well connected Wall Street types who profited from his analytical abilities and know how. He rose steadily through the ranks as a hedge fund manager with skills that brought success wherever he landed culminating in his tenure with Kinetics Asset Management. Under his leadership, the fund grew in spectacular fashion and was named as one of the World’s Best by Barron’s. His victory in the Templeton Foundation’s investing contest was another amazing milestone that further illustrated his stock-picking acumen. Somewhere along the way he changed his focus and began using his skills to help everyday Americans get on a stronger financial footing. Meet the experts on

Profits Unlimited is the vehicle that he uses to bring hedge fund quality research to ordinary folks looking to have a decent retirement. His analytical skills and market insights gained over many years are on full display and it gives people a chance to outperform the indexes, sometimes remarkably so. The current market movers according to Paul Mampilly are Millenials and the Internet of Things both of which he believes will outpace the market going into the future.

Precision medicine could be another game-changing sector that merits extra attention according to Paul Mampilly’s research and market knowledge. This category is expected to grow substantially over the coming years as personalized treatments become a bigger part of the healthcare market. He believes that this could touch off a revolution in treating disease and in healthcare in general.

A person’s DNA is at the heart of precision medicine and will provide the roadmap for personalized, effective treatments in the years to come. These custom created medications could be the remedy for dreaded diseases like Parkinson’s, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s to name several. Read this article at

One ingredient in the recipe of Paul Mampilly’s success over the years is his ability to take a calculated risk. This has been a central tenet of his methods and has richly rewarded him and many others who have capitalized on his skills. His analysis helps him pinpoint when the odds are in his favor as he weaves macro and micro factors together to craft winning portfolios.

Paul Mampilly was an early believer in Netflix and realized incredible gains with the stock which is indicative of his ability to analyze innovation. Netflix has been an incredible story stock and while his gains were excellent he’s done even better with other selections such as Sarepta Therapeutics in which he believed in their product and jumped on board early.